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					                                                                                                                March 2009

                                                                                                       Volume 42, Issue 1

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Leadership Conference Highlights

                                                                                             eadership, membership, advocacy,
                                                                                             and change were the key topics
                                                                                             of the Leadership Conference
                                                                                      held in Tallahassee in early February.
                                                                                      Chapter, region, and commission
                                                                                      leaders assembled to discuss the roles
                                                                                      and responsibilities of each level of
                                                                                      leadership in the Association.
                                                                                           The conference began with FACC
                                                                                      President Will Benedicks detailing
                                                                                      his focus for the year as membership
                                                                                      growth. Dr. Benedicks highlighted the
                                                                                      progress the Association has made over
                                                                                      the last few years in its communication
                                                                                      with members and advocacy efforts.
                                                                                      While change and transition may be
                                                                                      the themes of the day, he stressed the
                                                                                      need for increasing membership and
Leadership Conference attendees.                                                      remaining true to the mission of FACC.
                                                                                      He explained that his theme for the
                                                                                      year “Access to Success” was based on
                                                                                      the premise that the 28 community
                                                                                      colleges are the open door to “access”
                                                                                      for students. No matter the changes
                                                                                      this central concept will not change,
                                                                                      according to Benedicks.
                                                                                           Executive Director/CEO Michael
                                                                                      Brawer echoed President Benedicks call
                                                                                      to focus on membership in 2009. He
(L to R) Byron Todd and Marsha Kiner.          (L to R) Pat Profeta and Rhea Cemer.   asked for chapters to contact him to
                                                                                      schedule visits to detail the importance
                                                                                      of membership in a year of reduced
                                                                                      budgets, less travel, college name
                                                                                      changes, and a new state system. Brawer
                                                                                      and President Benedicks plan to visit
                                                                                      as many of the 29 chapters as possible
                                                                                      during the year. These visits are designed
                                                                                      to inspire and motivate members as well
                                                                                      as provide opportunities to highlight
(L to R) Lee Johnson, Mike Hutley, Guy York,   Attendees are all smiles.              what FACC is and has to offer to non-
Debi McElroy.                                                                                             Continued on page 2.
www.FACC.org                                                                                              March 2009 CURRENT I 
Leadership Conference continued from page 1.
members. Brawer told the group that he
wanted these visits to be college-wide
events designed to showcase FACC and
its value to every college employee.
     Regions and Chapters VP Dennis
Storck and VP-Elect Gary Sligh led a
discussion on leadership essential to the
work of the Association. On every level,
leadership is critical to the mission and
goals of the FACC. Chapter and region
officers have roles and responsibilities
that are vital to the success of FACC.
VP-Elect for Commissions Byron
Todd also led conference attendees
through a session on commission
leadership where he reminded attendees
to utilize technology as well as other
resources for assistance when planning
activities/events and meetings. They
were encouraged to develop goals and
objectives and review them annually.
Developing strategies, priorities, and
planning for the year are fundamental
processes needed for a successful year as
a chapter, region, or commission.
     Awards Committee Chair Evelyn
Ward reviewed the new Awards Criteria.
The major changes can be found in the
Chapter of the Year Criteria where this
year there will be a Platinum Chapter, a
                                                                                                          Phil Scala (L) and
Gold Chapter, and a Silver Chapter in                                                                     John Barbieri (R)
addition to the Outstanding Chapter of
the Year. More information on the new
awards criteria can be found at http://
www.facc.org/facc/Award_information_         and takes the focus off of the business    Visit www.facc.org to view all the new
and_applications.asp.                        meetings. He suggested that it is easier   features.
     Several hot topics were discussed       to market a conference/convention               Thank you to everyone who
during the two day conference including      when the professional/educational          attended the conference from Broward
the FACC database, the substantive           development benefits jump off the          College, Central Florida Community
issues for the coming legislative session,   page. He asked for volunteers to sit       College, Chipola College, Daytona State
membership development and changes           on a special convention committee to       College, Florida Community College
to the annual convention format.             assist in examining how to redesign the    at Jacksonville, Gulf Coast Community
Attendees weighed in on marketing            convention as well as assist in planning   College, Hillsborough Community
tips and strategies which work on their      for the 60th year celebration needed for   College, Indian River State College,
campuses as well as the barriers they        November.                                  Lake City Community College, Lake
encountered. During an open forum on              The conference ended with leaders     Sumter Community College, Manatee
the annual convention format, the issue      being encouraged to visit the FACC         Community College, Miami Dade
of focusing more on the professional         Calendar on the website to view            College, Pasco-Hernando Community
development resonated with all the           upcoming conferences. They were also       College, Pensacola Junior College, St.
attendees. Executive Director/CEO            provided a glimpse of new changes          Johns River Community College, St.
Michael Brawer expressed his desire to       coming in March to the website: Login/     Petersburg College, Santa Fe College,
align the convention format more with        Logout button on FACC page, Join           Tallahassee Community College and
a traditional conference schedule which      Now, Renew Now, and Edit My Profile        Valencia Community College!
highlights professional development          links, and Private Members Only Pages.
 I CURRENT March 2009                                                                  FACC • Making a Difference One Life at a Time
FACC 2009 Board of Directors
EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE                Institutional Advancement                   Region V
President                          Chris Thomes                                Rhea Cemer
Will Benedicks                     Gulf Coast Community College                Indian River State College
Tallahassee Community College
                                   Institutional Effectiveness, Planning and   COMMITTEE CHAIRS
President-Elect                    Professional Development                    (Ex officio)
Martha W. Williams                 Juanita Scott                               Bylaws
Valencia Community College         Pensacola Junior College                    Bill Mullowney
                                                                               Valencia Community College
VP for Regions & Chapters          Instructional Innovation
Dennis Storck                      Jeannine Burgess                            Finance, Human Resources & Retirement Issues
Gulf Coast Community College       Palm Beach Community College                E.H. Levering
                                                                               Miami Dade College
VP-Elect for Regions & Chapters    Learning Resources
Gary Sligh                         Marian Smith                                Legislative Committee
Lake-Sumter Community College      Central Florida Community College           Don Payton
                                                                               Seminole Community College
VP for Commissions                 Occupational & Workforce Ed
Bianca Rodriguez                   Libby Livings-Eassa                         Membership Development Co-Chair
Valencia Community College         Indian River State College                  Mike Pelitera
                                                                               Indian River State College
VP-Elect for Commissions           Retirees
Byron Todd                         Harry Hodges                                Membership Development Co-Chair
Tallahassee Community College      Florida CC at Jacksonville                  Jean Scheppers
                                                                               Central Florida Community College
Immediate Past-President           Rural Campuses
Carol Quinn                        Tanya Harris-Rocker                         Member Services
Pensacola Junior College           Lake Sumter Community College               Sylvia Campbell
                                                                               Pensacola Junior College
COMMISSION CHAIRS                  Student Development
Administration                     Geoffrey Fortunato                          Planning and Development
Pat Profeta                        Seminole Community College                  Tina Hart
Indian River State College                                                     Indian River State College
Adult & Continuing Education       Melanie Jackson                             Policy & Advocacy Committee
Margie Williams                    South Florida Community College             Eileen Holden
Chipola College                                                                Polk Community College
Career & Professional Employees    Nancy Watkins                               EX OFFICIO MEMBERS
Debi Jakubcin                      Hillsborough Community College              Chancellor Florida College System
Valencia Community College                                                     Willis Holcombe
                                   REGION DIRECTORS                            Florida College System
Equity                             Region I
Imani Asukile                      Dianne Kostelny                             Council of Community College Presidents
Pasco-Hernando Community College   Northwest Florida State College             Edwin Massey
                                                                               Indian River State College
Facilities                         Region II
John Barbieri                      Mike Hutley                                 FACC Foundation Board
Indian River State College         Santa Fe College                            Andre Hawkins
                                                                               Indian River State College
Faculty                            Region III
Sheryl Peterson                    Molly Dykes                                 Parliamentarian
St. Petersburg College             Seminole Community College                  Melanie Jackson
                                                                               South Florida Community College
Global Initiatives                 Region IV
Ed Bonahue                         Mary DiTaranto                              Florida Association of Community Colleges
Santa Fe College                   Manatee Community College                   Michael Brawer

www.FACC.org                                                                                        March 2009 CURRENT I 
Outline of Goals for 2009

