Child Growth And Development Stages Accomplishing Different Milestones In Life

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					 Child Growth And Development Stages: Accomplishing Different
                       Milestones In Life
When to call a child mature is a difficult question to answer. It largely depends upon the
physical and mental growth and development of a child. For every child this age is not fixed
.Some children start growing both physically and mentally at a quicker pace while some
take prolonged time. The factors affecting the child growth and development stages are
many. Full attention is needed from the very start to ensure healthy and steady
development of the child. Proper nurturing is required right from the budding stage for a
long and steady plant and so is the case with child growth and development. Attention on
the part of parents and nurses from the early months of child is very crucial for proper
growth and development of child. The social surrounding of the child plays the key role in
his development.

 A child is like wet mud that takes the shape of the molder it is put in .So it is very
important to provide the child with healthy and happy surroundings to grow in, otherwise
his mental development will largely be affected. Both mother and father share equal
responsibility in the different levels of child growth and development stages. From
infancy to 2years of age is the stage for the physical development of the child. At this stage
the child grows the most at a very fast speed. At this stage it is important to take good care
of the child’s nutrition for proper physical development. At this stage of infancy the child
starts speaking and walking for the first time so proper diet must be followed to help him in
his development and regular exercise and massaging also helps in his growth. Child growth
and development second stage starts from two years to twelve years which determines his
personality .The surroundings of the child and his society play key role in shaping his
character. So it is important to protect the child from any malevolent people and events
which can otherwise retard his growth. It is at this age when the child creates a contact with
outside world. He goes to school and acquire knowledge and mannerism.

 The next stage in child growth and development is adolescence, from ten or twelve years to
eighteen years. This is the most crucial age. At this age the child no longer remain
dependent upon his parents; he develops his own sense of consciousness and his own point
of view. Parents need to be extra careful about their child as at this age the child is most
prone to bad addictions and often tend to be rebellious if their wishes are not fulfilled.
Parents must make an effort to understand the needs of the child and given him certain
liberty to take his own decisions. They must be the friend, philosopher and guide of their
children. In child growth and development stages children learn from what they see so
it’s important to set good examples for them. Children are reflection of their parents before
the society so it becomes important to be careful in every stage of child growth and

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