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									Rose Hill Student Life
Student Life Council
Jan. 26, 2011 | 2:30-4:30pm | McGinley Hall Faculty Lounge
United Student Government
Residence Halls Association
Commuting Students Association
Campus Activities Board
Office of Residential Life
Office of Multicultural Affairs
Office of Student Leadership and Community Development
The Alcohol and Other Drug Education Program
Fordham College at Rose Hill Administration
College of Business Administration
Fordham College at Rose Hill Faculty
College of Business Administration Faculty
Dean of Students

    1)   Public Agenda Items:
              a. Recording the Meeting
                        i. Dean Rodgers initiates vote: Any objections to The Ram recording the meeting?
                       ii. Dean Rodgers: Welcomes new Ram reporter Connie Kim and initiates a round of applause for the
                           outgoing Ram Reporter
                      iii. Dean Rodgers: Any objections? None.

    2)   Student Life Council Business
             a. Approval of the December Minutes
                        i. Dean Rodgers: The December Minutes haven’t come out; therefore, people haven’t had a chance to look
                           at them.
                       ii. Sara Kugel (USG): Vote to Table Unanimous (10)

    3)   Joint Committee Reports
              a. Programming (Chair Kathleen Biemer)
                        i. Scheduling a meeting for and wish everyone a Happy New Year!
              b. Commuter Life (Chair Jonathan Roque)
                        i. Meeting Next Week; Creating an off-campus research focus group; Trying to get the Commuter Student
                           Association more involved with creating new Integrated Learning Communities
              c. Residential Life (Chair Marisela Sigona)
                        i. Held an Impromptu Meeting; Adding Recycle Bins in the Residential Halls; Looking at eco-friendly
                           companies and environmentally sustainable brands at Compare and Modern Supermarkets (the
                           supermarkets that most students shop at)
                       ii. Dean Rodgers: The Residential Life Staff members are working on the water main break today, Since the
                           Manresa Seminar is being moved from Tierney to Jogues, what do we do with Tierney? We need to do this
                           in advance of the housing lottery. Since it was renovated to accommodate an Integrated Learning
                           Community, we need to decide how it will be marketed and what it will look like.
                      iii. Marisela Sigona: Need to focus less on filling grade quotas in Tierney, but rather focus on students who
                           are interested.
                      iv. Dean Rodgers: We need to understand how the Integrated Learning Communities working and fulfilling
                           our outcomes and how we are assessing the Integrated Learning Communities. Using this information we
                           can work with students to formulate new Integrated Learning Communities and how to structure future
                           Integrated Learning Communities. The West Wing came out of the student body, but there were not
                           directions or structure on how to propose new Integrated Learning Communities. This process begins
                           with a summary of each of the Integrated Learning Communities which Amy Harper and Greer Jason are
                           working on.
                       v. Bryan Matis (USG): Half of the Walsh Dryers are broken and have been broken for several Months
                      vi. Dean Rodgers: Where should that complaint go to? Facilities?
                     vii. Marisela Sigona: Tell your friends to call or I can call, the more calls the better.
                     viii. Dean Rodgers: How are other dryers?
                      ix. Adam Remiszewski (USG) and Kathleen Biemer (CAB): Good in the New Dorms
                       x. Jake Braithwaite (RHA): There are always problems with dryers and problem dryers are not fixed for the
                           whole year. In O’Hare my sophomore year, there was one that was broken every single time.
                      xi. Dean: Rodgers: Residential Life should talk to Facilities and Marisela discuss this in your committee.
              d. Budget (Chair Proxy Bobby Skoda)
           i. $35,000 in kickback, $10,000 in Captech and $3,000 for Late Night Programming
          ii. First Meeting Tonight and Interviews Friday for New Committee Members
         iii. Dean Rodgers: How do you recruit new committee members?
         iv.  Bryan Matis (USG): Sent an email out to club leaders for open USG committees and they can rank the
              committee they with to belong to by priority
          v. Bobby Skoda: We needed to add new members because of changes in schedules.
         vi. Dean Rodgers: Are their specific procedures for recruiting new committee members?
        vii. Sara Kugel (USG): Electronically and some type of paper advertisement
        viii. Jake Braithwaite (RHA): I got a few emails from Bryan and other clubs.
         ix. Dean Rodgers: Are the emails sent out to the student body at large?
          x. Bryan Matis (USG): No
         xi. Bobby Skoda: If you are not involved with clubs you are not involved with Budget Committee.
        xii. Dean Rodgers: There is a question of whether this committee has been open in membership and there is
              a diversity of opinion on whether the joint committee recruits people following procedure.
       xiii. Alanna Nolan (OSLCD): Does the United Student Government laws specify what students?