           ello FACC. All too quickly       college programs from across the nation.     provisional “health care providers” (for
           the winter break has come        The only Florida finalist this year was      lack of a better name) commission. If
           and gone and I find myself       Indian River State College, The IRSC         any of you are interested in helping
deep into the excitement of a new term,     Baccalaureate Transition Team, presented     Carolyn, or know of someone who you
working with our new CEO, Michael           by Vice President for Instructional          think would be, please contact Carolyn
Brawer, and going over my presidential      Services, Dr. Mary Locke and President,      at lytlec@tcc.fl.edu.
goals for 2009. I have two goals and they   Dr. Ed Massey. Past Florida Bellwether            In 2009 an increase in membership
are very straight forward: professional     winners include Daytona State College,       is vital to FACC. Perennially, the
                            development     Seminole Community College, and              FACC president promotes membership
                            and             Palm Beach Community College.                and, against the backdrop of Florida’s
                            membership      While realizing that just because I had      economy, this year is no exception;
                            growth. On      not heard of the Bellwether Awards           as the economy falters and legislative
                            these issues,   before does not equate to FACC not           monies for the system decrease so do
                            as on every     knowing about the awards, I must             monies to our institutions, and likewise,
                            important       say the Bellwether finalist programs         to FACC. My talking point is the
                            FACC issue,     are impressive, but so are the FACC          “power of one.” If each member can
                            Michael and     exemplary awards and in the future we        bring one new member to FACC, our
                            I agree. If     should consider submitting our award         membership would double. That may
                            the measure     winners to the Bellwether competition.       be wishful thinking, but we can try.
                            of a person’s   Also, we should include exemplary            If only one in ten is successful, then
intelligence is how much he or she
agrees with you, then Michael Brawer is       If you believe as I do, that against the backdrop of
going to be very, very good for FACC.         our change to the Florida College System and hard
      I want to improve professional
development opportunities and
                                              economic times there is strength in numbers: Then
promote what we do to the community.          embrace the “power of one.”
Toward that end I would like to
revive Visions, the Journal of Applied      practice winner articles in the Current.     membership increases by almost 800.
Research for the Florida Association        As I said, we need to do a better job of     If you believe as I do, that against the
of Community Colleges. We need              showcasing and promoting what we do.         backdrop of our change to the Florida
to publicize our exemplary practices              A potential area to promote            College System and hard economic
awards and at the same time share           professional development and                 times there is strength in numbers: Then
our professional abilities with the         increase membership is to explore the        embrace the “power of one.”
entire college community. In addition,      possibilities of a “health care providers”        A last thought: As the Legislature
we need to promote the wonderful            commission. Many of our colleges have        and Governor continue to explore
programs we are affiliated with and or      first rate nursing and EMT programs,         our transition to the Florida College
sponsor. One such FACC sponsorship is       yet we do not have a commission where        System remember that the outstanding
the Bellwether Awards presented by the      they can network and share common            success of Florida’s Community
Community College Futures Assembly.         ground. I have asked Carolyn Lytle of        Colleges is because of you. The system
Held in Orlando in January by the           Tallahassee Community College (TCC),         can change, but continued success is
University of Florida, Community            this year’s TCC Chapter President and        assured because of what you have done
College Leadership Consortium, it           a full time nursing faculty member,          and will continue to do, name change
showcases innovative community              to explore the potential of forming a        notwithstanding.

 I CURRENT March 2009                                                                   FACC • Making a Difference One Life at a Time
Member Spotlight: Bobbi Moran

            ith near perfect attendance           “It has been a pleasure working with
            for the past 24 years at         Bobbi. I do not know a more dedicated
            FACC Annual Conventions          Central Florida Community College
(only missing one due to illness), Bobbi     employee or FACC member. She is always
Moran of Central Florida Community           diligent to ensure the credentials report is
College is a dedicated member. In            perfect,” Joyce Traynom said.
2001 she was given Honorary Life                  “Bobbi is a great example of the spirit
Member status and continues to be            of FACC. She is always there with a
active and involved.                                                                      Bobbi Moran of Central Florida Community
                                             smiling face and a “Hi’ya Honey” to greet
     Moran has held many FACC                                                             College is a long-time member with a
                                             you at convention. It has been a pleasure
Committee and Chapter officer                                                             record of near perfect attendance.
                                             to work with Bobbi on the Credentials
positions and currently chairs the           Committee because I always know
Credentials Committee. This                  everything will be under control when she       Would you like to nominate someone for
committee is responsible for verifying       is there,” Eileen Johnson said.                 the Member Spotlight? Please send the
the Convention attendees report and               Many thanks go to Bobbi for her            nominee’s name, contact information
for ensuring the credentials of all voting   hard work and dedication to FACC.               and a few reasons why you think
delegates at the Annual Convention.          Members like you help our Association           they should be recognized to Tina at
Moran has been chair since 1996.             succeed.                                        tingramm@facc.org

Community College Conference on Legal Issues

        awyers and educators alike
        gathered in Orlando in
        February for the fourth annual
Community College Conference
on Legal Issues, hosted by Valencia
Community College and cooperating
sponsors FACC, AACC, NACUA
and The College Board. The annual
conference that focuses on law-related
topics specific to community colleges
drew 163 participants from 21 states
this year.
     A town hall-style meeting, titled
“Understanding the Laws That Shape our
Institutions,” kicked off the three-day
event with an expert panel of community
college general counsel members and
facilitator Sanford C. Shugart, president
of Valencia Community College.
Keynote speaker Robert O’Neill, a law        -Valencia Community College President Sanford Shugart fields questions from the audience dur-
professor at the University of Texas and     ing town hall meeting
former president of the University of
Virginia, addressed the conference at        and FMLA regulations, to dealing with                Audio recordings of all conference
the general session on key issues related    layoffs in difficult times. A final town        sessions are available for purchase on
to free speech and academic freedom          hall meeting on first amendment rights          CD-Rom and can be ordered at www.
on campus. Twenty different breakout         facilitated by Mr. O’Neill explored in          valenciacc.edu/communitycollegelaw.
sessions covered diverse and engaging        depth the legal issues pertaining to free       Stay tuned for details on next year’s
subjects ranging from legal challenges       speech and community college faculty,           conference to be held in early 2010.
posed by Face Book, to new FERPA             students and staff.

www.FACC.org                                                                                                        March 2009 CURRENT I 
The View from Here

         he first 60-odd days of my tenure     the highway in our travels together. And        brightest stars among us, and utilize and
         here at the helm of the FACC has      finally, I am beginning to find my way          transcend their knowledge, skills, and
         been among the most exciting          around the FACC office and the business         experience to connect with the first leg
in my professional career. By the time         of the Association with the help of a           of the stool. Our awards programs need
you receive this publication, we will have     dedicated staff of professionals here. I        to be better marketed, and the audience
conducted three Council of Presidents          can’t thank them enough for their loyalty,      expanded, in order to create the synergy
meetings, one Trustee’s Conference, one        commitment, and patience as I expound           necessary to bring more members into the
FACC Leadership Conference, one FACC           my vision for our future, and ask stupid        association. Besides, who better is there to
Executive Committee meeting, and one           questions like where do we keep the paper       provide professional development than the
                             FACC Board        clips, or how do I use the office voice mail!   experts we recognize among ourselves?
                             of Directors            Now, you may ask, what exactly is              The third leg is representation.
                             meeting. I have   that vision? Well, it’s a vision based on       The FACC is actively involved with
                             represented       common sense (I hope…) and one that             promoting the cause of the community
                             the FACC, as      should keep your Association financially        colleges to the powers that be. Through
                             co-sponsor,       stable, administratively strong and             our tight knit group of professional
                             at national       organized, and effectively branded. When        college lobbyists, our contracted lobbyist
                             conferences       nonmembers ask you, “What does the              team, and me, your message is being
                             in Orlando,       FACC actually do?”, I hope my simple            carried daily into the Capitol. For the
                             including the     vision will help you answer it, in very         most part we are a team of educators
                             Bellwether        basic terms, using the three-legged stool       who everyday help the legislators learn
                             Awards Futures    concept. As you know, a well-built stool        and understand the challenges facing the
Conference conducted by the University         has three legs, each interconnected with        college system. The downside of term
of Florida, and the Community College          a support rod. No one leg is completely         limits is that we have a more transient
Conference on Legal Issues, conducted          independent of the others, and all must         legislature, with many young members
by Valencia Community College. I have          work together to remain strong and              who do not have the historical knowledge
visited three chapters, CCLA and Chipola       provide support.                                of the system. Hence, our lobbying team
College, and Tallahassee Community,                  The first leg must be to reemphasize      is always educating them and helping
albeit the latter was during November          our focus on professional development.          them to make the right decisions on
while I was still teaching adjunct there,      As educators, if we do nothing else, we         our issues. The issues are numerous and
while transitioning with my predecessor.       must provide ways for you to become             diverse, from student records to financial
     I have been welcomed into the fold        better at what you do, as well as               aid, to program expansion and statewide
and treated like one of the gang by the        provide mechanisms for your leadership          retirement, not to mention budget and
most dedicated group of professional           development. To this end we are looking         capital outlay.
college lobbyists I have ever met.             at our convention model, and tweaking                It’s a big job, but a worthy one, yet
Moreover, I have been warmly accepted          it to emphasize professional growth and         not one for the faint of heart. I urge all
by the group of college presidents who,        development, as well as accommodating           of you to sustain the passion and create
with just a couple exceptions, didn’t          your meetings and other traditional             the synergy we need to change and grow.
know me from a hill of beans. FACC             activities. We are also kicking the tires,      Tell the FACC story to your nonmember
President Will Benedicks and I have            so to speak, on other possible “signature”      colleagues. If every single FACC member
developed a great rapport built upon a         events designed to advance the professional     brought in one new member our numbers
similar vision of change and growth for        skills for community college employees          and influence would expand exponentially.
your Association, a passion for professional   across all levels.                              You hold the power of one, which creates
development as a focus for our mission,              The second leg of the stool is            the power in numbers, and together we are
and a similar warped, sense of humor that      recognition. Again, it is incumbent upon        much stronger than any other way.
gets us through the drives up and down         us to recognize and award the best and
 I CURRENT March 2009                                                                          FACC • Making a Difference One Life at a Time
Trustees Commission Annual Legislative Conference

