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					Activity/Tas   Project      Deliverable     Start    Expecte   Status as of
k/Milestone    Goal/Outco                   Date     d End     Qtr Ending
/              me                                    Date      Date
Redesign                       Revised      Fall     Summer    In progress
developmen                  developmen      2011     2014
tal                         tal education
education.                   programs in

Develop and                    Online       Summer   Fall      In planning
implement                   contextualiz    2012     2014      phase.
contextualiz                     ed
ed                          developmen
curriculum.                 tal modules
                              built for

Develop and                 Compressed      Fall     Fall      Some
implement                    curriculum     2011     2014      sections
accelerated                    built for                       developed
curriculum –                developmen                         and
compression                   tal math,                        implemente
.                              reading,                        d. Others in
                               English.                        planning
Develop and                 Mainstream      Fall     Fall   In planning
implement                         ed        2012     2014   phase.
accelerated                  curriculum
curriculum –                  built for
mainstreami                 developmen
ng.                          tal English.

Develop and                  Modularized    Fall     Fall   In planning
implement       Accelerate    curriculum    2012     2014   phase.
accelerated    progress for    built for
curriculum – low-skilled and developmen
modularizati other workers. tal math.
on.              Students
               l education
Provide                                     Summer   Fall   Student
personalized                                2012     2014   Success
guidance for     Improve                                    Coach hired
students      retention and                                 and will
enrolled in   achievement                                   start
Clean Energy      rates to                                  5/14/12.
Tech         reduce time-to-
program.       completion.
               persist and
               graduate at
               higher rate
               than cohort
Create and                                 Summer   Fall   Some
place                                      2012     2014   internships
students in                                                already in
internships.                                               place before
                                                           grant began.
                                                           will begin

Develop and    Build       Curriculum      Fall     Fall   Curriculum
implement      programs      built for     2011     2014   developmen
three short-   that meet      three                        t underway
term, non-     industry    certificates.                   for one
credit         needs                                       certificate.
certificates                                               In planning
with input                                                 phase for
from content                                               two
experts and                                                certificates.
Develop and    Strengthen     Curriculum    Summer   Fall   Courses
implement      online and    modified for   2012     2014   have been
hybrid and     technology-    online and                    identified
online         enabled          hybrid                      and timeline
training       learning       delivery of                   for
courses                      Clean Energy                   curriculum
within the                    Technology                    modification
Clean Energy                   program                      being
Technology                     courses.                     refined.
           Strategy                                        Progress measure

1. Redesign developmental
education. Develop alternative
assessments and targeted
remediation modules.

                                 Time to completion for students in DE (based on levels of remedial
                                 need). 2,400 students will be served by new dev ed curriculum
                                 Number of students who complete their required developmental
                                 sequence or alternative assessments & curriculum successfully: Yr 1
                                 65% will demonstrate basic skill competency; yr 2 70%; yr 3 75%

                                 Students who complete gatekeeper college-level English and math.
                                 61% overall CCCS remedial pass rate

                                 Fifteen developmental programs redesigned.
                                 Number of students enrolled in redesigned developmental courses.
                                 2400 students served by DE curriculum; 4000 career services; 2000
                                 served by career coaches

2. Pilot the use of OER
developmental math courses
                                 Number and percentage of students who complete OER
                                 developmental math courses. 61% overall CCCS remedial pass rate
                                 including in OER courses.
                                 Time to completion in OER developmental math courses compared to
                                 standard developmental math courses.

                                 Faculty trained to effectively teach these courses
                                 One college implementing this course format
3. Personalized guidance via
career coaches, intrusive
advising, early warning systems,
student success courses
                                   Number and percentage of students who enroll in consecutive
                                   semesters. 2106 students served in energy

                                   Number of students who complete 9 credits in a program of study
                                   (concentrators). 549 total number of students who earn a degree
                                   during the period of performance. 2500 students use services

                                   Number and percentage of students using these services; type of
                                   services provided. 2500 students use services provided by CLDE.
                                   Number of certificates and degrees completed annually. 1579
                                   certificates or degrees earned over the life of the project.
                                   Student satisfaction with these services - more than 50% students
                                   reporting satisfied or extremely satisfied with service
                                   15 career coaches hired

                                   Implementation of early warnings systems (via LMS for online
                                   programs, Career Coach monitoring)

4. Build online and hybrid
flexible, stackable short-term
certificates and associate
degree programs that lead to
employment/advancement in
Energy careers.
                                   Job placement - 300 TAA students placed in energy positions
                                   Wages of students after placement - target wages $23/hour

                                   Number of students enrolled in Energy programs. 2106 students
                                   served in energy programs.
                                   1500 Career Readiness Certification tests administered and
                                   completed through workforce centers
                                   Role of Industry in creation of energy courses
                                   1000 internship and work placement agreements created and
                                   students placed.
5. Develop hybrid and online
training courses and use OER
resources where available; and
mobile labs for hands-on

                                 2106 students enrolled in online, hybrid, and mobile lab programs

                                 565 students who master technology taught in mobile labs
                                 Seven online and hybrid programs developed with and without OER
                                 Three mobile lab programs
Progress to date Self Assessment (on
(this should be a      track, behind
                                                      Qualitative Description
%, i.e. the item is schedule, or ahead
 100% finished)         of schedule)

                                         Data not available at the time of this report

                                         Data not available at the time of this report

                                         Data not available at the time of this report

                 On track. Redesgined
                 mostlycompleted in
                 MAT. More
             45% developmentin ENG

                                         Data not available at the time of this report
       information not yet available. Student caseload
       only began in May/June

       information not yet available. Student caseload
       only began in May/June
       Classroom to Career Specialist started case
       management on at least 100 of the 206 students
48%    required to complete this outcome
       information not yet available. Student caseload
       only began in May/June

100%   ACC's "Career Coach" hired on May 8, 2012
       ACC piloted the Course Signals system in Summer
       2012 and will have all full-time faculty in Fall
       2012. currently researching the functionality of
       BRM early alerts.

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