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June 25_ 2012 - SpeedTrack


									                                                                                                  A Message From The Chair

                                                                                                  Another hectic year comes to an end in less than two months, and with
H e a lt h C a r e A d m i n i s t r at i o n                                                     great confidence, I can say that the Department of Health Care Admin-
                                                                                                  istration has never been a better place for faculty and staff to work, and
                                                                                                  students to receive high quality education and training. The Department
                                                                                                  is thriving with excellent undergraduate and graduate programs and rap-
                                                                                                  idly rising enrollment, while keeping the quality of our students and our
                                                                                                  education as our top priority.
                                                                               Our students are receiving awards, scholarships, nationally recognized fellowships and
                                                Long Beach

                                                                               participating in national competitions. For instance, Natalie Whitlock was awarded the
                                                                               Southern California Kaiser Fellowship for the first time in the history of CSULB. We
                                                                               sent a team to Las Vegas in Fall 2011 for the Everett V. Fox Case Competition who
                                                                               successfully competed against 22 other university teams. Last spring, the College Bowl
                                                                               team earned a second place finish at the 2011 College Bowl competition which was held
                                                                               on our beautiful campus. Dr. Erlyana is taking a group of students to Taiwan this sum-
                                                                               mer for our first study abroad course HCA 422I- Global Health Issues.
                                                                               The health care industry is thriving as new jobs continue to develop and substantial
                                                California State University,

                                                                               government funding continues to channel into health care. Even with the state budget
                                                                               cuts and declining revenues from the CSU system, our programs continue to grow.
                                                                               The opportunities emerging in Health Care make our programs very appealing to stu-
                                                                               dents. Student enrollment has doubled over the past five years, with the Accelerated
                                                                               Master’s program becoming highly competitive. The Department of HCA may have
                                                                               future opportunities to expand globally and to partner with other majors and disciplines
                                                                               providing exciting new student learning opportunities.
                                                                               I am proud of the accomplishments of our graduates, some of which are presented in the
                                                                               Alumni News section of the newsletter. I consider myself very lucky to work with many
                                                                               enthusiastic, intellectual, curious, and culturally and ethnically diverse faculty, staff, and
                                                                               students. Making a difference in people’s lives inspires me every day, and I believe, as a
                                                                               team, we are succeeding in training health care administration students with the highest
                                                                               quality of education we can achieve under difficult budget conditions. I wish
                                                                               you all a great summer.
                                                                               Go Beach!
                                                                               Tony Sinay, Ph.D.
                                                                               To learn more about Dr. Sinay visit:

                                                                                   Volume 7, Issue 1                                          Spring 2012

                                                                                In this issue:                                       In this issue:
                                                                                SpeedTrack Donation           2                      Alumni Network                7
                                                                                Dr. Richard Tradewell         3                      Alumni News                   8
                                                                                Student Awards                4                      Advisory Board                9
                                                                                Student Updates               5
                                                                                                                                     College Bowl & Case           10
                                                                                Study Abroad                  6                      Competition