         rustees Commission Chair               A highlight of the conference was        workers for the critical jobs needed in
         Nancy Watkins, HCC, and           the reception co-sponsored by the             the current economy.
         FACC Executive Director/          Foundation for Florida’s Colleges and             The conference closed with trustees
CEO Michael Brawer welcomed more           FACC for the Trustees with Governor           hearing from legislative leaders at the
than 60 Trustees to Tallahassee in early   Charlie Crist. The reception was held         Capitol in the House Chambers. Special
February for the Trustees Commission       at the Governor’s Mansion where               thanks go to Speaker pro tempore Larry
Annual Legislative Conference. The         Chancellor Willis Holcombe and                Cretul, Senator Evelyn Lynn,
two-day conference provided the            Commissioner of Education Dr. Eric J.         Senator Steve Oelrich, Representative
trustees with an update on the new         Smith spoke to the Trustees, Presidents,      Will Weatherford, Representative
Florida College System, a review of the    Foundation for Florida’s Colleges             David Rivera, Representative Matt
2009-2010 Legislative Budget Request,      members, and Legislators in attendance.       Hudson, Representative Seth McKeel,
a review of the FACC substantive           Governor Crist expressed his                  Representative Tom Grady, and
legislative issues, and a legislative      appreciation for the role of community        Representative Michelle Rehwinkel-
session forecast review by FACC            colleges in providing affordable              Vasilinda for their participation.
lobbyists.                                 education as well as preparing the state’s

FACC staff with Governor Charlie Crist                           (L to R) Mr. Rod Jurado, Governor Charlie Crist, Dr. Gwen Stephenson,
                                                                 Ms. Nancy Watkins, Mr. Andrew Graham and Ms. Pat Dix

House Chambers                                                   (L to R) Speaker pro tempore Larry Cretul and Dr. Jackson Sasser

www.FACC.org                                                                                                    March 2009 CURRENT I 
              News & Events
Chapter Headlines
MCC Reorganizes to Manage Growth                                                                 Lake City Community
Citing rapid enrollment growth and              is necessary to meet enrollment growth
                                                                                                 College’s FACC Chapter
proposed four-year degree programs,             and sustain quality,” Hafner said, adding,       Receives Donation
Manatee Community College (MCC)                 “New positions are possible due to savings
President Dr. Lars A. Hafner has                realized by reassignments, productivity
announced sweeping organizational               measures and skilled people taking on
changes.                                        additional responsibilities.”
     Hafner said, “We need to act now                Many administrative changes are in title
to ensure that MCC will reach the high          only and more accurately reflect jobs that
points as a multifaceted, mature and            individuals are doing or will bring MCC
highly developed institution with the           personnel into parity with other colleges.
appropriate infrastructure in place.”           The reorganization actually represents a
Early enrollment figures indicate a likely      net decrease in administrative positions
double-digit increase over spring 2008          due to past and concurrent reductions in
for a new all-time spring term high of          administrative posts, Hafner noted.
between 10,000 and 11,000 students. If               The first phase of reorganization           Mike Williams (center), presents check
the pace continues, an estimated 15,000         includes the following changes, some             for $500 Kerry Hagler (left) and Mike Lee to
students could be enrolled at MCC               of which are effective immediately and           benefit the Lake City Community College
in three to five years. The seven- to 10        others that will be phased in during             Chapter of FACC.
year-perspective is even more dramatic,         coming months:
pointing to a strong possibility for MCC             A provost at each campus will have          Food Lion opened its newest store
to increase by the same numbers in a            responsibility and authority to implement        in Florida on November 19, 2008
single decade that it took the first 50 years   both academic and administrative                 in Lake City. Part of the celebration
to achieve.                                     campus-based decisions. Provosts are:            included a donation to the Lake
     Suggestions from academic and              Mike Mears, MCC Bradenton; Darlene               City Community College chapter of
administrative leaders contributed to           Wedler-Johnson, MCC Venice; Bonnie               FACC. Mike Williams, Food Lion’s
the rationale for the organizational            Hesselberg, MCC Lakewood Ranch.                  Lake City Store manager, presented
changes. The reorganization allows for               Mears also will serve in the newly          a $500 check to LCCC’s FACC
13 replacement and new full-time faculty        created position of vice president of            President Kerry Hagler and LCCC
positions selected by academic leaders.         baccalaureate programs to direct the             Foundation Executive Director Mike
     “Strengthening the full-time faculty                             Continued on page 10.      Lee. The Foundation transferred the
                                                                                                 check to LCCC FACC Chapter in
Brawer and Benedicks Visit Chipola
                                                                                                      Food Lion has been in Lake City
                                                FACC’s newest editions, Executive                for the past 20 years and needed an
                                                Director/CEO Mike Brawer and President           expanded location. The newest store
                                                Will Benedicks recently addressed the            was built in Lake City’s Heritage
                                                Chipola College FACC Chapter at one of           Oaks Plaza.
                                                their General Membership Meetings held                Food Lion has been a long time
                                                in January. Both FACC leaders stressed           supporter of educational programs in
                                                the importance of membership in FACC             Lake City. Columbia High School’s
                                                for community college faculty as well            JROTC Torch Club also received a
                                                as staff members. Chipola President Dr.          $500 donation as part of the store’s
(L to R) Dr. Gene Prough, Will Benedicks,       Gene Prough and FACC President Rachel            Grand Opening celebration.
Michael Brawer, and Rachel West.                West presented their guests with Chipola
                                                polo shirts.
 I CURRENT March 2009
 CURRENT March 2009                                                                            FACC • Making a Difference One Life at a Time
                                                                                                                        News & Events

