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									                                                                                                                                                       Assessment Recommendations
                  Number of                                    BP Tool                       AR                           Primary        Primary       Primary        Secondary Secondary      Secondary     Tertiary     Tertiary   Tertiary   Quaternary   Quaternary   Quaternary Implementat
AR Number                          ARC Code      APP Code                    AR Name                     AR Author                                                                                                                                                                               Other Cost   Incremental
                   Pages                                        Used                      Description                     Savings        Savings          Cost         Savings      Savings       Cost       Savings      Savings     Cost       Savings      Savings       Cost       ion Cost
      #                             chip bags prior to disposal and None
                            Compact 3.1161    Process Support               This will lower the          Insert Name dministrative CostsQuantity
                                                                    removal.Waste Compactor number of trash pickups required, reducing associated annual costs by $4,027. Consumption -978
                                                                                                                                             0         Savings          Source
                                                                                                                                                         4,691 Electrical           Quantity    Savings Electrical Demand Quantity
                                                                                                                                                                                                   -71       Source         -123     Savings
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       -593      Source
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    0         Quantity
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 0         Savings
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              0         14,500                     N

              Resource Streams
Source Name Source Code               Units
   Electrical   EC                 kWh (site)
   Electrical   ED                kW Months /
     Other      EF                  no yr
 Natural Fees
ElectricalGas   E2                  MMBtu
     L.P.G.     E3                  MMBtu
  #1 Fuel Oil   E4                  MMBtu
  #2 Fuel Oil   E5                  MMBtu
  #4 Fuel Oil   E6                  MMBtu
  #6 Fuel Oil   E7                  MMBtu
      Coal      E8                  MMBtu
     Wood       E9                  MMBtu
     Paper     E10                  MMBtu
   Other Gas   E11                  MMBtu
Other Energy   E12                  MMBtu
     Water      W1                  Gallons
 Other Liquid   W2                  Gallons
 Other Liquid   W3                  Gallons
 Solid Waste    W4                  Pounds
 Solid Waste    W5                  Pounds
    Gaseous     W6                  Pounds
   Personnel    R1                  no units
Administrative  R2                  no units
 Primary Raw    R3                  no units
   Ancillary    R4                  no units
Material Cost
     Water      R5                  no units
   One-time     R6                  no units
    Primary     P1                  no units
  By-product    P2                  no units
  Increase in   P3                     %
              Application Codes
 Application       APP Code       Examples
Manufacturing           1         Process Heat
   Process              2         Recovery,
 Building and           3         Compressors,
Administrative          4         HVAC,
                                  Taxes, Burn
      Production Units
Display Units Rutgers Units
Not Available     Not Available
   Pieces         Pieces
   Pounds         Pounds
    Tons          Tons
    BBL           BBL
1000's Gallons    Thousand
 1000's ft./sq.   Gallons
   Bushels        Feed or

        BP Tools
 Tool Name       Tool
   None       Desciption
   AM+      AirMaster+
  CWSAT     Chilled Water
   FSAT     System
            Fan System
   MM+      Assessment
  NxEAT     4.0
            Nox and
  PHAST     Energy
   PSAT     Heating
            Pump System
   SSTS     Assessment
            Steam System
   ASD      Tool Suite
AR No. # - Waste Compactor


 Compact chip bags prior to disposal and removal. This will lower the number of trash pickups required, reducing
 associated annual costs by $4,027.

                              Assessment Recommendation Savings Summary
            Source                                  Quantity         Units                Cost Savings
              Administrative Costs                                   no units                    $4,691
              Electrical Consumption                         -978    kWh (site)                    ($71)
              Electrical Demand                              -123    kW Months / yr               ($593)
              Total                                           -0.3   MMBtu                       $4,027

                                Assessment Recommendation Cost Summary
            Description                                                      Cost           Payback
              Implementation Cost                                         $14,500              3.6

 Facility Background

 The facility currently disposes of all chip bags that did not meet quality standards. Plant personnel informed
 analysts that this waste accounts for 5 pickup loads per month. Each load has an associated weight, pickup, and
 travel cost. The chip bags are mostly air weight, but the dumpster is entirely full for every pickup.