                                                                                                                      HCA Spring
                                              H C A   S p r i n g

                              SpeedTrack Donation
Returning Graduate                                                      SpeedTrack’s Director of Strategy, Jeff Pratt,
                                                                        introduced their Guided Information Access (GIA)
Facilitates Access to
                                                                        platform for the OSHPD data to my graduate Strategic
Cutting Edge Technology                                                 Planning and Marketing class (HCA 530) this February.
                                                                        Students found that SpeedTrack has a very user-
Tim Ogata, 1986 MSHCA Graduate
                                                                        friendly interactive software program for use of
Health Care Administration Department instructors are                   OSHPD data. The energy and enthusiasm from the
constantly looking for ways to foster critical thinking                 class was tremendous – it was wonderful to see so
and engage students in the problem solving process.                     much excitement among a diverse group of students.
They also need to be able to access and analyze data
well. A commonly used and publicly available data                       “Our cause is to liberate data and enable non-technical
source for hospitals is the California State Office of                  people to freely explore and discover information
Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD).                      locked in large, complex databases,” said Jeff Pratt.
The OSHPD data contains information for each                            Thanks to SpeedTrack’s generous in-kind donation,
inpatient, emergency room and outpatient record for                     Health Care Administration students and faculty have
every licensed hospital in the state each year.                         access to a highly sophisticated yet easy to use tool for
                                                                        analyzing California hospital data (See http://
The OSHPD data set provides a wealth of information                     for     more
for HCA students and faculty. The problem is that                       information). The software will be offered to faculty
there is so much data (over 16 million records added                    teaching other courses in the coming academic year.
each year on average) that it is extremely difficult to
grasp the totality of the information and gain
                                                                        Janice Frates, Ph.D., Professor
understanding of what is meaningful.
                                                                            CSULB Students to
Enter Tim Ogata (pictured above), a 1986 graduate of                       compete in Academic
CSULB’s Master’s program in Health Care                                           Bowl
Administration.     Since graduation, Tim has held
executive positions with University of California Irvine                The 2012 College Bowl presented by Health Care
Health System, Kaiser Permanente Health Plan, Kaiser                    Executives (HCE) of Southern California was held at
                                                                        UCLA on April 20th. The bowl will bring together six
Foundation Hospitals and now manages TakeCare Asia,
                                                                        teams of health administration students from across
a health plan headquartered in Guam. Last fall, Tim                     Southern California. The 2012 College Bowl team
contacted me through the HCA Alumni Network with a                      consists of Eric Montion, Vi Tran, and Natalie
proposal regarding SpeedTrack, a tech company that he                   Whitlock (Traditional MSHCA Students).
was advising.       He offered to donate access to
                                                                        The College Bowl team is given a healthcare scenario
SpeedTrack’s technology that makes analyzing the
                                                                        involving the various areas of concentration of health
information in the OSHPD data “fun and rewarding” –                     care administration curriculum including strategic
two words that are typically not associated with                        planning, process improvement, financial analysis, and
performing research on the OSHPD data. After seeing a                   much more. Each team is given the case two weeks
demonstration, several HCA faculty expressed interest                   before the competition and must develop and present a
in having access to the SpeedTrack software system for                  series of solutions to improve the healthcare
their teaching and student research projects.                           organization struggling in the case scenario.

                                                                                                                          HCA Spring
                                                H C A   S p r i n g

                              Dr. Richard Tradewell

                  A transplant from tiny Lake                             California and other companies kept us busy. I later
                  Oswego, Oregon (population                              worked as hospital administrator for a psychiatric
                  3,000), I finished undergraduate                        hospital and as a behavioral health product manager
                  college at CSUF and immediately                         with Travelers Health Network.
                  went into combat of two very
                  different varieties. First, I served                    In 1989, my 19 year old son, Rob, had a traumatic brain
                  as an elementary school teacher                         injury that made it impossible to travel or work
working at Graham Avenue school in the heart of                           corporate hours. I went back to school at Claremont
Watts. Second, my Oregon draft board decided to                           Graduate University and completed my MBA and later
conscript me out of that job to serve the War in                          my Ph.D. My dissertation was a financial analysis of
Vietnam. Both of these experiences shaped my later                        547 school districts (all districts with over 1,000 pupils)
life.                                                                     focusing on use of teachers in the classroom. I found
                                                                          wide discrepancies in school district performance
   After ten months of combat with the U.S. Army 9th                    efficiency, making me a great believer in parental
     Infantry Division in the Mekong Delta, I had                         school choice and competition.
     imbedded into my consciousness the utter futility of
     attempting to micromanage the affairs of the world                   I really recommend that students expose themselves to
     - something we did not learn in Iraq or Afghanistan.                 a variety of work experiences. I learned in the school of
     Little has changed.                                                  hard knocks of the 80 hour work week and commitment
                                                                          to poverty and debt that accompany many
   Graham Ave. school routinely graduated non–                          entrepreneurial start-ups, including mine. I learned the
     readers into junior high school. Today it would be                   waste and inefficiency involved in civil service
     called a failing school. There are many of them.                  
                                                                          employment. I learned the stressful life and high pay
     Again, little has really changed in 40 years.                        enjoyed by executives in Fortune 500 corporations.
                                                                          There is a little of everything in a health care services
Desiring to avoid another full time stint in another                      career.
dysfunctional LA school, I qualified for a graduate
fellowship in Comprehensive Health Planning at U.S.C.                     The work experiences have informed my teaching. I
This paid tuition plus a small stipend which allowed me                   have      taught  economics,      marketing,     hospital
to complete an MPA degree and to enter the Los                            management, organizational theory, global health, and
Angeles County Chief Admin Office management                              both introductory classes, 202 and 402. I also taught the
training program. I had nearly ten years with the                         Public Policy Seminar class for Public Policy and
County, being promoted every year during my tenure. I                     Administration. I would love to see a quality health
had interesting jobs, including Director of the Alcohol                   policy program at HCA. My doctoral studies introduced
and Drug Program Office. However, I disliked both the                     me to countless examples of alleged market failures that
bureaucracy and organizational politics and decided I                     were replaced by government failures. Health care is a
did not want to stay.                                                     rich example of this pattern, with the PPACA being the
                                                                          latest in a long history of reforming bad policy by
That last alcohol/drug assignment led me to form                          making it worse. There is opportunity for contribution
HelpNet, Inc. - a small company that contracted with                      in this field.
corporations to reduce behavioral health costs. We
would install Employee Assistance Programs, train
supervisors, and give all employees free access to brief
therapy (6 visits) with our contracted network of 200
therapists. Our contract with Certified Grocers of