                                                 IRSC Identified as Finalist for Prestigious Bellwether Award
  Dory Lock Receives 2008
                                                 When Indian River State
  Manatee Community                              College was faced with
  College FACC Unsung                            the challenge of adding
  Hero Award                                     nine Bachelor’s degree
                                                 programs to meet critical
                                                 workforce needs and
                                                 obtain Baccalaureate level
                                                 accreditation in less than
                                                 a year, it was the College’s
                                                 culture of communication,
                                                 collaboration and creativity (L to R) Dr. Dale Campbell, Futures Assembly Director,
                                                 that made it possible. By        Dr. Will Benedicks, ISP Judge, FACC President, Dr. Carl
                                                 establishing a college-wide Hite, President , and Mr. John Squires, Math Department
                                                 Baccalaureate Transition         Chair (CSCC), and Dr. Jim Rose, ISP Judge, and Chair, 2009
  (L to R) Bradley Davis (2009 MCC Chapter       Team, IRSC capitalized on Futures State Directors Commission and National Council of
  President), Dr. Lars Hafner (Manatee                                            State Directors of Community Colleges.
                                                 these institutional strengths
  Community College President), Ms. Lock, Dr.
  Mike Mears (2008 MCC Chapter President).
                                                 and successfully moved                           fostered widespread ownership of
                                                 from program concept to program                  the Baccalaureate programs. The
  Dory Lock, Grants Specialist at Manatee        implementation in record time. This              team approach was extremely helpful
  Community College (MCC), has                   achievement was recently recognized              in preparation for the Southern
  received the 2008 Unsung Hero Award            by the Community College Futures                 Association of Colleges and Schools
  from the MCC Chapter of the Florida            Assembly, which identified IRSC as a             (SACS) substantive change application.
  Association of Community Colleges              finalist for the prestigious Bellwether          IRSC achieved Level II accreditation
  (FACC). The award is in recognition of         Award which honors trend-setting                 in June, 2007, and over 1,000 students
  her tireless efforts to plan and support       institutions throughout the United               are currently pursuing their Bachelor’s
  fundraising events for scholarships,           States and Canada.                               Degrees at IRSC.
  coordinate donations for various                    Composed of 30 key institutional                  IRSC was selected as a Bellwether
  local charities and serving as archive
                                                 stakeholders, supported by faculty,              Finalist in the Planning, Governance
  coordinator for the MCC Chapter.
                                                 academic, curricular, technical and              and Finance category and presented at
       Dr. Mears nominated Ms Lock due
                                                 other sub-committees, Indian River’s             the 15th Community College Futures
  to “her caring nature and her ability to
  step up to the plate whenever help is          Baccalaureate Transition Team                    Assembly which convenes annually as
  needed. She is a special person with a very    discovered creative solutions because            an independent national policy forum
  giving heart to help her colleagues and        issues were viewed systemically                  for opinion leaders to identify critical
  her community.” Ms Lock has been with          instead of in isolation. This kind               issues facing the future of community
  MCC for almost nine years and an FACC          of planning prevented problems                   colleges, and to recognize Bellwether
  member for more than five years.               in the implementation phase and                  Finalist colleges.

SJRCC Begins Bachelor’s Degree Plans
The St. Johns River Community College                  “I see it as the next step for           members as well as members of the
District Board of Trustees unanimously           community colleges,” SJRCC President           workforce industry to indicate where
approved the College’s request to initiate the   Joe Pickens said, predicting that all 28       the biggest needs lie. “We need to give
first step toward offering a four-year degree.   of Florida’s community colleges will one       the survey plenty of time and listen
The Trustees participated in a workshop          day offer a bachelor’s degree. “The issue      carefully to what the community tells
Wednesday to determine if the 50-year-           isn’t that something is wrong with the         us,” Pickens said.
old College should proceed with what will        community college system, but that there            Board Chairman William “Bunky”
be the first of many steps - conducting a        are not enough baccalaureate degree            Roberts announced that if the funding
community interest/need survey. Results          institutions to meet the need in Florida.”     is available, the College should proceed
from the survey could justify applying                 The survey, to be conducted by an        with the opportunity. “We don’t want to
to become a state college and offering a         internal panel of administrators, will         get left behind,” Roberts said.
bachelor’s degree by as early as August 2010.    be given to students and community                                 Continued on page 10.
www.FACC.org                                                                                                          March 2009 CURRENT I 
News & Events
SRJCC Begins Bachelor’s Degree                MCC Reorganizes to Manage Growth continued from page 8.
Plans continued from page 9.
                                              college’s four-year degree initiative.         services, will assume responsibility for the
Although Pickens admitted that funding        Six administrators will have the title of      Academic Resource Center, and Carol
would be the College’s biggest challenge,     associate vice president: MariLynn Lewy,       Probstfeld, vice president, business and
he announced that a bill could soon           student services; Helen Meyer, student         administrative services, will be more involved
pass allowing state universities to           development; Karen Kester, finance; Traci      in governmental relations and strategic
control their own tuition, thus doubling      Steen, facilities and planning; Brad Davis,    planning.
universities’ tuition in as little as five    program evaluation and compliance;                  New full-time positions of adjunct
years. “The financial realities of students   Daisy Vulovich, corporate and community        faculty coordinator and volunteer
being place-bound presents a bigger           development.                                   coordinator will be filled by Mary DiTaranto
need for our offerings,” Pickens said.              The MCC Venice campus executive          and Judy Wishart, respectively.
     Programs discussed for bachelor’s        officer (CEO), Ann Roggero, has accepted            In the area of nursing, a 12-month
degree possibilities included nursing,        a position with the Foundation for MCC as      program chair for nursing will be advertised,
early childhood education (Pre-K              director of development for MCC Venice.        and a consultant will be brought in to help
through third grade) and fine arts. In              The career and technical education       develop the four-year bachelor of science in
addition to the degree(s) there may be a      program staff and director, Idelia Phillips,   nursing program.
new name for the college.                     will relocate to MCC Lakewood Ranch to         Hafner said more changes can be expected
     Additional criteria needed once          coordinate credit and noncredit workforce      in coming weeks and months as the College
an interest and need are established is       programs in one place.                         continues to examine ways that MCC can be
whether the College offers sufficient               Donald Bowman, vice president,           more productive and effective while meeting
facilities, faculty and other resources.      student development and enrollment             coming budget constraints.
The College has until May to present
its survey presentation to the Board and
until June 1 to submit its letter of intent
to the Department of Education.
     Currently, 13 of the state’s 28
community colleges offer baccalaureate
degrees. Colleges that have already made
the switch include FCCJ, Daytona
State College, Chipola College,
Broward College, St. Petersburg                                                 Equity Commission
College, Northwest Florida State                                                Faculty Commission
College (formerly Okaloosa-Walton)                   Institutional Effectiveness & Professional Development Commission
and most recently, Santa Fe College                                    Instructional Innovation Commission
in Gainesville. Trustees from Central                                      Rural Campuses Commission
Florida Community College in Ocala                                           Technology Commission
have recently approved commencement
for a bachelor’s degree program for the
fall of 2010.                                   •   Hosted by South Florida Community College in Avon Park, FL
     For eight years, SJRCC has                 •   For more information, visit the Commissions websites at www.facc.org or the
provided access to baccalaureate                    Technology Commission website at: http://www.southflorida.edu/technology/
degree programs through university                  or contact Conference Coordinator, Melanie Jackson at SFCC (863) 784-7015
partnerships. SJRCC currently answers               jacksonm@southflorida.edu
the demand for nurses, radiologic
technicians, respiratory care therapists        •   Keynote speaker on April 16, 2009 will be Dr. Willis N. Holcombe,
and law enforcement officers with two-              Chancellor, Division of Community Colleges
year associate in science degrees and for       •   Many Commissions have “Exemplary Practice” awards
teachers with its EPI program.                  •   Submit a “Call for Proposal” to lead a workshop and receive a 50% discount on
     The last time SJRCC changed its
                                                    your conference registration costs
name was in 1977 when it was called
St. Johns River Junior College. SJRCC           •   Hotel rooms available for $75 or $76-check out the Technology Commission
serves approximately 10,000 students on             website for further information
three full-service campuses in Palatka,         •   Deadline for registration submission and hotel room reservations is March 25, 2009
Orange Park and St. Augustine.
0 I CURRENT March 2009                                                                       FACC • Making a Difference One Life at a Time
                                                                                                                    News & Events

