How to Scoop Dollar From Triond Just By Copy Paste! by wongkenep


									How to Scoop Dollar From Triond Just By Copy Paste!

- What Agan and Sistah never heard about Triond??? Yup .. at Triond we are required to
make a reference or a post / article, ranging from business articles, health care,
technology unique to other articles and also could mempublikaskan quality content of any
type, in the format and media.

Scooping Dollar From Triond Just By Copy Paste

What is Triond?

Triond is a complete publishing service that enables users to easily publish quality
content of any type, media format. We publish your work on the network of niche
websites so you reach a wider audience, gain more recognition and earn more revenue.

Is Triond for you?

Whether you are an enthusiastic new writer, a seasoned freelancer, or just someone who
wants to share your ideas, Triond is for you.
Being Triond users free and allows you to:

• Sharing knowledge, ideas, opinions and original work with a global audience.
• Gain wider recognition for your creations.
• Receiving feedback and insight from the community of fellow writers.
• Build a portfolio of your content.
• Earn revenue from your content as it is published.

Why Triond?

Publishing with triond allows you to focus on your creativity and expression, as
professionals we take care of all the technical marketing, operational and financial
difficulties. Combining the knowledge and creativity with our publishing expertise will
result in a larger readership, wider recognition, and higher incomes.
After you write for triond, each article will have seen and visited many dollar.Semakin
replies that you write and the more articles you write, visit, the more the purse - purse
dollar you can dapatkan.1 thing that is interesting is the the referral system in
triond.Komisi that you get from your refferral is as much as 10%, so if there is a referral
you get $ 10 you'll get $ 1.Sangat - very easy to get a dollar in triond.

Triond will pay you in 3 ways:
1. Through Check.Minimal you must collect $ 50
2. Through Wester Union.Minimal you should mengumpuljan $ 50
3. Through paypai.Minimal you have to collect $ 0.5
Dollar that you collect will be automatically sent by triond every 10th of every
bulannya.Contoh you get $ 70 for the month of September. So the dollar will be sent on
the 10th of October. It is not difficult to earn money on triond.

How to Register Triond

Click the Link LIST

verify the registration email, open the email was registered then click "activate your
account by clicking on this link"

Complete your Personal Data and Select Payment Method desired. Jangn Forgot Upload

Ok now your Triond account I can be ready
Time to start making article

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