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									Herbal Powder Rice was tasty, Seger and not bitter! Herbal medicine is the solution
safely and without side effects to maintain our health. So, let's drink herbal rice kencur.

Rice Powder

According to wikipedia, a Rice kencur beverages typical of Indonesia (Java). This drink
is also classified as an herb because it has properties increased appetite. Kencur Rice is
very popular because it has a sweet taste and fresh.

The main ingredient of rice kencur, of course, is rice (mashed) and rhizome kencur. The
combination of rice and kencur contains vitamin B which can stimulate gastric hunger
besides giving herb rice kencur if taken regularly every day can help thicken the wall of
the stomach to heal the ulcer disease (for ulcer healing should not be mixed with ginger
and for acid kawak may be just a little). Sweetness comes from brown sugar (palm sugar
or palm sugar) are added. Powder contribute slightly spicy flavor that feels if rice kencur
drunk to taste spicy herbs kencur rice is usually added ginger to taste.

Selengkanya kencur rice herbs are as follows: The main ingredient kencur rhizome and
rice flour, ginger, tamarind kawak, Kedaung seeds, salt and brown sugar or granulated

Herbal rice kencur traditionally sold fresh liquid form, both in the public markets or by
itinerant herbalist. Herbal medicine industry is now developing kencur rice packaged in
the form of powder or concentrate (syrup) and also sold as a dry powder live instant brew
with warm water or hot water, process rhizome kencur with other ingredients except rice
flour and sugar pounded or ground into powder, with hot sari-sari squeezed taken after
rice flour and lemon juice mixed with kencur rice and sugar to be processed further by
way of heated drying.

How to Make Rice Powder

Kencur Rice is one natural substance that can be formulated alone. In addition to shrink
the stomach, kencur rice can reduce the possibility of infection of the uterus.


a). 3 tablespoons rice, ginger, and turmeric;
b). 125 grams of brown sugar;
c). 1 tablespoon tamarind and salt;
d). 1 whole lemon, and
e). few pandan leaves.

The steps are:
a). Rice soaked for 3 hours.
b). Sugar, turmeric, ginger, tamarind, and pandan leaves boiled in 3 cups of water. Then,
c). Powder, ginger, and, turmeric taken after boiling the rice milled.
d). Once refined, boiled water, little by little, mixed with spices mill earlier.
e). Filter with a clean cloth.
f). Squeeze the lime juice and salt to taste bubuhi. If it is less sweet, add sugar.
g). Rice kencur ready to drink.

Other ingredients commonly mixed into the rice kencur herbal concoction is kedawung
seeds, ginger, kapulogo seeds, fruits, keys, wood keningar, turmeric, lemon juice, and
nutmeg. As a sweetener used brown sugar or palm sugar. mixture of several ingredients
that always there is Jehe, tamarind, cinnamon, cloves, turmeric and palm sugar.

ManfaatJamu Rice Powder

Benefits of Rice Herbal Powder is also well known by many people. Benefits of herbal
rice kencur can not escape from the womb herbal variety. Among other proteins,
carbohydrates, essential oils, and minerals. Besides refreshing herbal drink that tastes
good kencur rice turns a lot of benefits. Here are some examples of the benefits.

Essential oils are dikadung kencur claimed to have many beneficial compounds. This
compound serves as an analgesic agent, a substance that has the ability to reduce pain or
Herbal kencur rice has the ability to add power because stimultan properties.
Benefits of herbal rice kencur the other is as a tonic for appetite. It is quite effective in
young children, mostly it was hard to eat.
Herbal medicine can be used as rice kencur beverage pain tired, achy exhaustion.
Herbal rice kencur believed to eliminate some diseases, such as cough, gastritis, ulcers,
food poisoning, improving menstrual cycle, remove phlegm or expectorant, relieves
dizziness, nausea, or stomach bloating.
It was some of the benefits of herbal medicine kencur rice that has been proven people.
Because of the way makes it easy and the benefits are so many, there is no reason for you
not love a tasty herb rice kencur this. Please try and feel the benefits!

Main Benefits of Rice Herbal Powder

Expentorasia: to cure cough with phlegm diluting and facilitate discharge of phlegm.
Dinretioca: to expedite the process of spending urine (urine).
Carminativa: to assist in the expenses caused by the wind from the stomach bloating /
Stimulants: to arouse or stimulating.
Protection: to provide protection to clothing or books of insects.

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