Convention Winners
                                                                                               Lake City Receives Honors at
Chapter of the Year:                                                                           the 2008 FACC Convention
Indian River State College
The Indian River State College was the
proud recipient of FACC Chapter of
the Year Award. The year’s activities were
highlighted by such unique events as
‘Jeans and Jersey Day’, ‘Red White and
Blue Day’, and a Home Run Derby.
Other distinguishing moments from the
convention for Indian River included
being recognized as Region V chapter
of the Year, and saluting Lori Starling as
the Unsung Hero. Exemplary Practice          (L to R) Carol Quinn, 2008 FACC President;        (L to R) Debbie Osborne; Bethany Jenkins,
Award winners from IRSC included             Michael Pelitera, 2008 IRSC FACC President; and   2009 FACC Lake City President; Amie Smith,
Patty Durham for her presentation,           Michael Brawer, FACC Executive Director/CEO       FACC Lake City Secretary; and Chuck Hall,
“Adult Education to College                                                                    Lake City Community College President.
Transitioning and Success Fair.”
                                                                                               The Annual FACC Convention was
                                                                                               held November 19-21, in Orlando,
Back to Back Wins: Student
                                                                                               Florida. Representing Lake City
Development Commission
                                                                                               Community College were Dr. Chuck
Named Commission of the Year
for Second Consecutive Year at                                                                 Hall, LCCC president; Bethany
                                                                                               Jenkins, FACC president-elect;
FACC Convention
                                                                                               Debbie Osborne, FACC fundraising
For a second year in a row, the Student                                                        chair; and Amie Smith, FACC
Development Commission was                                                                     secretary.
named the Commission of Year. In
addition to this prestigious win, the                                                               The hard work paid off with
Student Development Commission                                                                 Lake City Community College
shined throughout convention with                                                              receiving the following: 2008
participation in many meetings and           (L to R) Carol Quinn, 2008 FACC President;        Region II Chapter of the Year; 2008
activities.                                  Susan Thomas, 2008 Student Development            Membership Award (having 50
                                             Commission Chair and Geoffrey Fortunato,          percent plus employees as members);
                                             2009 Student Development Commission Chair
                                                                                               2008 Unsung Hero Award – Toni
                                                                                               Briley, FACC membership chair;
Retirees’ Commission Basket Winner
                                                                                               2008 Unsung Hero Award – Bethany
Congratulations to Dr. Michelle Balon of Pasco-Hernando Community College                      Jenkins, FACC president-elect, and
as the winner of the fall-themed basket offered by the Retirees’ Commission at the             Kerry Hagler, LCCC chapter of
recent convention.                                                                             FACC president received the 2008
     Thanks to all the wonderful FACC participants who contributed to the effort               Presidential Appreciation Award. In
which netted the Retirees’ Commission over $500.                                               addition to these awards the chapter
                                                                                               president-elect Bethany Jenkins was
                                                                                               named the 2009 Region II Director-
Got News?                                                                                      Elect and 2010 Region II Director/
                                                                                               Member of the FACC Board of
Help Current stay current. Send us your chapter news, story ideas, Letters to the              Directors.
Editor or questions. See page 21 for deadline dates. You can send your news and                     Congratulations to all for a very
articles to Tina at tingramm@facc.org. We are looking forward to hearing from you              rewarding year.
and publishing the articles that are important to you.

www.FACC.org                                                                                                     March 2009 CURRENT I 
News & Events

Commission Roundup
Institutional Effectiveness                  objectives for the upcoming year. If         your talents, make new friends, and
Embraces Staff and Program                   you would like to receive the IEPPDC         enjoy the exciting speakers. Registration
Development                                  newsletter, send your request to Juanita     for this conference is $70.00 and can be
                                             Scott at jscott@pjc.edu or call (850)        done by visiting: http://www.valenciacc.
During the 2008 FACC Annual                  484-1953.                                    edu/conference/conferences.cfm
Convention, the Assembly of                                                                    To keep up-to-date with the SDC/
Delegates granted the request of                                                          FACC events and news in your area,
the Institutional Effectiveness              Career and Professional                      please feel free to contact your Region
Commission to change its name to the         Employees Commission to                      Representative listed below.
Institution Effectiveness, Planning,         Team Up with the Student                     Region I Representative:
and Professional Development                 Development Commission for                   Aimee Watts,
Commission (IEPPDC). The name                Spring Conference                            Northwest Florida State College
change allows the Commission to                                                           wattsa@nwfstatecollege.edu • 850-729-5277
expand its role to include Staff and         The Career and Professional Employees        Region II Representative:
Program Development. Juanita Scott,          Commission is pleased to announce            Sally Myers,
newly elected Chair of IEPPDC                they will be joining the Student             St. Johns River CC
and Coordinator for Professional             Development Commission for their             sallymyers@sjrcc.edu • 386-312-4037
Development at Pensacola Junior              Spring Conference, May 13th - May            Region III Representative:
College, stated the change will allow        15th 2009 in beautiful Orlando.              Charlene Latimer,
those responsible for overall professional   “Providing Connection and Direction”         Daytona State College
development at their institution an          is the theme. The Conference will            latimec@daytonastate.edu
opportunity to network and share             provide high-quality educational             Region IV Representative:
resources with colleagues throughout         sessions as well as the opportunity to       John Shandlay,
Florida’s community college system.          network with colleagues from all over        Edison State College
     “We have big plans.” Scott stated,      the state.                                   jshandlay@edison.edu
“There is so much growth potential                Registration information can be         Region V Representative:
and so many resources available within       found on the FACC website. Mark              Jeff Peters,
our community college system. Once           your calendars and join us for an            Palm Beach CC
implemented, our plans will surely           exciting time.                               petersj@pbcc.edu 561-207-5348
contribute to the enhancement of                                                          http://www.valenciacc.edu/conference/
professional development. Even better,                                                    conferences.cfm.
the blend of Institutional Effectiveness     Student Development                          See you in Orlando!
and Professional Development reflects        Commission 42nd Annual SDC
a direct focus on quality and efficiency.    Spring Conference                            Retirees Commission
We want to highlight the common goals                                                     Announces the Establishment of
between these two functions.”                Join the “Commission of the Year” in
                                             beautiful Orlando for the 42nd Annual
                                                                                          their Exemplary Practice Award
     Peter Usinger, newly elected
IEPPD Vice-Chair and Director of             Student Development Commission               The Retirees Commission is offering
Institutional Research, Effectiveness,       Spring Conference May 13- May 15,            a $200 award to the FACC Chapter
and Planning at Polk Community               2009, “Providing Connection and              named the winner of the Retirees
College, emphasized the significant          Direction.” This conference is a great       Commission Exemplary Practice
affect the combination will have on          way to network with colleagues from          Award. The nomination packet, which
SACS reviews. He indicated that the          the State University System, as well as      can be found on the FACC website,
integration of professional development      to share ideas and strategies that will      is due to the Retirees Commission
with IEPPDC would allow institutions         directly impact the services that we offer   Award Coordinator, Nancy A. Buhl, by
to achieve levels of improvement and         to all students. The conference will         October 15, 2009.
close the loop between desired and           showcase Exemplary Practices, feature             The Retirees Commission Exemplary
actual outcomes.                             informative and innovative concurrent        Practice Award will be announced at the
     The Commission has developed an         sessions, as well as include a FACC          FACC Annual Convention.
e-newsletter to share its progress and       Legislative update and an update from             More information can be found
upcoming events among its members            the SUS/ICUF institutions. We invite         at http://www.facc.org/facc/Retirees_
and will soon unveil its goals and           all Student Services personnel to share      Commission.asp.
 I CURRENT March 2009                                                                   FACC • Making a Difference One Life at a Time
                                                                                             By Donald Payton, Chair,
Countdown to the 2009 Session                                                                Legislative Committee

