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									                             CALL FOR INDIVIDUAL RESEARCH FELLOWSHIP
               (Rules for research grants under Italian law 240/2010 and Research Grants rules
                of the University of Bologna, issued by Rector’s Decree no. 416 of 19/04/2011)

The official and legally binding announcement is in Italian only. This document cannot be used for legal
purposes and is only meant to provide information in English on the call for applications. Please refer to
the official announcement published on:

                                                 Art.1 - PURPOSE
        The “Bulding and Construction Interdipartimental Center for Industrial Research” (CIRI) of the University
of Bologna offers 1 (ONE) research grant for co-operation activities within the research project: “TESSA”
connected with the enclosed training activities. The fellowship is tendered on the base of presented titles and an
interview, within the following research areas:
        - Fluid mechanics
        - Coastal Structures
        - Oceanography and Physics of the Atmosphere

         The fellowship is tendered according to the regulations of the University of Bologna, issued by Rector’s
Decree no. 416 of 19/04/2011 (Research grants) on funds deriving from TESSA - CMCC, with decision of the
council at meeting on June 29 2012.
Applicants, satisfying admission requirements specified in the following art. 2, shall present with the application ,
titles and publications an original research project within the framework of the above specified research areas.
The research activity will be characterised by a certain degree of flexibility, as required by the nature of the
research, but not developed on a merely occasional basis; it will be continuous and limited in time but not bound
by predefined working periods; research will be performed autonomously with the supervision of a tutor and of a
co tutor chosen among researchers of the CIRI but not in a subordinate position. The tutor identified is Prof
Alberto Lamberti and the co tutor is Prof.ssa Renata Archetti.
The undersigning of the fellowship contract will neither constitute a working or permanent employment contract
nor will it confer any access rights to other academic positions.
The activity will be based primarily at the Building and Construction Interdepartmental Centre for Industrial

                                       Art. 2 - ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS
       The selection is open to candidates with academic qualifications in the following list:
   1. five years Degree (old Italian law) in Engineering, Industrial chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry,
   2. Master degree (new Italian law) issued by the same Faculties,
   3. or similar degree issued abroad with convenient scientific-professional curriculum.
The admission requirements must be fulfilled at the application closure date.
        The selection is not open to:
   relatives up to the fourth degree with a lecturer belonging to the department or institution issuing the
    proposal or the contract, or with the Rector, the General Director or any member of the University’s Board of
   persons who had contracts as research fellow with any institution pursuant to Law no. 240/2010 for a period
    whose total, added to the expected duration of the contract in the call, exceeds four years altogether,
    excluding period of doctoral studies within the limits of legal duration of the course;
   persons who had contracts as research fellows or fixed-term researchers, pursuant to sections 22 and 24 of
    Law no. 240/2010, with the University of Bologna or at other Italian universities, government, non-state or
    online universities, as well as the bodies referred to in paragraph 1 of art. 22 of Law no. 240/2010 for a
    period totalling more than 12 years, when added to the expected duration of the contract put out for tender,
    even if not uninterrupted. For the purpose of the duration of the above said positions, the length of periods
    spent on maternity or sickness leave are not counted, in accordance with the law.
                                                Art. 3 - APPLICATION
Applications on unstamped paper (see the enclosed form) shall be addressed to the Director of the CIRI
“Building and Construction”, Prof. Marco Savoia, and must be delivered strictly within 20th September 2012
at 1:00 pm. Applications received after that deadline will be excluded.
Applications must be handed in or sent in a closed envelope -by registered mail with acknowledgement of
receipt or by courier to
        Segreteria Amministrativa CIRI
        Area della Ricerca - PIANO TERRA
        Via Zamboni, 33
        40126 - BOLOGNA
Office hours: Tuesday to Thursday from 10:00am to 1:00pm with appointment to be planned by phone call at
number 051.20.88468.

        The date of receipt of the application will be ascertained and validated:
-   in case of direct handling: according to the date indicated in the receipt signed by the staff in charge
    of mail receipts at the Center;
-   in case of postal delivery: the stamp with the arrival date placed by the office of the CIRI Building
    and Construction validates the receipt.

        The University administration will accept no responsibility for any lost correspondence due to inaccurate
information provided by candidates regarding their address or by late communication of a change thereto, nor for
any problems related to the postal, electronic or wiring services that are not a direct responsibility of the
University itself.