       xiv. Sara Kugel (USG): No, there are no specifics about reaching a diverse group of students. We should look
              at that.
        xv. Dean Rodgers: This is the responsibility of USG and SLC and all of our responsibilities.
e.   Operations (Chair Bryan Matis)
           i. There are 2 or 3 more vacancies on the committee.
          ii. The New Student Orientation Club fair went well. There were 50 student groups present. Thank you
              New Student Orientation and the OSLCD.
         iii. Active Minds, Kung Fu Club, Advertising Club, Vocal Jazz Club and Women’s Empowerment bringing the
              Club Count to 87
         iv. Trying to get as many club accounts
          v. Dean Rodgers: Are we checking listing of the clubs on the website? This is important especially for
              Freshmen and Active Minds, Kung Fu Club, Advertising Club, Vocal Jazz Club and Women’s Empowerment
              bring Club Count to 87
         vi. Trying to get as many club accounts
        vii. Dean Rodgers: Are we checking listing of the clubs on the website? This is important especially for
              Freshmen and Active Minds, Kung Fu Club, Advertising Club, Vocal Jazz Club and Women’s Empowerment
              bring Club Count to 87
        viii. Trying to get as many club accounts
         ix. Dean Rodgers: Are we checking listing of the clubs on the website? This is important especially for
              freshmen and High School students.
          x. Bryan Matis: By getting everyone club a account; we will not need to update the list online
              as often. IT is making one or two accounts per week.
         xi. Dean Rodgers: If you need help let me know.
f.   House (Chair Adam Remiszewski)
           i. We received 3 or 4 applications in the recruiting drive. We are sending them over to Bryan’s committee.
          ii. We are hoping to get the art gallery up this semester.
         iii. Dean Rodgers: Where is it going to be?
         iv. Adam Remiszewski: By the elevator and the women’s bathroom. Students will submit their artwork and
              then the house committee will vote on the art. It will be ongoing throughout the year.
          v. Dean Rodgers: How is the community posting board doing?
         vi. Adam Remiszewski: The board looks fine. The system I put in place was wasn’t feasible. Bobby and I have
              been checking.
        vii. Dean Rodgers: At least people are looking and it is getting attention. I had various conversations with the
              Commuter Assistants and the feedback on the Commuter Lounge is extremely positive. How is the
              Commuter Lounge being used?
        viii. Jonathan Roque (CSA): It is called the Student Lounge now. The space is not as disrespected. The lounge
              should be opened till 9 pm, so Commuters have somewhere to wait while their waiting for Late Night
         ix. Dean Rodgers: What are the hours now?
          x. Jonathan Roque (CSA): Seven to Eight.
         xi. Dean Rodgers: How are the Annex and the Ramskellar area?
        xii. Jake Braithwaite (RHA): It is now Dagger John’s To-Go and people are generally eating in the Ramskellar,
              especially around lunchtime.
       xiii. Dean Rodgers: Sodexo owns the Ramskellar space. Also, do we need more furniture in the Campus
              Center Lounge?
       xiv. Jonathan Roque: Need tables for pick up meetings.
        xv. Dean Rodgers: How are the lamps?
       xvi. Marisa Totino (OSLCD): There are lights on at night.
       xvii. Dean Rodgers: The projector in the Ramskellar was cannibalized for parts and there is no projector in the
                xviii. Marisa Totino (OSLCD): We don’t use the projector in the Ramskellar. We hook up projectors.
                 xix. Dean Rodgers: How is the basement space?
                  xx. Jonathan Roque: People use the Ramskellar and there are upperclassmen now in the lounge.
                 xxi. Gallery: It is crowded in the Commuter Lounge. There are no seats. It is at or over capacity.
                xxii. Dean Rodgers: Good to know.
4)   Executive Board
         a. USG (Sara Kugel)
                     i. A full mid-year 30 page report is available on the website. The page gives a summary and what we are
                        working on.
                    ii. We moved USG to the Music Room from the Faculty Lounge to make the meetings Wheelchair
                        Assessable. Usually the meetings are at 6pm on Thursdays, but tomorrow it will be at 1pm in the Rose
                        Hill Commons.
                   iii. We are trying to make a calendar on the website with the events that clubs are hosting. Michael Di Tanna
                        is working on this. He is thinking of making a Google application where students type the information
                        themselves and USG or OSLCD can confirm that is it taking place.
                   iv. We are trying to get the Art Gallery up before Spring Break with Adam.
                    v. We will discuss the Study Abroad Program next meeting and let people know that there are 3 open
                        positions on the Senate.
                   vi. The Budget taskforce is continuing. Revised budget system will be at the next SLC meeting. We are going
                        to get signatures from the clubs to make sure they like the process. It can be fixed that is why the task
                        force is here and our goal is for clubs to be happy after budgets.
