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									WWE: The Perfect Entertainer

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is the professional wrestling TV show. It is
privately controlled by media and the sports entertainment companies dealing with
professional wrestling. The company was previously known as Titan sports. The
wrestling is combined with a little bit of acting and theatre to make it more interesting.
WWE promotes under three brands: RAW, Smack Down, ECW. There are three main
championships that are held: the heavy weight championship, WWE championship, and
the ECW championship.

In 1980, Vincent Kennedy McMahon founded Titan Sports, Inc. the present WWE is lot
different from the earlier version. WWE started Wrestle Mania, First time in 1985. From
then to now, viewers wait for the event every year where big WWE stars wrestle for the
championship belts. But as the time has changed the WWE too have changed a lot. It has
now become bloody and abusive. Many players cheat to win the titles. Despite all this
many WWE stars have earned a lot of name and fame and have promoted this new form
of sports entertainment across the world.

The new generation stars are popular in every corner of the world. Some of the famous
WWE stars of the current generation include John Cena, Batista, Randy Orton, triple H,
Shawn Michael are a few to name. A lot more wrestlers are working hard to make the
sport much more popular

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