        The following information must be listed by candidates under their own responsibility:
        - full name,
        - date and place of birth,
        - citizenship,
        - residence and contact address for the purposes of this call;
        - statement as to never having been convicted for criminal offences (if so, specify which);
        - to possess research title in…. awarded by the University of … in date …...(describe titles relevant
            for admission required in Art. 2)

Candidates with a foreign diploma shall enclose a translation into Italian or English of the diploma and a self-
certification stating its compliance with the original document.
The foreign diploma has to be accepted by the Assessment Board for the sole purpose of the admission.
Winners will be required to provide, within 30 days from the publication of the list of winners, the official
translation and a legal recognition of their foreign qualification issued by the relevant Italian diplomatic authorities
in their countries, in accordance to the applicable rules and regulations of the Center.
Winners who do not provide the above mentioned documents by the deadline will be excluded from the list.

Candidates should normally enclose the following documents together with the application:
    academic and professional Curriculum Vitae (CV);
    Self-certificates of degree with degree mark, and list of exams taken with grades or class;
    Acceptable titles and publications in conformity with Art.4 of this call. Academic and/or professional
       degrees may be self-certified as a replacement of the original ones or enclosed as plain copy, provided
       that they are duly accompanied by a substitute statement or declaration (attached form). If it is not
       signed in the presence of the personnel in charge for the receipt, the substitute statement or declaration
       must accompanied by a signed copy of an identity document.
    Any letters of recommendation of professors or researchers who are not members of the Assessment
       Panel (Art. 4 of the present call), maximum three.
    Other titles certifying the training and skills of the candidate.
    Degree thesis and, if available, PhD thesis.

The oral exam will consist of an interview, that can be done also by internet video call (i.e. skype), regarding the
relevant qualifications of the candidate, his training and experience and the proposed research project.
          In the application form, applicants with disabilities may require, in accordance with Art.3 of the Italian
Law no.104 of 5.12.1992, the benefits in compliance with Art.20 of the same act, by including - in original or
certified copy - the medical or official disability certification issued by the relevant medical commission or
institution in the home country.

         Candidates must sign their application form. The signature is mandatory, but does not need to be

        Candidates are admitted to the selection procedure with reservation. The Administration can decide the
exclusion from the selection procedure at any moment, also after the interview by a motivated act, that will
transmitted to the interested candidate.

        Candidates and their research projects will be comparatively evaluated by an Assessment Panel
appointed by the CIRI council.
        The evaluation of the candidates, based on criteria predetermined by the Panel, will concern the
presented research project, their qualifications, their scientific and professional CV and their scientific production
as documented by the enclosed qualifications and by the interview aiming at checking their research capacity
and aptitude.
        The interview will be carried out in Italian or in English, and in any case knowledge of the English
language will be assessed on topics of the research area in which the project was presented.
Information are available at: + or
Interview are planned for September 25 2012 at DICAM Idraulica – Facoltà di Ingegneria dell'Università di
Bologna, Viale Risorgimento, 2 Bologna, or by internet video call (e.g. Skype), being present at 10:00 am. The
applicants must present a valid identity document.
Applicants that will opt for the video interview shall require that expressly in the application form declaring that
the station from which they will sustain the interview has a webcam, essential for the recognition of the
candidate, and is equipped with microphone and headphones. They must also state that their station has the
technical specifications necessary to support the connection (see specifications below this notice).
Applicants must present the ID document submitted with the application to the Panel, at the beginning of the
The video interviews and the interviews at the CIRI are held on the same day. The video interview may be
followed by the public in the virtual room designed for that purpose.

        At the end of the selection procedure, the Assessment Panel will draft a qualification graded list on the
basis of the scores obtained. The list will effective for 12 months be made available at the examination site. In
case of applicants with an equal final score, the youngest will be favoured.
The Director of the CIRI will formally ratify by decree the graded list set by the Assessment Panel evaluation.
The graded list can be used to activate further fellowships within the research areas mentioned in Art. 1. of the
present call.

                           Art. 5 – DURATION AND AMOUNT OF THE FELLOWSHIP
        The research fellowship will have a duration of 12 months and may be extended in accordance with the
Research Grant regulations of the University of Bologna, issued by Rectorial Decree no. 416 of 19/04/2011.
        The amount of the research grant is equal to € 19.367,00 per year, which is exempt from income tax but
subject to compulsory social security contribution. The fellowship will be paid in monthly instalments.
        Recipients who will have paid the requested contribution, will benefit from insurance cover for accidents
at work, which will be withheld from the first instalment of the research grant.