                  vii. Jake Braithwaite (RHA): The ramp is not wheelchair assessable?
                  viii. Sara Kugel: The ramp is for food service and is not wheelchair assessable.
                   ix. Bryan Matis (USG): Can we find a ramp that is less steep? It seems unfair.
                    x. Marisa Totino (OSLCD): It wouldn’t be an easy fix. It is an ongoing conversation.
                   xi. Dean Rodgers: The awkward architecture, the space available and the ceiling of the marketplace make it
                        difficult. Another idea is make an elevator, since there is only a freight elevator. Collins is an example of a
                        building that is not assessable and other various Residential Halls. The renovation of Hughes Hall solves on
                        problem. Should we move this meeting?
                  xii. Amy Harper (Residential Life): Why did we move from the music room?
                 xiii. Dean Rodgers: We never had one location.
                 xiv. Sofia Bautista-Pertuz (OMA): I commend USG for their work on LGBTQ initiatives and International
                  xv. Gallery: How should club leaders address you or how is the task force getting dialogue?
                 xvi. Sara Kugel: Bryan is sending emails. Information is available through private meetings or group meetings. I
                        can arrange meetings.
                 xvii. Gallery: How are you chosen to be on the task force?
                xviii. Sara Kugel: Emily Amato and Michael DiTanna are leading it. USG requires USG members to lead it. We
                        had two student leaders we knew do it and capped the task force at four people. It will be proposed to all
                        student leaders.
                 xix. Caitlin Meyer (USG): We were careful to choose the task force. The major goal is to create a support
                        system for club and it is meant to help them.
                  xx. Dean Rodgers: Motion to move the meeting? Unanimous vote.
         b. CSA (Jonathan Roque)
                     i. There will be a Commuter/Off-Campus Town Hall meeting to address concerns or bring up programming
                        ideas and show that we are there for them. There will be free pizza and it is in the faculty lounge. There
                        is also a suggestion box in the Student Lounge.
                    ii. We are gearing up for the Commuter Awareness Campaign and Commuter Week is March 22 nd to March
                   iii. Need to meet about Integrated Learning Communities.
                   iv. Dean Rodgers: Manresa is moving into Jogues, but renovations need to be done in Jogues to
                        accommodate the Manresa program. There needs to be external classroom space with outside doors to
                        accommodate not only the students that live there.
                    v. Jonathan Roque: Willing to work with other groups for Commuter Week.
         c. RHA (Jake Braithwaite)
                     i. Our retreat this semester was the winter day of Fun and next is the Series of Fortunate Events.
                    ii. Marisa Totino (OSLCD): Father McShane donated breakfast for him and six people for the auction.
                   iii. Excited for the Auction. We are close to an Under the Tent Theme.
                   iv.    Also, closer to getting International Students permanent mailboxes. However, we are having a hardtime
                        working with Custodial. We are releasing the form in February and the boxes will be available in March.
                    v. There has been board turnover, but Finley is going well in filling seats and now there is a full BCH board.
         d. CAB (Kathleen Biemer)
                     i. Spring Weekend Planning underway. Artist signed for Spring Weekend. Campus Moviefest is also coming
          ii. We are choosing next year’s President by the end of February. Applications for the rest of E-Board are
              going out especially since more than half of the E-board is graduating.
         iii. Dean Rodger: The Spring Weekend Artist is a secret till officially announced.
         iv. Kathleen Biemer: Yes. I’d be happy to chat with people on The Ram. The artist chosen is based on
              availability and the survey sent out to student. The artist also has to fit university standards.
          v. Dean Rodgers: Are the survey results secret?
         vi. Kathleen Biemer: Yes. I would like to tell, but I can’t.
e.   Student Life
           i. Dean Rodgers: Adam suggested receiving updates from the student life areas as well.
          ii. Residential Life (Greer Jason)
                   1) There was a 2 am water main break in Loscert. Crews couldn’t fix break, so they shut off water
                         to Loscert, South, Martyrs and CSC. The water was restored at 1pm. 9:30am to 1:00pm was
                         the longest period that students went without water. We were able to communicate with
                         residents this morning and we thank facilities.
                   2) We are transitioning from the Banner program to Starres. We will be better able to manage
                         housing operations and eventually make a completely online housing lottery. This year we will
                         use pieces of the new program, but the full program will not be used till next year. There will be
                         focus groups by RHA members and we want this to be as student driven as possible. The system
                         will be tested in mid to late February.
                   3) Finally Fordham is participating in Recycle Mania. This is a competition with other schools to see
                         who recycles the most. It is beginning in early February.
