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           Posting a Job
           This job aid and FAQ is designed to walk you through the steps on how
           to post to the external web site in the Trovix
           Recruitment Manager System.
           Navigation Path:

               1.   Log into Axess
               2.   Click on Trovix Recruitment Manager.
               3.   Log in with SUNet ID email & password.
           Note: You should change your password and answer the hint question. It is recommended that you do
           not use your SUNet ID password to access the Trovix database.
           Post a Requisition on the External Careers web site via the Trovix Recruitment Manager System.

               4.   What about posting to the “External” web site?

                    As of July 1, 2010, all positions are required to post to the “External”
                    web site for ten (10) calendar days. Please review the Administrative Guide Memo 22.1 for
                    additional information.
               5.   What about posting to the “Internal” web site?

                    The internal jobs website has been discontinued.
           NOTE: Departments may choose to remove the external posting after the 10 day requirement has
           been met.

               6.   How do I post to the external Stanford jobs web site?
                    •   On the Jobs page, click on the “Post” tab.
                    •   Verify the “External” line reflects “Post if Open.”
                    •   Click save

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            •   Never use the “Post Always” radio button.
            •   Fifteen minutes after saving your changes, visit the web site.

       7.   How do I edit my external posting?
            •   Click the “External” line.
            •   Automatically takes you to the posting.
            •   Make revisions to the posting.
            •   Click “Save”.

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       8.   How do I preview the external posting?

            On the “External “line, click on the link that says “preview job.”

       9.   How do I refresh (this will update your posting to a current date) my external job posting?

            On the external line, click “Do not Post” wait a few minutes then click on “Post if Open.” This
            will refresh your posting, add a “Note” as the business reason why you refreshed the posting.
       10. Who do I contact if I have questions?

            Contact Ingrid Hartmann, Talent Coordinator, (650) 721-1946 or submit a HelpSU via https://

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