 Technology Background

 A compactor can be used to reduce the volume of waste streams. The waste weight will remain the same so
 there will be no savings from the total amount of waste produced. However, savings will occur because waste
 volume will be reduced by approximately 80% which will decrease the number of times the dumpster will need
 to be emptied, therefore resulting in lower pick up fees. Compactors are run very infrequently and are relatively
 efficient when run, meaning the amount of energy consumed by the compactor will be low. Compactors come in
 a variety of mounting configurations, including free standing and through-the-wall types. It is at the discretion of
 facility personnel to select the compactor that will best serve the facility layout since the difference in type does
 not alter the compactor effectiveness.

Install a waste compactor to compact all chip bags prior to disposal in order to reduce the number of trash
pickups. This will reduce the overall volume of garbage produced, reducing associated trash pickups by 80%. By
reducing the number of pickups, the plant will save $4,027 annually with an implementation cost of $14,500 for
a simple payback of 3.6 years.

                             Waste compactor image courtesy Wiki Commons.

     Based on                 Author           Readability Review       Engineering Review   Math Review
 Unmodified Template       Insert Name            Insert Name              Insert Name       Insert Name
  AR No. # - Analysis

Waste Cost Analysis                                                                          Equations
Current Waste Cost                                                                           Eq. 1) Current Waste Cost (CC)
 Number of Waste Pickups                    (NC)           5 loads/mo.              (N. 1)                                12 months
                                                                                                  NC  CPS  (1  CFS ) 
 Waste Pickup Surcharge                     (CPS)         $89 /load                 (N. 1)                                  1 year
 Fuel Surcharge                             (CFS)       9.8%                        (N. 1)   Eq. 2) Proposed Pickups (NP)
 Current Waste Cost                          (CC)      $5,863 /yr.                 (Eq. 1)                  NC  (1  VR )
Proposed Waste Cost                                                                          Eq. 3) Proposed Waste Cost (CP)
 Volume Reduction                           (VR)         80%                        (N. 1)                                 12 months
                                                                                                  N P  CPS  (1  CFS ) 
 Proposed Pickups                            (NP)          1.0 loads/mo.           (Eq. 2)                                   1 year
 Proposed Waste Cost                         (Cp)      $1,173 /yr.                 (Eq. 3)   Eq. 4) Power Draw (P)
                                                                                                                0.7457 kW
                                                                                                        PR  
Compactor Energy Analysis                                                                                          1 hp
Motor Data                                                                                   Eq. 5) Energy Usage (E)
 Compactor Horsepower                        (PR)          15 hp                   (Rf. 1)                    OH  P
 Motor Efficiency                             (η)        92%                       (Rf. 1)   Eq. 6) Energy Cost (CE)
 Power Draw                                   (P)        10.3 kW                   (Eq. 4)                    ICE  E
Compactor Energy Cost                                                                        Eq. 7) Demand Cost (CD)
 Operation Hours                            (tOH)          95   hrs./yr.            (N. 2)                       12 months
                                                                                                       ICD  P 
 Energy Usage                                 (E)         978   kWh/yr.            (Eq. 5)                         1 year
 Incremental Electricity Cost               (ICE)    $0.07299   /kWh               (Rf. 2)   Eq. 8) Cost Savings (CS)
 Energy Cost                                 (CE)         $71   /yr.               (Eq. 6)            (CC  CP )  (CE  CD )
Compactor Demand Cost                                                                        Eq. 9) Implementation Costs (IC)
 Incremental Demand Cost                    (ICD)       $4.80 /kW∙mo.              (Rf. 2)                   CM  CL
 Demand Cost                                 (CD)        $593 /yr.                 (Eq. 7)
Implementation Cost                                                                          Rf. 1) Data from compactor nameplate
 Compactor Cost                             (CM)      $11,000                      (Rf. 3)   information.
 Installation Cost                           (CL)      $3,500                      (Rf. 3)   Rf. 2) Developed in the Utility Analysis of
                                                                                             the Site Data section.
Economic Results                                                                             Rf. 3) Data supplied by RSMeans Building
 Cost Savings                                (CS)      $4,027 /yr.                 (Eq. 8)   Construction 2012 for heavy duty industrial
                                             (CI)                                            compactor, 1 cubic yard capacity.
 Implementation Costs                                 $14,500                      (Eq. 9)
 Payback                                     (tPB)         3.6 yrs.

N. 1) Based on facility waste records and conversations with facility personnel.
N. 2) From compressor cycle time, given number of compressions/month.

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