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					Jug Band Boogie
<Intro guitar Lick>

Have you heard about the town called Boogie, Tennessee

It’s the smallest state to have an uptown “orchestry”

Everybody gets their kicks from good old washboard pete

He keeps a scrubbing and a rubbin to a boogie beat
<washboard solo>

Now they have the place a jumpin when he starts to play

And there’s never any trouble things are always okay

Cause the sheriff’s always there and does he cut a rug

Then he joins the band as soon as there’s an empty jug
<Jug solo>

Nobody ever dresses up they’re plain as can be

Cause that’s how they do it down in Tennesee

They say that Parson Brown is after “wider” jones

Must be the way she does the boogie when she rattles them bones
<bones solo>

you can have your fancy ballrooms and your big “orchestray”

I’ll still do the boogie woogie Boogie Tennesee way

Everybody grabs a partner then they clap their hands

They do the boogie to the rhythm of an old jug band
<claps and/or stomps> twice through boogie instrumental

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