                                                                                                                        HCA Spring
                                              H C A   S p r i n g

                                  Student Awards
Ronald E. McNair Program                                                administrators we work to do what is in best interest for
By Marlene Luna                                                         the patients. We might not be operating or saving lives,
The McNair Scholars Program,                                            but we are making sure that everything runs smoothly
named after the late Dr.                                                and that there are sufficient funds to provide services to
Ronald E. McNair, is a                                                  those in need.
federal TRIO program. The
program is funded at 156                                                Southern California Kaiser Fellowship
institutions across the United                                          Natalie Whitlock a Health Care Administration
States and Puerto Rico by                                               graduate student at California State University, Long
the U.S. Department of                                                  Beach (CSULB), has become the first CSULB student
Education. It is designed to                                            to receive the Southern California Kaiser Fellowship.
increase the number of students from underrepresented
segments of society and disadvantaged backgrounds                       Natalie will start the 24-month,
who have demonstrated strong, academic potential to                     postgraduate fellowship in July in
go on to graduate study.                                                San Diego. The fellowship consists
                                                                        of three rotations; the first two
The CSULB McNair Scholars Program prepares                              rotations are in a medical center or
students for doctoral studies by working close with                     medical office and the final rotation
them through their undergraduate requirements,                          is at Kaiser’s regional offices.
encouraging their entrance into graduate programs and
tracking their progress to successful completion of                     According to Kaiser Permanente,
advanced degrees. While in the program students                         The fellowship is structured to
research a particular subject of their interest. After                  maximize the learning opportunities for fellows as well
research is completed, students present their findings                  as to support the operational needs of the organization.
and later publish them.                                                 The goals of the fellowship program are to:
                                                                          Identify promising candidates for management and
My name is Marlene Luna. I am a first generation                            future leadership positions within Kaiser
Latina student. As a McNair scholar I researched how                        Permanente.
the intervention program Hablando Claro influenced
Latina intergenerational female family dyads'                              Provide fellows with an educational and "hands-on"
communication and communication comfort about sex,                           experience that will contribute to their professional
STIs, HIV/AIDS, pregnancy, and condom use. In                                development, as well as to their understanding of
addition I also studied how the intervention influenced                      Kaiser Permanente.
their intention to test for HIV and use condoms. My                        Foster an environment that promotes and nurtures
mentor was Dr. Britt Rios-Ellis from the Health Science                      the development of future health services leaders.
department. After graduating this spring, I plan to
pursue a Masters in Public Health followed by a                            Create opportunities to enhance skills in project
Masters in Business Administration. After achieving                          development, strategic implementation, and
both of my masters I hope to be able to accomplish my                        operations management.
goal of opening a clinic.
                                                                        Natalie has worked at various recovery centers for over
Majoring in Health Care Administration will help me                     five years as a utilization review director, quality
achieve my goal of someday being able to open a clinic                  coordinator and medication administrator. She earned
in Los Angeles that provides free services to young                     her bachelor’s degree Cum Laude in Psychology from
adults. In addition what I like the most about Health                   CSULB where she worked as a research assistant with
Care Administration is that, as health care                             Dr. William Kelemen on a nicotine study.