          s I write this article, I’m          without doing significant damage             legislature’s various appropriations
          watching the legislative session     to fundamental state services and to         committees have, for the last several
           countdown clock on the              the people who depend upon them.             weeks, been hearing presentations from
Tallahassee Democrat website relentlessly      Legislators are beginning to look for        agency heads on the budget needs of
ticking away the hours, minutes and            new or additional sources of revenue.        their departments. Commissioner
seconds until the scheduled March 3            Cigarette taxes are on the table, as is      Smith, Chancellor Holcombe and our
opening of the 2009 legislative session.       the Seminole Gaming Compact. Sales           presidents have done a terrific job of
Fourteen days, 7 hours and 58 minutes          tax exemptions are being reviewed. A         presenting our system’s funding needs.
until the gavel drops and the session gets     freshman Democrat in the House,              Our priorities are: (1) funding the
underway.                                      Representative Michelle Rehwinkle            system’s operating budget request; (2)
     It’s a legislative session that will be   Vasilinda (D-Tallahassee), has teamed        fully funding the community college
dominated, once again, by the budget.          up with a veteran Senate Republican,         capital outlay (PECO) request; (3) fully
The state’s ongoing revenue shortfalls         Senator Evelyn Lynn (R-Ormond                funding the Facilities Enhancement
guarantee that the session will be             Beach), in introducing legislation to        Challenge Grant Program; and (4)
difficult and contentious. We’ve just          enforce Florida’s sales tax on internet      fully funding the Philip Benjamin
gone through our third round of budget         sales. That move, supported by               Matching Grant Program. The message
reductions in the last 18 months.              both organized labor and the Florida         is: funding should follow the students.
Unfortunately, revenues continue to lag        Chamber of Commerce, could generate          And the students are coming to our
behind estimates by $100 million or            as much as $2 billion in new revenues.       doors.
more per month, and we are looking at          In the higher education arena, we can              We’ve asked for an operating
the very real possibility of further cuts      expect tuition to rise once again.           funding increase of $129 million. We
in this year’s budget. On top of that,              At the end of the day, we aren’t        don’t have any unrealistic expectations,
revenues could be down by another $5-          going to tax or
6 billion for the fiscal year beginning in     cut our way out
July. Not a pretty picture.                    of our budget                                            Speaker pro tempore
     To put this all in perspective,           problems. It                                                     Larry Cretul
though, you should know that we’re             will more
not alone. My home state, Illinois, (no        likely be some
jokes, please!) faces a $9 billion budget      combination of
shortfall. California and Kansas have          both.
suspended the payment of income                     Governor
tax refunds. New York is trying to             Crist will present
figure out how to cope with a $15              his budget
billion shortfall. They’re considering         recommendations
a variety of new taxes, including a 4%         to the legislature
tax on internet downloads. California          on Friday,
is contending with a staggering $42            February 20,
billion deficit, and their legislature         a month later
remains deadlocked, at least for the           than normal.
moment. So, in relative terms, Florida         The Governor
is actually not as bad off as some of our      had requested
sister states. That, of course, doesn’t        and received a
lessen our pain.                               30-day delay for
     So what will happen? There’s an           submission of his budget in order to         though, of receiving that increase in
increasingly widespread recognition            have time to assess the impact of the last   today’s economic environment. It’s an
among legislators that we’ve cut the           round of budget cuts as well as the just-    attempt to point out what it would take
fat from the state budget and that             passed federal economic stimulus bill.       to maintain current services and fund
we’re now into bone. We cannot cut                  While they’ve awaited the               the massive growth being experienced
our way out of the budget shortfall            Governor’s recommendations, the
                                                                                                               Continued on page 14.
www.FACC.org                                                                                                  March 2009 CURRENT I 
Countdown to the 2009 Session continued from page 13.
by our system. Statewide, as universities    What’s been most striking is the            relating to student records. The other
have restricted enrollment, we’ve grown level of similarity between the two              deals with protecting the in-state tuition
by more than 50,000 students over       documents. With a very few exceptions,           and Bright Futures eligibility of certain
the last year, and are on track to add as
                                        the recommendations of the two                   students whose parents move out of
many again this year. Because access    groups are quite similar, reflecting the         state at the end of their high school
and the open enrollment door are        shared values of our presidents. The             careers because of job changes or other
fundamental to our system, we thought   two most significant differences deal            factors.
it vital to present a realistic picture of
                                        with the funding of community college                 As happens each year, legislators
our funding needs.                      baccalaureate degrees and the process            will introduce thousands of bills, most
                                                              by which second            of which will die during the committee
On the substantive legislation front,                         and subsequent             review process. Your college lobbyists
                                                              baccalaureate              review each of these bills and react
the key issue we will face this year is
                                                              degrees at individual      to those which affect our system and
legislation implementing the reports of institutions are                                 appear to have the “legs” to move
the Florida College System Task Force approved. We expect                                through the legislative process.
and the State College Pilot Project.                          the legislature to begin        Beginning in the first week of
                                                              workshopping these         March and continuing throughout the
     On the substantive legislation     issues shortly after the session begins.         legislative session, FACC will provide
front, the key issue we will face this  We may see a first draft of the legislation      you with a weekly summary of events
year is legislation implementing the    as early as the first week of March.             in the state legislature. Watch for
reports of the Florida College System        In order not to detract from our            Perception in your mailbox, or view it on
Task Force and the State College Pilot  two greatest priorities - the budget and         the FACC website, www.facc.org.
Project. Both groups have submitted     baccalaureate/State Colleges issues - our             As always, if you have any questions
their reports to the legislature, which system is moving forward with only               about legislative issues, please do
will now attempt to reconcile them and two substantive legislative initiatives           not hesitate to contact Mike Brawer
shape legislation implementing their    of our own. One seeks to resolve the             (mbrawer@facc.org), me (paytond@scc-
recommendations.                        conflicts between state and federal laws         fl.edu), or any of the college lobbyists.

Florida Association of Community Colleges Foundation, Inc

         he Florida Association                      to the Florida Association of
         of Community Colleges                       Community Colleges                   Florida Association of Community
         Foundation, Inc. is a not for                                                         Colleges Foundation, Inc
profit corporation which was formed             •    To encourage professional                     Board of Directors:
                                                     development, learning, and
on June 4, 1991. The general objectives                                                          Mr. Andre’ Hawkins,
                                                     dissemination of information
and purposes of the FACC Foundation,                                                          Chair of Board of Directors
                                                     through activities of the Florida
Inc. are to provide charitable and                   Association of Community                 Dr. Burt Harres, Vice Chair
educational aid in the form of financial             Colleges                                Mr. Michael Brawer, Secretary
resources and other property and                                                             Mrs. Joyce Traynom, Treasurer
services to the Florida Association of          •    To support such purposes             Dr. Will Benedicks, FACC President
Community Colleges.                                  as educational scholarships,                 Mr. Bill Mullowney
     Now that the Foundation has                     awards, recognitions, and                      Mr. Joseph Lang
accomplished its goal of property                    benevolent and bereavement                     Dr. Milton Jones
                                                     acknowledgements                              Mr. Jeb Blackburn
ownership for the Association, the
FACC Foundation will begin to embark                                                               Dr. John Holdnak
upon its other objectives and goals              Please visit the FACC Foundation              Dr. Catherine Cornelius
which will include the following:            website at www.facc.org/facc/FACC_                    Mr. Jeff Schembera
                                             Foundation to find out how chapters,                    Dr. Leo Diaz
    •   To promote education and other       regions, commissions, and individual                  Mr. Bob Richburg
        related activities for students,     members can play a role as members/                    Dr. Ronda Ryder
        faculty, staff, and other related    donors.
 I CURRENT March 2009                                                                  FACC • Making a Difference One Life at a Time
                                                                                         FACC • Making a Difference One Life at a Time
Florida Shines Despite Budget Cuts                                                            By Christy Taylor,
                                                                                              Staff Writer, Graphic Designer

