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					                                      Energy Efficient Products

The extra amount of energy consumption has now become the acute problem of lighting industry. Now
the solution is SSL or Solid-state Lighting product. This product uses the organic light-emitting diodes
(OLEDs), polymer light-emitting diodes (PLEDs) or LEDs or semiconductor light-emitting diodes for
illumination instead of electrical plasma or gas.

                                    These LED lights have different features like low energy
                                    consumption, potential long and compact form compared to the
                                    traditional lighting sources. In this article, you will get the full details
                                    here about some LED lights and their features.

                                    LED lamps are built in standard bulb shapes like, Edison screw, base,
                                    and an MR16 shape with a bi-pin base etc. It also includes circuitries
                                    which modify the AC power in LED usable level. Now the MR16 is
                                    known for all due to its energy efficient quality.

                                    MR16 refers to the light bulb of multifaceted reflector where 16
represent the diameter of the bulb. It’s a specific format of halogen bulbs. Now various companies are
manufacturing these MR16 bulbs. At first these bulbs were only used in projectors but in recent time
these are also used in home lightings and retail lightings.

This energy efficient MR16 bulb provides different advantages than the standard lamps with equivalent
power ratings. They are compact in size, offer better beam control and provide a white smoothing light.

Easily Green is an energy efficiency consultancy company which provides the way to save money for the
business through lower energy consumption. Easily Green’s range of products is a standard T12, T10 and
T8 fluorescent tube substitution, Philips MR16 Down light - A Dimmable substitute for Halogen Down
lights, Eco bulb Compact Fluorescent Down light - A
Halogen Down light Replacement.

These products are very much energy efficient
offers immediate cost savings and also have a
longer lifespan. Easily Green is not only an energy
efficiency consulting company it also pays attention
to the environment.

Eco-friendliness is another preference of this
company and all these done in a very easy way as
the name suggests.

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