                                                                                                                                       HCA Spring
                                                  H C A   S p r i n g

                                       Student Updates
STUDY ABROAD - Argentina                                                    that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So
                                                                            throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor.
As a student of Dr. Brenda Freshman, I will never forget her                Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream.
lesson regarding Locus of Control, “You are in charge                       Discover.”        Cynthia Vuguin
of your own destiny.” Being a full time student for 3
years at CSULB and working for 3 years at a pediatric
dental office, the routine wasn’t fulfilling anymore. I
was tired of the same responsibilities, the same campus
and the same environment. After months of planning, I
jumped on a plane to study abroad in Buenos Aires,
Argentina for 6 months during Fall 2011.
                                                                                                    A friend from Buenos Aires University and
 This experience reached beyond my expectations of                                                  Cynthia hiking the glaciers of El Calafate, Ar-
                                                                                                    gentina in November 2011]
studying abroad. I studied at a private university and
completed 4 courses to complete my minor in Spanish.
I lived with a Argentine family where I learned about
the culture. Tango dancing was sensual, “yerba mate”                        Harshad Hapse
tea was delicious, the architecture was identical to that                   I am Harshad Hapse from India with a background in
of Europe, politics were intense and the language was                       Pharmacy. I always wanted to be in Healthcare, but
beautiful. My new daily routine for 6 months was an                         I realized during
amazing journey.                                                            my       Pharmacy
                                                                            school that I am
Unlike the United States healthcare system, Argentina                       more of a man-
offers a free health care system. Public medical facili-                    agement person
ties will extend their services to anyone for free with-                    than a clinical
out requiring looking at your passport or bank account.                     person. After in-
                                                                            tensive research I
For this reason, immigration from Paraguay, Uruguay
                                                                            decided to be a
and Bolivia has sky rocketed. On another note, Argen-                       part of the MHA
tina offers private hospitals for patients with higher                      program in CSULB. This degree has really helped me
income or those insured by an employer. Regardless, a                       understand the U.S Healthcare system and the role of
patient with or without a “peso” in their pocket will not                   healthcare administrators. This program is better than
be turned away when entering the emergency room.                            the MBA program because it focuses on healthcare
                                                                            and business. The department has really experienced
As I tell my story today, my friends tell me how lucky                      faculty with a lot of community involvement. Through
I am and how they would love to study abroad. Schol-                        the internship class, I got opportunities to intern at a
arships, financial aid, CSULB Study Abroad office and                       few places. This has given me hands on experience and
                                                                            helped me to narrow down my interests.               The
our counselors/professors are available for support. I
                                                                            Healthcare quality class really helped me understand
am getting accustomed to living in California again,                        the tools and applications in healthcare facilities which
searching for a new job and feeling “homesick” for my                       have helped me get a job in Quality/ Performance Im-
host family in Argentina. My decision to pack my bags                       provement in a hospital. This field is really interesting
and study abroad is definitely the best decision I have                     with many opportunities and a lot is needed to be done
ever made. As Mark Twain once said, “Twenty years                           to fix our healthcare system.
from now you will be more disappointed by the things

                                                                                              HCA Spring
                                          H C A   S p r i n g

         Taiwan Study Abroad—HCA 4221
Session I: June 25, 2012 – July 13, 2012
Topics Covered:
    Taiwan Health Service Delivery System
    Taiwan National Health Services
    Financing and Health Insurance Payment
    Hospital Accreditation by Governmental Entities
    Hospital Management
    HIMS – Hospital Information Systems
    Traditional Chinese Medicine
    Hospital Tours
    Long Term Care and NHI Reform

Sites Visited & Site Seeing:
    China Medical University Hospital Visit
    China Medical University Hospital Management
    National Health Insurance Bureau
    Center for Disease Control
    Department of Health
    Traditional Chinese Herbal Drug Manufacturing
    City of Nan-Tou (Natural Scenery)
    Night Markets
    Acupuncture & Cupping
    Multiple Days in Taipei

Total Cost (Estimate):               Airfare                          $1,400
                               CSULB Tuition                          $822*
                               Medical Insurance                $60
All accommodation is included from CSULB tuition. Morning meals will be provided. Student is
responsible for other meals and other personal expenses.

