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					                              COPYRIGHT ASSIGNMENT AGREEMENT

          I, __________________________ am an undergraduate student of The University of North
Carolina Asheville (“UNCA”). I wish to participate in the project titled [or described as]
____________________________________ (the “Project”). My participation in the Project is of
considerable value to me in furthering my educational, training and/or research goals. Therefore, in
consideration for being allowed to participate in the Project, I hereby transfer and assign to UNCA all
right, title, and interest, including the copyright and any moral rights, which I may have in and to any
inventions, ideas, data, know-how, computer programs, computer source and object code, materials and
information made during the performance of the Project which includes but is not limited to the
Should further documents be required to confirm the transfer and/or assignment of such rights, I agree to
complete the execution of such documents at UNCA’s request and expense.
         To the extent moral rights and/or rights of restraint in the work cannot be assigned under any
applicable law or treaty, I waive such rights in the work and agree not to assert said rights against UNCA,
its licensees to the work, and its successors in interest.
         I represent that the Work is original and that it contains nothing libelous or contrary to law; and
that I am at least 18 years of age and have the full power to enter into this Agreement. I further represent
that the work contains no material from other copyrighted or unpublished works except in cases where
consent has been obtained in writing from the copyright owner and/or the owner of any other rights to or
in such other works. If requested, I will obtain any such written consent as may be required and will
deliver it to UNCA.
         I understand this agreement is a legal document, binding on me, my heirs, successors and assigns.

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