                   4) Marisela Sigona (RHA): Does custodial put all of the recycling and trash together into one
                   5) Greer Jason: Custodial sorts after based on the bag. If students don’t recycle properly, custodial
                         does not sort it, so it is important students pay attention.
         iii. Office of Multicultural Affairs (Sofia Bautista-Pertuz)
                   1) Today we are having the first sustained Dialogue called I Have a Dream Act. We took 16
                         students on the Diversity Peer Educators retreat. We have new initiatives such as a newsletter
                         and a revamped website. Also, working on LGBTQ training for both campuses.
                   2) Dean Rodgers: 90 people have been trained. It is a five-hour training?
                   3) Sofia Bautista-Pertuz: It is long, but people find it valuable.
                   4) Dean Rodgers: The training is not simply for people who are interested or want to support the
                         initiative. It provides valuable skills training and knowledge.
                   5) Sofia Bautista-Pertuz (OMA): The names of the people who have received training will be in the
                         next newsletter and on the website.
         iv. Office of Student Leadership and Community Development (Alanna Nolan)
                   1) NSO for transfer student huge increase in attendance. There was an IT session and participation
                         by the Academic Deans. Sabrena created a Commuter Program session. There was also a
                         welcome back dinner, but the weather forced us to cancel excursions. The panel went well.
                   2) Leadership Weekend is this weekend. It is student driven and Scott, the Graduate Student
                         Intern, runs it. Students also run FUEL. There is a leadership conference Saturday first Sat. in
                         February and the OSLCD is covering the cost.
                   3) The Assistant Director of Programming position is filled. There were 3 on campus interviews
                         and there were a large turnout of students on the committee to interview them. The student
                         feedback was appreciated. Jennifer Lackey starts on February 7th.
                   4) Sara Kugel (USG): Can we enhance orientation for international students?
                   5) Alanna Nolan: Need to discuss with the four New Student Orientation Coordinators.
                   6) Greer Jason (Residential Life): It is a challenge from the Student Life perspective. We are using
                         an online form to make housing placements more equitable. We are now email pdfs to
                         international students as well. We requested housing for students for on Friday night and
                         Saturday night so students have a place to go after international orientation.
                   7) Dean Rodgers: Student government should suggest to specific things to do and sooner rather
                         than later. Also, don’t stop at big setbacks.
          v. Office of Substance Abuse Prevention and Support (Claudia Marin-Andrade)
                   1) The program was an online course implemented last year for the incoming freshmen
                         has been completed by 98% of the incoming freshmen. 2% of the incoming freshmen are in the
                         process of finishing and we are trying to reach out to mid-year freshmen.
                   2) The Core Survey is going out in March. AODE has transitioned into OSSAPS except at Lincoln
                         Center. There is a continued increase in referrals. We are reworking to give students the help
                         they need. We are building more groups in the office. Peer Education training is the first
                         weekend in February. There is a lower number of peer educators getting changed, but they are
                         self-selected and not nominated. LC Party is like Peer Educators at LC we are trying to create a
                         cohesive group on both campuses.
         vi. Intoxicated Students Transported in December
                               1)   Dean Rodgers: Here is the tally of student transports: In the fall semester 35 students refused
                                   medical treatment. 77 students were transported to the hospital. December there were 9
                                   students transported, which is the same as 2009. In November 9 students were transported an
                                   in October there were 35 students transported. The Liquor Law Violations come out soon and
                                   we don’t want to be the winner among New York City Schools.
                      vii. Other Business
                               1) Dean Rodgers: There should be a Facebook site for Student Life Council and people can give
                               2) Adam Remiszewski: Motion to go home.
In attendance…
             a.   Greer Jason (Residence Life)
             b.   Amy Harper (Residence Life)
             c.   Claudia Marin-Andrade (Judicial Affairs)
             d.   Jonathan Roque (CSA)
             e.   Kathleen Biemer (CAB)
             f.   Marisa Totino (OSLCD)
             g.   Sabrena O’Keefe (OSCLD)
             h.   Alanna Nolan (OSCLD)
             i.   Vicki Spicer (OSLCD)
             j.   Christopher Rodgers (OSLCD)
             k.   Justin Wright (Residence Life)
             l.   Sofia Bautista-Pertuz (OMA)
             m.   Bobby Skoda (USG)
             n.   Adam Remiszewski (USG)
             o.   Bryan Matis (USG)
             p.   Caitlin Meyer (USG) (and proxy: Mr. Urban)
             q.   Marisela Sigona (RHA)
             r.   Jake Braithwaite (RHA)
             s.   Sara Kugel (USG)
             t.   Cassie Sklarz (Residence Life)
             u.   About 13 in gallery

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