*Based on 3-unit course –tuition needs to be paid to by April 6, 2012 to reserve your spot.

                                                                                                                 HCA Spring
                                                  H C A   S p r i n g

Health Care Administration Alumni Network (HCAAN)

Events: Continuing a great partnership with Health Care Executives of Southern California (the regional chapter of the Amer-
ican College of Health Care Executives), CSULB-HCAAN worked to organize and sponsor three professional development
events in 2011.

    “Accountable Care Organizations: Rewarding Providers for Improving Quality and Controlling Costs,” featured a distin-
       guished panel of experts from COPE Health Solutions, HealthCare Partners and Peter Harbage Consulting who are
       among the pioneers in this major initiative of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, also known as
       “Obamacare” in some circles.

    Physician and nursing leaders from the Southern California Kaiser Permanente Medical Group, Orange County region,
        and the Chief Medical Informatics Officer for the Memorial Care Health System co-presented on “Electronic Medi-
        cal Records (EMRs): Healthcare’s Essential Tool of the 21st Century.” Attendees learned about “meaningful use”
        of EMRs, a topic of attention in the Department’s Information Systems courses, and EMR implementation issues
        with Kaiser’s HealthConnect EMR in Orange County.

    “Use of Social Media and Online Networking: From Business Development to Career Development” was a seminar on
        social media as it can be used in health care business development, marketing, promotions and communications –
        as well as for career development and managing personal and organizational reputations. Panelists for this session
        included senior hospital executives and consultants/authors who manage and monitor the use of social media for
        outreach, education and social networking activities for a diverse range of health care organizations.

Community Service: A new activity during the past year for HCAAN has been involvement in volunteer service activities
such as cooking and serving food to the homeless clients of the Long Beach Rescue Mission. Plans are underway to sponsor
a movie night for families residing at the Ronald McDonald House whose children receive care at Miller Children’s Hospi-
tal on the Long Beach Memorial Medical Center campus. Contact HCAAN Secretary Tina Thuch,, to
learn more and participate.

Mentor Program: Responding to keen student interest in working with alumni mentors in many different health care indus-
try sectors, the HCAAN mentorship Committee expanded its efforts to recruit and match students with practitioners who
provide career preparation advice and assistance in person, by phone or through electronic communication. Being a mentor
offers HCA alums an opportunity to share with students what they have learned through experience in a way that works best
for them. Students have found the experience so valuable that finding a mentor is now a requirement for those enrolled in
the internship course (which is mandatory for undergraduates and an increasingly popular elective with graduate students).
With the tremendous recent growth in the HCA Department’s undergraduate enrollment and the economic downturn, men-
tors are more important than ever!

Leadership Opportunities, Connections and Communication: The HCAAN leadership team welcomes new members,
and will elect new officers in summer 2012. The team meets the second Thursday of each month for phone conference calls
and a quarterly in-person meeting. Email to learn more about joining!

Alums connect and communicate with each other through the CSULB Health Care Administration Alumni Network Group
on LinkedIn , as friends on a Facebook group (CSU Long Beach Health Care Administration Alumni Network) and
in-person at HCAAN professional networking events, informal social mixers
and community service activities. Use these tools to learn about your class-
mates and share news about yourself – and help job recruiters learn about you!

The HCA Department shares news of jobs from alumni through the HCA
alumni listserve. Be sure that Administrative Coordinator Deby McGill has
your updated contact information and share news of openings within your or-

HCAAN Social (l-r) (the late) George Pressler, Christina Thielst, John Seroka,
Tom Dougherty and Danielle Roby

                                                                                         HCA Spring
                                 H C A   S p r i n g

                          Alumni News

Ardel Avelino (MS-AP, 2008) is Director
                                                           Steve Nguyen (MS, 1996) is Director of
of Quality Management at St. Mary
                                                           Customer Support, VA Office of IT,
Medical Center Long Beach
                                                           Desert Pacific Region

