I Wondered How To Fix My Credit And Found Credit Restore USA

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					I Wondered How To Fix My Credit And Found Credit Restore USA

The following is a story from a client that came to us about 6 months ago with a
completely damaged credit profile. Her scores were all in the low 500’s and no
finance company would touch her with a ten foot pole. Her credit was toast, and it
needed some serious rehabilitation. Her experience is told through her own words

“I found Credit Restore USA’s web site over six months ago by searching online.
Truthfully, I found several credit repair websites, but after reading about their
program and even chatting on the site with a credit specialist I felt confident and
signed up with their best credit repair program. The individual I spoke to was not
pushy at all, in fact I was never pressured into signing up and that really caught me
off guard. Every other company I spoke to wanted one thing, and that was my credit
card number.

I wanted to know how to fix my credit and eventually put myself into a position that
would allow me to purchase a home. All of my credit issues are well over three years
old. I had lost my job because the company I was working for was downsizing and
then eventually went bankrupt. I worked for them as an intern while in college and
was hired on fulltime after I graduated. I was in my fourth year with them when they
went under and it was very difficult to find new employment after that.

I was renting an apartment, so I made sure that my rent was paid each month so I
would have a roof over my head. My car is the same car I had while in college and
was paid off long ago. I knew I could at least maintain my monthly rent and not
having to worry about a car payment was a blessing, but I had several credit cards
that I was not able to keep up with and they all eventually were closed and charged
off and sold to collection companies. I had no idea about collection laws or anything
regarding consumer rights, etc. I was scared to death because I thought they were
going to sue me or take my bank accounts with what little money I had left.

Life became so stressful and I had no idea about what I was going to do. Over the
years my phone rang throughout the day and night from collection companies
screaming at me saying pay us or we will seize your assets and garnish your pay
checks. About a year after losing my job I was able to find a new one, but at a much
smaller salary and it took me some time to get back on my feet.

I received several dozen collection letters in the mail throughout the years but I had
no money so I just tossed them to the side, and I ignored the phone calls. There was
no money available to settle or pay off these debts so I ignored them and just
focused on my job. Eventually the letters stopped arriving in my mail and my phone
wasn’t ringing off the hook. I knew my credit was probably bad but I wasn’t exactly
sure how it worked. My car was on its last leg and I tried to buy a new car. I figured
that it would be a good time since I was at my new job for over a year, received a
promotion and the future was looking very bright. I wanted to get something
dependable that would last a very long time so I decided on a Ford Focus and went
to the dealer. I was denied. The finance manager told me there was nothing they
could do. I was devastated and went home and jumped on my computer, and that is
when I found Credit Restore USA.

I knew I needed to do something, although I wasn’t sure what exactly. After reading
though the website I figured that it would be well worth the money if my score could
be improved so I could buy a car. I signed up for the best program, which was still
under a hundred dollars a month and I felt that was very affordable. I sat back and
let them do their work and all I had to do was scan and send in the credit reports
each month when I received them from the three credit bureaus. This was a very
simple process, as that was the only thing I had to worry about; the rest was left up
to the credit repair experts.

In total I was in the program for five months and my low 500 scores were now all
above 680 and I was able to get my brand new Ford Focus with 0% APR financing! I
could not have been any happier with the service I received, and it was worth every
single penny! If I did not find this credit repair company I would still be stuck with
bad credit and that I am certain of.” – Carolina, Miami, FL

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