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					Custody and Parenting Plan [file: custody.rtf]

                              CUSTODY SCHEDULE/PARENTING PLAN
                                     ^ (hereinafter “Mother”)
                                     ^ (hereinafter “Father”)

1.    CUSTODY. Father and mother shall have joint legal and joint physical custody of their minor
      child/children, namely:___________________________________________________________________.

2.    LEGAL NAME. ^ shall be legally and publicly known under the surname (last name) of ^.

3.    PRIMARY RESIDENCE. ^ shall reside in his/her/their ^’s residence except for the specific time
      hereinafter stated when ^ will be in his/her/their ^’s residence.

4.    WEEKEND VISITATION. ^ shall be with the ^ every weekend. The weekend shall be from Friday at
      5:00 p.m. until Sunday at 5:00 p.m.

5.    SUMMER SCHEDULE. ^ shall be entitled to have ^ with him/her for the summer vacation from school
      subject to ^’s right to have ^ with him/her every weekend. ^’s weekend shall be from Friday at 5:00 p.m.
      until Sunday at 5:00 p.m.

6.    MOTHER’S DAY. ^ shall be with his/her/their mother for every Mother’s Day for the entire Mother’s
      Day weekend. The Mother’s Day weekend shall be from Friday at 5:00 p.m. until Monday morning.

7.    FATHER’S DAY. ^ shall be with his/her/their father for every Father’s Day for the entire Father’s Day
      weekend. The Father’s Day weekend shall be from Friday at 5:00 p.m. until Monday Morning.

8.    MOTHER’S BIRTHDAY. ^ shall be with his/her/their mother for mother’s birthday for a reasonable
      period of time.

9.    FATHER’S BIRTHDAY. ^ shall be with his/her/their father for father’s birthday for a reasonable period
      of time.

10.   HOLIDAYS. Holidays shall be alternated as follows:
Holiday                                           Years ending in even #   Years ending in odd #

A)        Thanksgiving from Wednesday             Father                   Mother
          afternoon until Monday morning

B)        First half of Christmas Vacation        Mother                   Father
          from day school is out until
          12:00 noon on December 27th

C)        Second half of Christmas                Father                   Mother
          vacation from 12:00 noon on
          December 27th until day school
          starts in January

D)        Child’s Birthday

E)        Easter Sunday weekend from              Mother                   Father
          when school is out on Friday
          before Easter until Monday

F)        Spring Break from day school is         Father                   Mother
          out until the day school starts after
          spring break

G)        Memorial Day weekend Friday             Father                   Mother
          evening before Memorial Day
          until Tuesday morning after
          Memorial Day

H)        4th of July If 4th is a weekend,        Mother                   Father
          then the 4th shall include the entire
          weekend. If the 4th is not a
          weekend, then the holiday shall be
          from July 3 at noon until July 5 at

I)        Labor Day weekend from when             Mother                   Father
          school is out on Friday prior to
          Labor Day until Tuesday morning
          when school starts after Labor

J)        President’s Day weekend from            Father                   Mother
          Friday afternoon until Tuesday

K)        Halloween evening                       Father                   Mother

L)        Martin Luther King Day from             Father                   Mother
          when school is out on Friday prior
          to Martin Luther King Day until
          Tuesday morning when School
          starts after Martin Luther King
11.   TRANSPORTATION. The parent who is receiving ^ will transport ^. Each parent will deliver
      and return ^’s belongings at the same time a parent delivers and returns ^. Each parent may keep
      separate supplies of clothes, books and personal belongings for ^ at his or her home. We will help
      ^ to remember to take belongings when going to the other parent’s home. We realize this is
      difficult for ^ and will take a lot of effort on both our parts so ^ will have the personal belongings
      and school supplies needed.

12.   RELATIONSHIPS IMPORTANT TO ^. We recognize that ^ will benefit from maintaining ties
      with relatives and people important to ^ and we each agree to help ^ continue to be with these
      people from time to time.

13.   DAY TO DAY DECISIONS AND MAJOR DECISIONS. We recognize decision-making is an
      important part of parenting and we agree that the parent ^ is/are living with will make decisions
      about ^’s day to day care and control.

14.   EDUCATION. We agree to share information about ^’s school progress, behavior and events with
      the other parent. Each of us has the right to be informed about and attend conferences with ^’s
      teachers and counselors, and to have full access to ^’s grades and other records, and so we each will
      communicate with ^’s schools to stay informed. We realize college of technical training is
      important for ^ and we will encourage and support ^’s efforts for further education. Major
      decisions about education will be made by each parent together. Each parent will ensure that
      school lists and information on parents will include both mother and father. When school or other
      similar activity pictures are to be taken, each parent will be provided with the opportunity, in
      advance and at their cost, to order pictures. The parent receiving the order packet will inform the
      other parent of the picture opportunity.

15.   HEALTH CARE. We each have authority to consent to emergency medical treatment for ^ when
      needed. Our intent is to take care of the medical emergency first and communicate with the other
      parent as soon as possible. We each have the right to ^’s medical information and records, and we
      will communicate with each other on major health care for ^. However, major decisions about
      health care will be made by mother and father together.

16.   CHILD CARE. If child care is needed overnight by one parent, when practical, mother and father
      agree to offer the other parent the opportunity to provide this care before seeking someone else to
      care for ^. Major decisions about ^ will be made by mother and father together.

17.   COMMUNICATION. During separation from ^, we each agree to maintain frequent contact with
      ^ by phone, letter, postcards. Likewise, we each agree to encourage and help ^ communicate
      frequently with the other parent by phone, letter, etc. We also agree to allow the other parent to
      know the address and telephone number where ^ can be reached any time ^ is/are away from home
      for more than twenty-four (24) hours.

18.   SAFETY. We agree not to compromise the safety of ^. We each agree not to leave ^ unattended
      until he/she/they is/are of an appropriate age.

19.   OTHER. We each agree to communicate with the other parent prior to moving from out current
      residence because a move could affect the nature of this parenting arrangement. In case of a move,
      our communication would focus on how we can still be involved as parents in a way that would
      meet the needs of ^.

      As ^ grows and changes and our live situations change, we realize we will need to be flexible and
      cooperative, and will willingly leave lines of communication open in our new business like
      parenting arrangement to meet the needs of our restructured families.
      Neither party will change residence of ^ beyond ^ county without the written consent of both
      parties or a court order. We each agree to be reasonable when the other parent requests permission
      to take ^ out of the state of Idaho.

      If one parent does not follow a provision of this Parenting Plan, we each agree that the other
      parent’s obligations under the Plan are not affected. When we cannot agree on the application of
      any part of this Parenting Plan, we each agree to make a good faith effort to resolve our differences
      through mediation.

      We agree not to disparage directly or indirectly each other or each other’s spouse or “significant
      other” to ^ of in ^’s presence.

20.   PRIORITY ON VISITS. Holidays and other special occasions shall supersede normal weekend

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