Paul Biagan (BS, 2002) is Marketing
Compliance Manager at CareMore
                                                           Jan Paolo Ocampo (BS, 2009), Research
Health Plan
                                                           Administrative Assistant, UC Irvine,
                                                           School Of Medicine-Dean's Office
Rick Desai (MS, 2000) is Chief Managed
Care Officer, USC Health System
                                                           Yvonne Rockwood (MS-AP, 2008) is
                                                           Chief Operating Officer, Kaiser South
Eric Haden (BS, 1998) is Regional                          Bay Medical Center
Medicaid Market Head, Aetna Health
Plan, Greater Nashville area
                                                           Janice Simon (BS, 2002) is a Senior
                                                           Business Analyst at Prescription
Roseanna Lam (BS, 2007) is a                               Solutions
Compliance Auditor at MES Vision
                                                           Leslie Soriano-Castelo (BS, 2002) is
                                                           Business Development/Physician
                                                           Relations Manager, Placentia-Linda
 David Le (BS, 2006) is a Clinical
 Information Systems Analyst,
 HealthCare Partners
                                                           Laura Schatz-Tillar (BS, 1998; MS,
                                                           2003) is Human Resources Manager at
 Deborah Ludke (MS-AP, 2009) is
                                                           The Guidance Center, Long Beach.
 Administrative Officer, Advanced
 Fellowships & Professional
 Development, VHA Office of
 Academic Affiliations
                                                           Dinah Tomas (BS, 2006) is Provider
                                                           Relations Project Coordinator,
 Ryan Meissner (MS-AP, 2009), is
                                                           Monarch Health Care
 Account Executive/Underwriter at
 Burnham Benefits Insurance Services

                                                            Gordana Vukotich (MS-AP, 2006) is
 Diana Ngo (BS, 2006) is Marketing                          IPA Administrator, Advanced Medical
 Supervisor at Nautilus Healthcare                          Management
 Management Group

                                                                                                                          HCA Spring
                                                H C A   S p r i n g

                                      Advisory Board
                     Timothy C. Schwab, M.D.,                             oped a scholarship program for HCA students during
                     F.A.C.P., M.H.A.                                     this time and has had a number of employees graduate
                                                                          from the program.
                     Chief Medical Officer, SCAN
                     Health Plan                                                               Randy Stone, Chief Financial
                                                                                               Officer of SCAN Health Plan
                       Dr. Schwab sets all of the SCAN                                         In this role Mr. Stone has the
                       medical policies and is responsible                                     responsibility for finance, risk
for strategic initiatives designed to enhance the health                                       management, workplace services
care experience for members. He manages pharmacy                                               and actuarial services.
and medical informatics, and oversees the medical di-
rectors within SCAN and the organization’s contract-                                           Mr. Stone's career has spanned
ing medical providers. He served as site director in the                                       over 30 years in the health care
Social HMO demonstration project activities and par-                      industry. Prior to joining SCAN in 2011, Mr. Stone
ticipated in development and implementation activities                    served for nine years as chief financial officer of L.A.
of 2nd generation Social HMO sites until the end of the                   Care Health Plan in Los Angeles, the largest public
demonstration in 2007.                                                    healthcare agency in the U.S. servicing 850,000 low-
                                                                          income members and generating revenues exceeding
Prior to joining SCAN Health Plan, Dr. Schwab served                      $1 billion.
as Medical Director of Physicians of Greater Long
Beach, an independent physicians association. He also                     Before that he served as senior vice president and chief
practiced internal medicine for 10 years as a Partner                     financial officer of UniMed Management Company, a
with Harriman Jones Medical Group based in Long                           physician practice company consisting of seven sepa-
Beach, California.                                                        rate medical groups servicing nearly 500,000 commer-
                                                                          cial and senior individuals. Prior to UniMed, he held a
Dr. Schwab participates in several professional organi-                   number of senior positions at Talbert Medical Manage-
zations and formerly served as President for both the                     ment Co. and FHP International, Inc.
California and the Long Beach Societies of Internal
Medicine. Dr. Schwab serves on the California                             Mr. Stone has been involved with the HCA department
Olmstead Committee; was a delegate to the 2005                            since the early 1990's. He has been a presenter at the
White House Conference on Aging; and has played an                        Health Administration conference, as well as a speaker
active role in several committees of the American Soci-                   at a number of student classroom discussions. Mr.
ety of Internal Medicine and the American College of                      Stone is an alumnus of California State University,
Physicians.                                                               Long Beach earning both an MBA in accounting/
                                                                          finance and a bachelor's degree in business manage-
Dr. Schwab received a Doctor of Medicine from the
                                                                          ment and accounting.
University of Colorado and completed his residency in
internal medicine at St. Mary Medical Center, part of
the UCLA system, in Long Beach. He holds a Mas-                                    DR.	GRACE	REYNOLDS	
ter’s Degree in health administration from the Univer-                                                 
sity of La Verne and a Bachelor of Science degree                         Dr. Grace Reynolds won the Early Academic Career
from Colorado State University.
                                                                          Excellence Award . The award recognizes the out-
Dr. Schwab has been involved with CSULB since the                         standing and extraordinary academic and professional
late 1990s as a member of the Center for Health Care                      achievements of faculty members who are at the early
Innovation and the HCA Department Advisory Boards                         stages of their career and who have made major contri-
and as a guest lecturer on managed care. SCAN devel-                      bution to the profession and university.

