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How to Make Quick and Easy Online Store Free (1)


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									How to Make Quick and Easy Online Store Free

Phase I
Please login to your WordPress admin (http://www. Names-store-online (dot) 16MB
(dot) com / wp-admin) and click Post >> All Post and delete the default post intalasi
default. Also page default Pages >> All Pages.
Click the Posts -> Categories and create categories that are relevant to your product. Here
we will create a category of Men's, Women's Clothing, Children's Clothing and Baby
Clothes. Fill in the name of the category as well as the description. For the category
Uncategorized, please change a new category with other names such as assesories.

Now we will change the default theme with a theme wodpress premium for online store.
Click the Appearance >> Themes >> Install Themes >> Theme Uploads and then
navigate to your ecommerce. When finished, turn theme. To find a free wordpress theme
please use google.
Go to Settings -> General make the following changes:
Site Title content with your online store such as Online Store
Tagline tagline with your store as All Cheap Clothes
Select the option Anyone can register.
Then click Save Changes.

Edit permalink by clicking the Select Settings >> Permalinks Custom Structure and enter
/% postname% / and save. Permalinks page url so it makes better. Url setting results will
change from the default URL structure http://nama-toko-online (dot) 16MB (dot) com /?
P = 123 to something like this: http://nama-toko-online (dot) 16MB (dot ) com / clothing-

Go to Settings >> Discussions and uncheck all of the options and save. This will prevent
all kinds of comments to the e-commerce site.
Go to Plugins >> Add New and then in the search field enter "WP e-commerce" and click
Search Plugins.setelah met plugin called WP e-commerce clicks install and activate the
plugin now to begin installing the plugin WP e-Commerce plugin which is the basis of
our online store . WP e-Commerce plugin is installed and ready to use.
Once the plugin is installed, you will see a new menu in the dashboard Products and
Store option in the Settings. Products Menu is used to add different products for you and
your site Online Shop Store option is used for setting the plugin.

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