Hermit crabs in corporate by drsranganathan


									Hermit crabs can easily alleviate the corporate employees from their chronic concern
pertaining to job change. All most all employees face the jig-saw of whether to change
the job or continue in the same corporate.

When promotion was not given, the increment and incentive were not so attractive or
due respect is not there in the organization, employees in most corporate may
vigorously try to move to other companies. They get to know of the possible vacancies
elsewhere, modify their curriculum vitae to make it so attractive and suitable for the
post and then follow up the developments with job consultants etc.

Once they get selected, they become ‘hamlet’ oscillates between ‘to be or not to be’.
They possibly even ask to the self, whether they should wait for the next year for
promotion, good increment and incentive or leave the job now.

Other set of people in the corporate may wonder whether a job change will really give
career growth. One can easily get a complete answer to all the doubts from a simple
hermit crab.

Hermit crabs, unlike other crustacean, have a very soft abdomen which is not calcified.
To avoid the attack of the predator by taking advantage of its soft abdomen, hermit
crabs always choose to reside inside the empty shells of gastropod or sea shell or sea

The hermit crabs used to always carry the shell with them. They have to find a new and
bigger shell frequently and only then they can grow. If they remain in the same shell,
the space in the shell will certainly limit their growth. Hence they frequently change
their shell. Maximum growth possible for a hermit crab is absolutely and directly
depending upon how soon and how frequently it could find another bigger shell to

The message is clear. Those who frequently change the job will get maximum exposure
and expertise and grow well. If someone remain in the same organization will certainly
find difficulty to grow as the space available is limited.

The smartest hermit crab changes its shell regularly and grows with the least obstacle or
hindrance. The employees in the corporate should find their answer from the unique
approach of the hermit crab. If it fails to find a shell of sea snail or gastropod etc., would
die soon.

The importance of shell change and its implications are well known to the hermit crabs.
These groups of animals are considered very primitive and primordial. Employees
should remember that frequent job change is inevitable for growth. But they should
choose bigger corporate where the career growth and performances of the employees
are viewed with due diligence.
The hermit crabs also convey another important message to the employees those who
prefer to remain in the same corporate. For shell change, the hermit crabs follow
‘vacancy chains’. The biggest crab when it shifts to the next one, its shell become empty
and the next in the order would occupy it. Next in the order will use the previous one
and the process would continue. Here, the chance of the hermit crabs finding a shell
depends on how soon the biggest crab gets a new shell. The same situation would
happen in the corporate also. Only when the senior most people get promotion, the
person next to him can move upward. That would create limited scope for growth and
not the ability, only the availability of a shell becomes the key criteria for ones growth.

The question is whether the employees should prefer to stay in the queue and follow
the ‘vacancy chains’ or becomes discoverers in finding new ‘shells’ elsewhere and grow,
certainly a hermit crab cannot answer.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd.

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