       HCA Spring

  Department of Health
                                                      COLLEGE	BOWL	
  Care Administration                                                                2011 
  California State
  University, Long Beach
  1250 Bellflower                     The 2011 college bowl was put on by the Health Care Executives of Southern California
  Boulevard                           and hosted by CSULB. Healthcare Administration students from UCLA, USC, Loma
  Long Beach, CA 90840                Linda, CSU San Bernardino, CSU Northridge, and CSU Long Beach competed in the
  -4903                               competition. The teams were given two weeks to develop a five year strategic plan to turn
                                      around a small community hospital. An executive summary was submitted along with a 15
  Office Hours                        minute presentation followed by a 5 minute question and answer session. A panel of judges
  Monday through                      consisted of several local hospital executives.
  Friday                              The competition was a great opportunity to meet
  9:00 am - 1:00 pm &                 fellow HCA students from other programs as well as
  2:00 pm - 6:00 pm                   network with the local executives. While the
                                      competitive spirit was certainly there, the atmosphere
                                      remained fun. For students, it was an excellent
                                      experience to see real world decisions made by
    Tel: 562-985-5694                 executives.
    Fax: 532-985-5886                 This year’s team took second place in the
          E-mail:                     competition. The 2011 College bowl team consisted                    of Brian Gorrill, Tanya Ho, and Michelle Rodriguez
                                      (Cohort 7)
                                      Photo: L to R : Dr. Tony Sinay, Tanya Ho, Michelle Rodriguez
                                      and Brian Gorrill.

        We are on the web
         departments/hca/                     Everett V. Fox Case Competition

                                        Last October, three of our Healthcare              The three of us thoroughly enjoyed the
The Department of                       Administration graduate students                   experience and the networking
Health Care Administra-                 participated in the 16th Annual Everett            opportunities presented at a
tion has relocated to the               V. Fox Case Competition, held                      concurrent National Association of
HHS2 building. Our                      n Henderson, Nevada. The CSULB                     Health Services Executives' conference.
main office is in HHS2-                 team, comprised of Vi Tran, Michele                We got a chance to network with
118. You can find the                   Rodriguez and Aamir Farooq, was one                national organizations and our fellow
department chair, Dr.                   of 22 teams competing from across the              Master's-level students, have our
                                        country. These teams were asked to                 resumes reviewed, and listen to lectures
Tony Sinay, the admin-
                                        deliver a 20-minute oral presentation              given by esteemed healthcare
istration coordinator,
                                        on how a patient-centered medical                  professionals. We even had a little fun...
Deby McGill and the                     home could improve the delivery of
Accelerated Program                     diabetic care to a patient population in
Coordinator, Natalie                    Birmingham, Alabama. Students were
Whitehouse-Capuano in                   evaluated on innovative ideas and the
the main office. Full-                  financial feasibility of their models. Our
time faculty can be found               CSULB team worked tirelessly in
in the FOA offices locat-               rehearsing and refining the
ed adjacent to the HHS1


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