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   Welcome to the WWW side of the AzTeC Freenet, located in Deer Valley
   Arizona USA at the home of our sponsor: [10]EMR Corporation. We are a
   registered Arizona 501c3 no-profit organization. On AzTeC's [11]telnet
   side, we provide text-based free internet access, e-mail accounts,
   community forums (discussion groups), and usenet news. We also provide
   free web hosting to other Arizona non-profit and 501(c)(3)
   organizations. AzTeC is run by community volunteers and the generosity
   of donations from individuals and organizations.

Special Features:
*SSL POP3 email for PPP (telnet) users.
*Latest Lynx with strong 128-bit SSL support.
*Latest sendmail with better security and anti-spam features.
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