    f it feels like Florida’s education       Commissioner Smith said.                        Utilizing partnerships with the
    system is sinking in a sea of budget           While the Department vows to          private sector is also a strategy that both
    cuts and shortfalls, hold tight.          keep the importance of the community       the State and individual colleges will be
Commissioner Dr. Eric J. Smith and            college system in the forefront of the     working to secure. Programs such as the
Chancellor of the Florida College             Florida Legislature, the fact is money     Phillip Benjamin Matching Program,
System Dr. Willis N. Holcombe believe         will be tight. Smith and Holcombe          that uses lottery dollars to match private
creativity and commitment will keep           say the colleges have helped to keep       donations, contributed $48 million in
things a float until the waters are calm      precious dollars in the classrooms,        matching money in the past, but has
again.                                        cutting non-instruction liabilities by     become a casualty of the State’s budget
     “Tight budgets are a reality,”           using technology and outsourcing           woes. Smith says restoring programs
Chancellor Holcombe said. “It is              opportunities. They pledge their           like this are a must as private donors
amazing to me how the colleges are so         support in any way they can.               value the importance of leveraging
creative in finding local solutions to fill        “The goal is to have students not     their money. Private donations in the
in the gaps.”                                 affected. Is that possible? We don’t       form of scholarships, program dollars
     Holcombe noted that the 2008-            know, but there are a number of colleges   and equipment funding continue to
2009 year saw cuts in the budget and          doing a good job despite the shortfall,”   be received and distributed at the state
next year will bring even more, yet the       Holcombe said. “The colleges are           level, but the Commissioner and the
colleges in Florida’s community college       doing their dead-level best and we in      Chancellor agree local fundraising
system served 55,000 more students            Tallahassee are aware of that.”            efforts are the most effective. Working
than in 2007-2008.                                 One item that is stirring up a lot    with local Health and Public Safety
     “That is a real testament to the         of interest is President Barack Obama’s    groups, for instance, can lead to
commitment by our boards and                  stimulus plan. The Department is           donations of instruction time, books
presidents,” Holcombe said.                   reviewing the plan very carefully,         and uniforms for students. It is a win-
     Commissioner Smith agrees.               aiming to position themselves to           win for all involved as colleges are able
Having been on the job for a year,            access the available money. Though         to provide services cost-efficiently to
he has been impressed with the                the document is still being studied,       students and the community is able to
performance of the community college          Commissioner Smith said the increase       find good, trained people to employ.
                                                                                              A program that may need to be
                                                                                         placed on hold until the budget crisis
                                    “Of course the decrease
                                                                                         is resolved is the development of four-
                                    in funding, particularly                             year baccalaureate programs in Florida’s
                                    to personnel, makes it                               community colleges. Right now half of
                                    more difficult but we                                the community colleges in the system
                                                                                         offer these degrees. While legislation
                                    remain optimistic in the                             passed last year opens the door for
                                    commitment held by our                               future development of the program,
                                    leadership.”                                         Commissioner Smith and Chancellor
                                               —Dr. Eric J. Smith,                       Holcombe believe the issue may need
                                                                                         more discussion.
                                                   Commissioner                               “One thing we have all wrestled
                                                                                         with is how to deal with access. It
                                                                                         is the same mission just a different
                                                                                         degree level. How do you balance
system and is dedicated to maintaining        of Pell Grants distributed through the     that in difficult times?” Chancellor
open access for students despite limited      plan is interesting and will help many     Holcombe asked. “Our message in the
resources.                                    students obtain financial assistance.      Department, and system-wide, is that
     “Of course the decrease in funding,      The Pell Grants will help combat the       this program shouldn’t come at the
particularly to personnel, makes it more      needed tuition increase and keep the       expense of the certificate and technical
difficult but we remain optimistic in the     door of access available to the neediest   degree or lower division transfer degree.
commitment held by our leadership,”           of students.
                                                                                                             Continued on page 16.
www.FACC.org                                                                                                March 2009 CURRENT I 
Florida Shines Despite Budget Cuts continued from page 15.
There needs to be a balance here and        premier community college system in        Review Panel since 2003. His trust of
perhaps baccalaureate funding needs to      the country for the way it produces        Florida education is clear as he earned a
be on hold during these times.”             degrees and helps students.”               master’s degree in school administration
      “We have thought a lot about               Commissioner Smith began his          from the University of Central Florida
how the program operates and how it         career in Florida more than 30 years       (Orlando) and his doctorate of
fits in to the historical mission of the    ago as a classroom teacher and later       curriculum and instruction from the
community college,” Commissioner            in several administrative positions in     University of Florida (Gainesville.)
Smith agreed. “Now it is in the hands       Florida school districts. He spent 16           Chancellor Holcombe thinks
of the Legislature of how quickly, or       years as a district superintendent in      Florida’s strength is in its ability to
slowly, to move forward.”                   Virginia, North Carolina and Maryland.     provide access to higher education for
      Despite the ominous cloud looming     His goal for Florida’s Department          residents. He is particularly impressed
of tighter budgets and unfunded             of Education is to increase academic       with the way community colleges and
                                                                                       universities work together to provide
                                  “I am optimistic about                               seamless education opportunities. With
                                                                                       half of university students coming from
                                  the future. Yes, there are                           community colleges, the partnership is
                                  short-term issues, mostly                            essential.
                                  coming from the economic                                  “We can’t talk about the state of
                                                                                       higher education in Florida without
                                  downturn, but we will get                            talking about the relationship of
                                  through them and emerge                              the community colleges with the
                                  even stronger.”                                      universities. Florida does this better
                                      — Dr. Willis N. Holcombe,                        than anyone,” Chancellor Holcombe
                                                                                       said. “It is vital to the state’s economic
                                                     Chancellor,                       health for students to rely on this system
                                         Florida College System                        of education.”
                                                                                            Dr. Holcombe has been the
                                                                                       Chancellor of the Florida Community
programs, Florida’s community               achievement of all students and to         College System since October
college system continues to shine.          reduce the disparity in achievement        2007. Prior to becoming Chancellor
Commissioner Smith says even in             among student subgroups. The               he was the President of Broward
the short time he has been with the         Commissioner is past Chairman of the       Community College (1987-2004)
Department, he has seen already seen        Board of Trustees for the College Board    and Vice President of the College at
the State’s strengths.                      and a member of the Board of Directors     Brevard Community College (1981-
     “I have been here a little over a      for the Advancement Via Individual         1987) among other positions. As a
year and consider the post-secondary        Determination (AVID) program. He           veteran of the Florida Community
college system in Florida a jewel,” Smith   has also served as Chair of the National   College System in both teaching and
said. “It is nationally recognized as the   Assessment of Title 1 Independent          administrative roles, Holcombe knows
                                                                                       the resolve of the people that help make
                                                                                       the community colleges run will carry
  2009 Convention Service Project                                                      them through current conditions. He
      Plans are already underway for our 2009 Convention Service Project. We           and Commissioner Smith agree that as
                  are hoping to connect with a charity in Region V for this year’s     long as the goal is to provide Florida’s
                 project so that our work together benefits different parts of the     residents with access to education and
                   state of Florida every year. It is great to see us all come         training, the state will reap the benefits.
                    together to help those in need. Our past projects have been             “I am optimistic about the future.
 collecting books and puzzles for the Early Learning Coalition of Orange               Yes, there are short-term issues, mostly
 County and school supplies for the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Suncoast.                coming from the economic downturn,
      The FACC Board has established an ad-hoc committee to oversee service            but we will get through them and
 project ideas. If you are interested in serving on that committee or if you have      emerge even stronger,” Chancellor
 ideas for future service projects, contact Dr. Gary Sligh, Vice President Elect for   Holcombe said. “Our goal is to help
 Regions and Chapters at slighg@lscc.edu.                                              insulate Florida with a better trained
 I CURRENT March 2009                                                                FACC • Making a Difference One Life at a Time
SMARTHINKING Inks Deal With Florida College System
The Florida College System Uses Portion of College Access Grant to Fund Online Tutoring and
Academic Support

       MARTTHINKING, INC.                    and students in Florida,” said Dr. Judith   courses and programs. And, since
       (www.smarthinking.com), the           Bilsky, Executive Vice Chancellor,          Broward College now offers nine fully
       market leader in providing            Florida Department of Education,            online degrees, SMARTHINKING
online tutoring and academic support         Florida College System (Formerly            is a critically-important resource for
to students, has announced that              Division of Community Colleges). “We        our online students as well,” said Russ
The Florida College System (FCS),            are excited to offer this opportunity       Adkins, Associate VP of Instructional
formerly the Division of Community           for every institution that is part of the   Technology, and Janet Sturdy, Associate
Colleges, has elected to use a portion       Florida College System throughout           Dean of Learning Resources, in a joint
of its College Access Grant to assist in     the state, to continue or even expand       statement.
funding the cost of SMARTHINKING             their use of SMARTHINKING Online                 “This expanded relationship with
for its colleges. Using the grant dollars,   Tutoring. This will allow them to meet      the Florida Department of Education
FCS will supplement the cost of              the ever-growing academic support           enables all campuses, large and small,
SMARTHINKING services to state               needs of students both on and off           within the Florida College System, to
colleges in Florida who use the service      campus and enhance their learning           continue to offer outstanding academic
this year. This will provide all schools     experience.”                                support to their students and we are
with a discounted rate and allow the              “Tallahassee Community College is      proud that SMARTHINKING is a
state’s small schools to receive the same    pleased to be able to help not only our     part of their success,” said Burck Smith,
services as large institutions, for the      students, but students throughout the       CEO of SMARTHINKING.
same price. FCS will supplement a            state, by managing the grant funds for           SMARTHINKING is the market
portion of the cost for the first 34,000+    the Florida Department of Education’s       leader in providing online tutoring and
hours purchased statewide through            Division of Community Colleges.             academic support to students. Their
July 31, 2009. This plan takes into
consideration the annual growth in             “This expanded relationship with the Florida
usage expected by Florida colleges
during the 2008 fiscal year.
                                               Department of Education enables all campuses,
     Studies by Florida colleges               large and small, within the Florida College System,
have shown that students who use               to continue to offer outstanding academic support
SMARTHINKING’s online tutoring                 to their students
services achieve higher grades than
those who do not. This success has                                —Burck Smith, CEO, SMARTHINKING
led to increased usage. FCS has
been looking for a more affordable           The access to SMARTHINKING’s                services were honored with the Software
way for its colleges to cover the cost       quality educators anytime, anywhere         & Information Industry Association
of the program and this grant will           complements our own academic services       (SIIA) CODiE award for Best Instruction
allow colleges to continue offering          providing students help when they           Solution for Students at Home. Schools,
this successful service. Currently 21        need it most,” said Dr. Barbara Sloan,      colleges, universities, libraries, government
of the state’s 28 community colleges         Vice President of Academic Affairs at       agencies, textbook publishers and
utilize SMARTHINKING to provide              Tallahassee Community College.              other education providers partner with
supplemental tutoring to both on-                “Broward College began using            SMARTHINKING to increase student
campus and online students, as well          SMARTHINKING in 2005 as a means             achievement and enhance learning.
as expand their ability to meet the          of enhancing our students’ access to        SMARTHINKING connects students to
ever-growing needs of their students         tutoring services, especially during        e-structor®-certified tutors for assistance
for academic assistance outside the          evenings and on weekends. Broward           in math, writing, science and business,
classroom. For more information              students and faculty have embraced          up to 24/7, on any Internet connected
about SMARTHINKING, visit www.               these high quality tutoring resources,      computer. SMARTHINKING’s corporate
smarthinking.com.                            especially those for math and writing.      office is located in Washington, D.C.
     “Applying grant funds to                In addition, our in-house tutors use        For more information, visit www.
expand our relationship with                 the SMARTHINKING platform to                smarthinking.com.
SMARTHINKING is timely for faculty           provide tutoring in our health-related
www.FACC.org                                                                                                 March 2009 CURRENT I 
Florida Committed to Open
                                                                                            By Charlie Crist, Governor

