Password Protect and Back Up a Folder in Windows XP

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					Password Protect and Back Up a Folder in Windows XP
This process can be used to password protect a folder. Common usage would be to back up folders to a shared drive that is accessible to other individuals and you don’t want the contents of the folder viewable by others. Files and folders should be backed up periodically. Files and folders can be backed up to a cd-r or to a shared drive. If you backup to the H drive at Cal Poly you are limited to 50 MB of data. In this example you will back up the entire contents of your My Document folder. It is recommended that you back up your entire My Document folder. It would be a shame if something happened to your hard drive and you lost all of your data. If you are using a computer that is in Active Directory then your My Documents folder is automatically backed up. Check with your computer specialist or LAN coordinator to find out if you are in Active Directory. As part of your back up strategy you may want to consider backing up your old files to a CD-R then deleting them off of your hard drive. You should use the following process only for files that are critical. If your Outlook Local Message Store is located in your My Documents folder it should also be backed up. You may want to burn all of your music and pictures to CD-Rs so that they are not backed up to a file server.

1) Right click on your My Documents folder.

2) Left click on Properties

ITS, Service Desk Author: David Blakely

Password Protect a Folder in WinXP Revised March 27, 2006

3) Click on Find Target

4) Right click My Documents 5) Left click Send To 6) Left click Compressed (zipped) Folder 7) The compressed folder will now be created. Depending on the size of the folder this could take a long time.


8) My sure the folder My is highlighted 9) Click Move this file

10) Select Desktop 11) Click Move

12) The file will move 13) After the file moves close all open windows


14) Double click on the My folder to open it

15) Go to File on the main menu 16) Select Add a Password…

17) Enter and confirm your password. Be very careful not to forget this password as you will not be able to open this file with out the password and no one will be able to open it for you without the password. The password for a password-protected compressed file is not recoverable. If you lose the password, you will be unable to access that file. 18) When done click OK

19) The password will be added to all of the files within the zipped folder.


After the file is zipped you will need to move it to your final backup location. This backup location could be anywhere you choose. You may burn this file to CD-R or place in on a department file share.
20) To move the file-Double click on the zipped file then click on Move this folder.

21) Choose your final destination for this file. If you have additional questions about this process contact the Service Desk at 756-7000.


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