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Contact Lens


									                                     Contact Lens
Many of us still have a divided opinion about wearing a pair of contact lens. While originally
these lenses are used as an alternative to eyeglasses, nowadays they have become more
popular as fashion accessories. Because of this, some people think that in to wear a pair of
contact lens is more of pursuing vanity, even if these help in improving the eyesight.

But there are a lot of benefits that contact lens can give to its user as compared to the
typical graded glasses. Firs t off, you won’t risk misplacing your eyeglasses as your contacts
remain on your eyes throughout the day. Of course, you are able to maintain proper vision
for a longer period of time.

Contact lenses are also low maintenance; all you have to do is have them cleansed during
the night so that they would be ready for use the following day.

Unlike the typical eyeglasses, contact lenses do not cause pain the nose bridge or at the
back of the ears. You won’t feel stiff or uneasy because of the weight of the glasses, and
your lenses are kept intact right on your eyes.

                                                       Contact lens designs come in
                                                       different variations, just the same as
                                                       glass frames. And if you’re the kind
                                                       who’s into fashion and style, then
                                                       you can definitely incorporate with
                                                       your outfits. You can even ditch out
                                                       more style ideas while wearing

                                                      As   fashion  accessories, contact
lenses come in various colors. You can choose between the neutrals, such as black, or
brown, or go for green, hazel, gray or blue. There are even purple colored contacts, which
have become popular among aspiring style gurus, particularly those who idolize screen
legend Elizabeth Taylor.

You may want to wear a suitable shade of contacts to match your mood or style, or
whatever kind of look that you want to present during the day. These lenses also help
correct mismatched eye colors, a condition called heterochromia, so you can even out the
colors of your eyes without the need to undergo surgery.

There are also contacts that come in different shapes and styles. These contacts make your
eyes look bigger or smaller, or enhance your facial features depending on how you want to
look like. They give your eyes more personality and definition, things which are usually kept
hidden when wearing eyeglasses.

But even if they are used mostly for fashion, contact lens pairs also have another function:
they protect your eyes from dust, almost the same way sunglasses or spectacles do.
When buying contact lens packages, you may want to choose the kind that’s made of
durable material, hypoallergenic and easy to clean. This way, you will be able to enjoy most
of the functions of your contacts, regardless if you’re wearing them to improve your vision
or to spice up your style.

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