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                                                                                                          SAILING     CLUB

                           The Adventure Starts Here

                               The Acorn Llangors Regatta 2008
                                                30th – 31st August 2008

                                             Royal Oak – Llangors Lake

                             Sheltered Water Coached Open ideal for new racers

                                  Junior Event (16 or under on the 31/12/2008)

                                                      Notice of Race

  To build on 2007 club training by providing a sheltered water coached environment for sailors and parents from clubs
across Wales to enjoy a friendly relaxed event, from first time racer to competitive National Squad aspiring regional squad

There will be 7 fleets
General Handicap fleet     - Any RYA recognised youth or junior classes which is not included below
Mirror Fleet               - To provide racing for Mirror class sailors
Topper                     - To provide racing for all Topper class Sailors
Topper 4.2                 - Will race with Topper fleet, however separate prizes will be awarded

Optimist “Bat”             - Young sailors competing in “Plastic” Optimists
Optimist Training          - 1st year young sailors in any “wooden or glass fibre” Optimist competing at their first event
Optimist Silver            - Sailors who have completed a winters training and /or the CYRC series.
Optimist Gold              - Sailors of Gold or Silver standard at Regional or CYRC events

National Squad             - Are not eligible to sail their “normal” class of boat

It is the ethos of the Acorn Regatta to welcome and help less experienced sailors. Experienced (Gold) fleet sailors and
parents are asked to always assist less experienced sailors at this event with tasks such as - check rigging, advise on how to
replace unsuitable kit, what to do at the event, launching etc.

                 Hwylio Cymru / Welsh Sailing 2008
                                                      Notice of Race
1.   Organising Authority
     The organising authority is the Welsh Yachting Association in conjunction with Llangors Sailing Club

2. Rules
2.1 Racing will be governed by the ‘rules’ as defined in the ‘Racing Rules of Sailing’. This Notice of Race may be
    amended by a Notice to Competitors from the Organising Authority. Competitors should note that the W.Y.A and
    Llangors Sailing implement the RYA Racing Charter. If there is any conflicts of instructions the Sailing Instruction
    (SI) shall prevail.
2.1 Local Rule: - Rubbish shall not be put overboard.

3.   Classes and eligibility
     Racing will be in the Optimist, Topper, Mirror and RYA Recognised General Handicap classes of (Cadet, Laser 4.7
     & Radial, RS Feva, 420 & 29er) Classes other than these may be accepted on request by the discretion of the
     Organizing Authority)

3.1. Entries will be accepted in these classes from sailors aged 16 years old or younger on 31/12/08, however sailors with
     2007 Welsh National or GBR squad place may not sail their squad allocated class of boat. Changes to the rule may
     be made on request at the discretion of the Organizing Authority.

4.   Entries
     Entries shall be made on the official entry form for this event and accompanied by a cheque for the entry fee made
     payable to the “Welsh Yachting Association” as follows:

                                     Received by 22nd August               On the day
     Single handed                           £25                           £30
     Double Handed                           £30                           £35

5. Schedule
5.1 Registration: Competitors will register in the race office from 0830 - 0945.
5.2 Measurement: See below
5.3 Briefing: There will be a competitors briefing for Alpha & Bravo fleets at 10:00 on Saturday 30th August. Alpha &
    Bravo courses may be further divided into separate class briefing based on ability
5.4 Racing: There will be a maximum of 7 races. The warning signal for the first race of Saturday 30th August will be at
    11:25. The earliest warning signal on Sunday 31st August will be 09:55 hours.

6    Sailing Instructions
     Sailing Instructions will be available at the race office on registration maybe posted on one
     week in advance

5.   Measurement
     Measurement certification is not required but all boats should pass a basic seaworthy inspection, which would include

     Optimists (white sail) a 7m painter with loop, adequately inflated buoyancy bags, mast ties securely fixed, inclusion
     of bailers, removable mainsheet. The race management hold the right (but may not use it) to hold any competitor
     ashore until these requirements are met if the conditions were thought to be unsuitable for the condition of boat.

     Topper and Laser fleets are allowed to use training sails. Other measurement concessions will be at the Race Officer’s
     discretion and must be obtained at registration.

6.   Courses and Racing Areas
     Courses will be announced at the briefing, but are likely to include trapezoid, windward leeward or triangle courses

7.    Penalty System
      Rules Advisory and Rules Arbitration / Exoneration Penalty may be available. The Penalty system will be confirmed
     at the briefing.

8.   Scoring
     The event will be scored using the low points system in Appendix A,
     Each boat’s event score will be the total of her race scores with her worst score discarded if 4 or more races have been

9.   Prizes
     A prize giving will be held at the end of the event. 1 st to 3rd in each fleet will be awarded and discretionary awards
     may be made.

                  Hwylio Cymru / Welsh Sailing 2008
10. Coaches and Supporters
    Only official Coaches and safety boats appointed by the Event Organiser may: -

         a.      Communicate or “Coach” competitors afloat during racing
         b.      Tow competitors to or from the race area with permission from the race management team.
         c.      Enter the race area.

11. Rights to use names and likenesses
    Competitors automatically grant to the organisers authority without payment the right in perpetuity to make, use and
    show any motion pictures, still pictures and live, taped or filmed television of or relating to the event.

12. Disclaimer of Liability
    Competitors are entirely responsible for their own safety, whether afloat or ashore, and nothing reduces this
    responsibility. It is for competitors to decide whether their boat is fit to sail in the conditions in which it will find
    itself. By launching or going to sea competitors confirm the boat is fit for those conditions and that they are
    competent to sail and compete in them. Nothing done by the organizers can reduce the responsibility of the owners
    and/or competitors, nor will it make the organizers responsible for any loss, damage, death or personal injury,
    however it may have occurred, as a result of the boat taking part in the racing. The organizers encompass everyone
    helping to run the event. The provision of patrol boats does not relieve owners and competitors of their

13. Safety
13.1 Adequate personal buoyancy shall be worn by all competitors whilst afloat. Wet suits and dry suits do not constitute
     personal buoyancy.
13.2 A Tally system will be in operation for the safety of competitors
13.3 The tally system (known as tally control) will be located in or near the event Marquee and at Llangors Sailing Club.
     Tally numbers will be issued at registration and both helms and crews must tally out before racing and tally-in
     immediately on returning to shore by personally returning their tally to the tally control specified for them at
     registration. Tallies must be worn visibly by both helm and crew whilst afloat.
13.4 Failure to tally correctly will incur a points penalty of 20% of the total number of competitors entered in that fleet for
     each race which takes place between the tally on tally off infringement.
13.4 Boats may not launch until released by the Beach Master for their respective fleet and course area.

14. Insurance
    Each Participating boat shall be insured with valid third party liability insurance with a minimum cover of £2 million
    for the duration of the event or equivalent.

Event info
Info relating to the event, including, entry form, NOR and SI and results will be posted on

Camping is available on site at Acorn Royal Oak, the costs for this and who to contact will be released shortly.

Area info
See the Llangors Sailing Club website links -
For directions and full accommodation list of campsites and B&Bs in the area as well as other visitor attractions during
your stay

                                                Application or Payment
                                  W.Y.A Office 01248 670738 or

                                                     Event Venue info

             General Help - Which fleet to enter info, or help getting there, need to borrow a boat etc.
                                                  Your local RDO
        South West North

                                       Clubs Bringing Ribs and Coach Support
              Contact South RDO – Ben Smith to book in rib and lead persons onboard to secure event allocation!

                   Hwylio Cymru / Welsh Sailing 2008

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