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NIM Paper


									“NIM” Paper

   Cy Hoffman
• Focus on analysis methods and what has changed
  since Grito.
• This is paper is a vehicle to making analysis
  papers go out faster.
• If what we publish in this paper is not what we do
  in our analysis, then the this paper will not be as
• Elements may be published elsewhere which will
  reduce the length, publication time.
Introduction: (bla bla bla novel new detector bla bla bla)

Detector Description: (Heavily reference Grito and stress differences,
    •    Reservoir -GS (not much needed)
    •    Liner/Cover -GS (not much needed)
    •    Inflation/Installation -MS/DC(?) (new to Milagro)
    •    PMTs/Baffles - DW (Baffles new and important)
    •    Outrigger Array -TS(?)/GBY (lots of stuff here. ORs new to Milagro)
    •    Water System -MS
    •    DAQ/Trigger         -BD
    •    Repairs and Maintenance -BD

•   OR diagram
•   OR layout
                     Outline (cont.)
Operation of Milagro:
    • Calibration     -AJS,BD,NYU
    • Pedestal shift -CL
    • Alignment - Zenith Align, Pointing Accuracy, Precision   -AJS
    • Online Reconstruction -AJS
    • Data handling -AJS
    • Online analysis -AJS
    • GCN             -??

• Historic on-time
• Calibration Diagram (In print? ICRC?)
                     Outline (cont.)
 Detector Simulation
       Corsika -VV
       GEANT -VV
       PMT -VV
       Water Tests -MS

Detailed explanation of g4sim will be relegated to a separate paper.
                       Outline (cont.)
• Event Reconstruction
    • Core Fitting -AJS??
    • Angle Fitting -AJS??
         • Curvature
         • Sampling
    • Gamma/Hadron Separation: -AA
         • Compactness
         • A4

    • DelEO (???)
    • Gamma/Hadron variables for MC gammas, MC hadrons, data
                      Outline (cont.)
• Background Estimation -GW
    • Direct Integration
    • ROI exclusion
    • Anisotropy (Mention this. It is important to the limit)

Ref. paper by RF/LF and Cygnus (expt. not region)

    • Allsky signif. distribution
                     Outline (cont.)
• Significance Computation -JL/AJS
    • Event Weighting (gamma/hadron weighting)
    • PSF Weighting

• Sensitivity improvement for various spectra for given assumed spectra.

(This could be separate paper, in which case this lengthy section could be
   replaced by a shorter section with a reference to the paper.)
                     Outline (cont.)
• Energy Spectrum Estimation BA/GBY
   • Energy estimators
   • Fit method
   • Precision

   (Reference separate spectral analysis paper)
   (Does the moon belong here as a verification of the energy scale?)

   Plot showing dE vs E.
                     Outline (cont.)
• The Crab Nebula - A Demonstration of Milagro’s sensitivity
    • Verification of gamma/hadron variables
    • Verification of point spread function
    • Measurement of flux and spectrum

• “sigma” map
• PSF plot
• Gamma/hadron comparison
• Spectrum
           What’s Missing?
• GRB Analysis
• Extended source sensitivity

• ????

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