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					         Junior Speedo League
           Southern Final 2009
Hi All

Firstly a huge congratulations to all of your team members for making it
thorough to the Southern Area final for 2009.

I am the Gala Secretary for Thurrock Swimming Club, my name is Lyndsey
and I have been given the task of arranging the Southern final.

I have put together some information for you

Could all teams please arrive on poolside no later than 2.30pm and no earlier
than 2.20pm

There will be a parade of the teams at 2.45pm, it would be really great
therefore if you could bring with you some sort of banner or sign that the
children can hold up as they walk round. Horns, rattles etc are permitted (the
louder the better), although no pom poms please.

The warm-up will begin at 3.00pm

The Gala will commence at 3.30pm

Please note the Age on Day is 29/11/09

All Team Managers/coaches please report to the scoring table with team sheets
upon arrival

All clubs must supply one qualified Timekeeper and one qualified Judge who
must also report to the scoring desk on arrival

Each team will be allocated 40 tickets which I will post out to you – please
note that these are not pre=paid tickets so therefore must be produced on the
day and an entrance fee of £3.00 must be paid. Entrance will only be
permitted to those with tickets and these tickets include children (£2.00).
All of the rules remain the same as the previous rounds.

There will be electronic timing

Blackshots has a boom to divide the pool with a false floor covering the extra
bit of the pool – could you please make sure that at any one time there are only
2 people from your team (including coach) standing on the boom otherwise it
will sink and no more than 2 others on the false floor (I am sorry about this
but it is just the policy of the pool)

Could I also ask that all outdoor shoes are removed before entering the
poolside area (another Pool policy)

Around the poolside there is plenty of space so the children are not limited
regarding their belongings etc.

There are toilets on poolside

Could I please stress that no parents are allowed on poolside and a maximum
of 3 team managers/coaches per team please

There are no cafe facilities as this will be shut but there will be drinks and
sweets on sale upstairs

If there are any birthdays around this day could you please let us know on
arrival as it is nice for the children to have these announced

There are plenty of free parking facilities

I think that I have covered everything but if anyone can think of anything else
that they want to know please do not hesitate to contact me either by e-mail
motin@btinternet.com or by phone 07787556663

Thank-you and Good Luck - Lyndsey

Could all teams please provide me with address details so that I can send out
the tickets to you

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