Popsicle, Ice Most Expensive In The World by wongkenep


									An ice hotel in Mexico makes the most expensive in the world. Ice rod is sold at a price
of USD1, 000, or approximately Rp. 9,000,000, - Ice popsicle was presented via a plastic
rod. But what makes the ice is much more expensive than other ice, the ice maker is raw
material. As reported by News.com, in 2011, the ice was made from tequila or liquor
typical Mexican who sold 900 pounds or about Rp12, 4 million / vial.

Popsicle Clase Azul Ultra Premium Tequila was also accompanied by pieces of gold
weighing 24 carats. Owner Marquis Los Cabos resort in Baja California Sur said they
expect the ice can be widely known among citizens of the rich world. According to
General Manager Ella Messerli Marquis Los Cabos, ice making popsicle most expensive
in the world is one way to attract the attention of their consumers. As well as being a
form of new approaches to serve the tourists who visit the resort.

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