        lorida has a long history with      would keep state government open and           initiative spread. Ms. JoAnn Carrin
        Open Government and public          I based my promise on the infamous             was appointed Director of the Office of
        records laws. Florida’s Public      quote by President Abraham Lincoln.            Open Government, which, she began
Record Laws were created in 1909 and        I pledged that under my watch Florida          to work quickly on streamlining the
in 1976 Florida’s Government-in-the-        government would be “of the people,            public record response process within
Sunshine was enacted. Citizens, media,      by the people and for the people.” On          the Governor’s Executive Office of the
and lawmakers alike have fought to keep     my second day in office I took action          Governor. The office began tracking the
state and local government actions open     on my promise by creating the Office           response time for Executive Office of
and accessibly to the public. Citizens      of Open Government. The offices falls          the Governor public record requests and
truly deserve to have pubic officials and   under Executive Order 07-01 this states        often responded to the requests within
governmental bodies that are beyond         in part:                                       twenty four hours
reproach. Transparency builds trust              “The Office of Open Government                 In addition the office created
in government leadership, and that          is charged with providing the Office of        a public records contact list that
trust is irreplaceable Florida’s broad      the Governor and each of the executive         includes thirty-six agencies and the
interpretation of open government           agencies under my purview with the             State University System. Three contact
ensures that government agencies            guidance and tools to serve Florida with       persons are included for each office:
operate in the sunshine.                    integrity and transparency.                    a “main”, “backup”, and one Spanish
     Not all American government                 “To the end, the Office’s primary         speaking contact. At least one of these
entities share Florida’s commitment to      functions will be : (1) to assure full and     contacts is in the general counsel’s
open government. Elected officials and      expeditious compliance with Florida’s          office. The list of the agency contacts
                                                                                           are located on the Office of Open
                                                                                           Government website. This list makes the
Transparency builds trust in government leadership, and                                    public records request process easier and
that trust is irreplaceable Florida’s broad interpretation                                 more efficient.
of open government ensures that government                                                      In addition to contacts, the Open
agencies operate in the sunshine.                                                          Government website includes other
                                                                                           helpful information on Florida’s
                                                                                           Sunshine Law and Public Records Act.
government agencies create distrust         open government and public records             This includes outside links to the latest
when they hide their activities or close    laws, and (2) to provide training to all       Government-in-the-Sunshine Manual
off the people’s information. Even if no    executive agencies under my purview            and Attorney General Office’s Open
wrongdoing occurs, the mere fact that       on transparency and accountability. The        Government Mediation Program. This
a meeting is held behind closed doors is    office will also have primary responsibility   information is included so that the
enough to draw suspicion.                   for ensuring that the Office of the            people of Florida may be full aware of the
     My dedication to the Sunshine          Governor complies with public records          information they have accessible to them.
Law began while I was in high school        requests in an expeditious manner.                  In cooperation with the Florida
and Florida State University’s student           “Each agency secretary is further         Institute of Government free Public
government. While attending Florida         directed to designate a person at his or       Record and Sunshine Law training was
State University I became a fraternal       her agency who will act as the agency’s        provided to 500 state agency managers
brother of Pi Kappa Alpha and also          public records/open government                 in February. One month later, I issued
served as vice president of the student     contact person. That individual will be        a proclamation to officially designate
body. Upon graduation from Florida          responsible for complying with public          March 11-17 2007 as Sunshine
State University I attended law school in   records/ open government request and           Week for the citizens of Florida. The
Alabama and began my career in Florida      compliance at their respective agency          Florida Society of Newspaper Editors
government in the State Attorney’s          and will also be the primary liaison           traditionally sponsors Sunshine Week
Office. When I was elected into office      between that agency and the Office             during the Legislative Session each
as Florida’s forty-fourth governor I        of Open Government for purposes of             spring. Events such as the Florida First
made open government a top priority.        training and compliance.”                      Amendment Foundation’s Sunshine
During my inaugural address I made               An immediate sense of interest and        Recognition Luncheon raised public
a promise to the state of Florida that I    excitement grew as the news of this                                  Continued on page 19.
 I CURRENT March 2009                                                                    FACC • Making a Difference One Life at a Time
Florida Committed to Open

                                                                       Top Five Ways to
Government from page 18.
records awareness among consumers,

                                                                       Save Money or Energy
state agencies and the media. This year
we look forward to expanding and
strengthening our partnerships with
such organizations in the future.
     This past June I issued Executive
Order 07-107 creating the Commission
on Open Government Reform.                         1.	 Turn your computer off at night.	Even	a	computer	on	standby	
The Order charges the Commission                       mode	consumes	energy.	If	you	don’t	use	your	computer,	then	
to “review, evaluate, and issue                        there	is	no	need	to	have	it	remain	turned	on.	
recommendations concerning policies,
statutes, and Article 1 Section 24 of              2.	 If	you	don’t	turn	off	your	computer	at	night,	then	at	least turn off
the Florida Constitution, relating                     your monitor.	Look	at	the	label	on	the	back	of	your	monitor	and	
to the public’s right of access to                     you’ll	be	surprised	to	see	how	much	energy	it	consumes.	
government meetings and records.” The
Commission has held public hearings                3.	 Turn your television off at night.	Same	thing	as	your	computer	
in Ft. Lauderdale, Sarasota, Kissimmee,                and	computer	monitor.	A	television	consumes	a	ton	of	energy.	
and Tallahassee, and the Commissions                   Unlike	a	computer,	a	television	doesn’t	have	a	standby	mode,	so	
final meetings in Tallahassee on August                the	option	to	reduce	the	power	consumption	isn’t	there.	Most	all	
26-27, 2008 and October 21, 2008.                      televisions	come	with	a	sleep	timer.	Also,	if	you	have	a	big	TV,	
The meeting schedules are listed on the                indeed	check	the	back	of	the	unit	and	look	at	the	label.	You	will	
Commission’s website and the documents                 be	shocked	to	see	how	much	power	it	consumes.	My	60	Inch	
from of all meetings are also posted on                television	takes	up	650	Watts	/	hour.	
the website. The commission will report
to the Governor, the Senate President,             4.	 Charge your mobile devices while driving.	Instead	of	charging	
and the Speaker of the House of                        your	cell	phone,	PDA,	GPS	systems,	etc.	in	the	house	using	AC	
Representatives by December 31, 2008.                  power,	simply	charge	them	while	driving	your	car.	Granted,	we	
     To me Open Government is a                        aren’t	talking	about	a	lot	of	savings	here,	but	if	one	million	people	
very important part of federal and state               did	this,	it	would	make	a	big	difference.	
government and they way that they
operate. This initiative will allow us to          5.	 Reduce the Brightness on your laptop screen.	Doing	so	
continue to keep Florida government                    preserves	the	life	of	your	battery	and	reduces	the	number	of	times	
transparent and free from corruption.                  you’ll	have	to	plug	in	to	wall	to	recharge	your	battery.	
This is an inititave, that I as Governor
cannot do alone, we must all join together
for the betterment of our state.

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