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Entrance Exams India


Indian Entrance Exams and competitions for students.

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									Entrance Exams in India: Tough nut to crack

There are various Entrance Exams for admissions to the top colleges of professional
studies in India. IIT-JEE, AIEEE, DCE, GATE etc are the entrance exams that are
conducted for the admission to top engineering institutes of the country. Similarly CBSE
PMT, AFMC etc are the medical entrance exam and CAT, XAT etc are the entrance
exam for the management courses. These exams are conducted across the country. A very
large number of students go for these exams every year.

The above mentioned entrance exams are considered among the toughest exams across
the world. These exams are conducted with tight securities to avoid any type of cheating
during the exam. The prestigious institutes of India provide admission only to those
students who are able to crack these Entrance Examinations. The better the candidate
performs the better rank he gets in the result list. The priority to choose the stream for
pursuing the desired course in these institutions is given to the candidates who have got a
higher rank.

The pattern of the entrance exams may or may not change every year. The syllabus to be
asked in exams is declared in the prospectus i.e. available with the form. All the major
dailies of the country have the news about the sale of forms before the date they are
available in the market. The forms are distributed by the banks generally at some fixed

These institutes are working hard to make these exams more secure and transparent. The
IIMs have already taken the step towards this by making CAT’09 completely online.

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