                           Art. 6 – FORMALISATION OF THE RESEARCH CONTRACT
        The winning candidates will be invited to sign the research contract with CIRI not later than 05 July 2012.
        If, for any reason, a selected candidate will not sign the contract within the deadline communicated by
CIRI, the right to sign the contract will be lost.
                                              Art. 7 – RIGHTS AND DUTIES
   a) The scholarships are subject to the dispositions of compulsory maternity leave, the provisions of the
Decree of the Minister of Labour and Social Welfare July 12, 2007, published in the Official Gazette No. 247,
October 23, 2007, and, for the sickness leave, section 1, paragraph 788, of Law passed on December 27, 2006,
No. 296, including amendments.
   b) The activity of the grant-holder is performed under the supervision of the tutor, without a pre-set working
hours. The contractor will work directly as specified by the plan of the scheduled activities without resorting to a
   c) At the end of the activity, the grant holder will submit a detailed description reporting his/her activities,
achievements and scientific output, together with the tutor’s final opinion.
   d) The grant may include a period of study abroad, according to a schedule to be determined with the
structure and costs charged on the structure, notwithstanding the possibility to obtain sponsorship incentives.

                                     Art. 8 – INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RULES
        The rights of intellectual and industrial ownership concerning the results obtained during activities carried
out for the University and/or with resources and/or information of the University – e.g. software, industrial
invention with or without patent, models, know-how, data and collation of data        (hereafter “results”) – belong
exclusively to the University, which will freely dispose of such rights (i.e. use without constraints), considering,
however, the research fellow’s moral and inalienable right to be recognized as author or inventor. The research
grant holder has the right to publish the results, except when publication might compromise the University right
to protect results. The grant holder must therefore inform the tutor of the potential “Results” obtained and will
disseminate them only with the permission of the tutor. The grant holder must underwrite a confidentiality
agreement with the Structure which will be attached to this agreement.

                           Art. 9 – NON-AGGREGATION, INCOMPATIBILITY, SUSPENSION
1. The following positions are incompatible with the research grant holder position:
 a) temporary and permanent staff as per section 22, sub-section 1 of law no.240/2010;
 b) employees at private institutions whether on full-time, part-time, or fixed term or open-term contracts. For
    state employees other than those referred to in subparagraph a) the reference to the provisions in
    paragraph 2;
 c) fixed-term researchers at any university;
 d) adjunct professors with teaching responsibilities in the official curriculum and at the graduate schools of any
 e) enrolment in the undergraduate or master’s degree, PhD with scholarship or graduate school, Masters,
    International Training. The self-funded research grant consistent with enrolment in non-medical
    specialization schools, for which no grant or bursary is received, unless authorized in advance by the
    Council of the body, after consulting tutor.
 f) holders of another research grant at any institution.
2. State employees other than in point a) whether on a fixed or permanent part-time contract will be put on
   unpaid leave for the duration of the contract.
3. Self-employment is compatible with the research grant only if authorized in advance by the governing board
   of the structure subject to the reasoned opinion of the tutor and verification that the activity further research
   with respect to the allowance does not affect the regular course of business.
4. There will be no overlap of the research with grants for any reason whatsoever, except those awarded by
   national or foreign institutions to integrate, with periods abroad, the research duties of the holder.
5. These requirements must be complied with at the time of the contract period. The grant winner will make an
   affidavit declaration, undertaking to inform the institution of any changes to the statement, in concomitance
   with the change itself.

                                             Art. 10 – FORFEITURE
         Recipients who do not sign the contract by the deadline indicated by the Center will no longer be entitled
to the research grant, except in case of properly documented illness or force majeure.
                                Art. 11 - SAFEGUARD LAWS AND INFORMATION
Whatever is not specified in this call will be governed by Research Grants rules of the University of Bologna,
issued by Rector’s Decree n. 416 of 19/04/2011 as well as the University regulations and the currently applicable
Italian legislation.
          In accordance with arts. 7 and 13 of Legislative Decree no.196 of 30 June 2003, personal data
provided by candidates in the application form will be processed for the only purpose of the assignment of the
fellowships and the ensuing relevant procedures.
          This call for individual research grant will be posted both at the University of Bologna, Central
Administration and at the Building and Construction Interdepartmental Centre for Industrial Research notice
board. It will also be publicised on the University of Bologna’s web site and on the European Commission
Internet portal.

        Bologna, 09 august 2012

                                                                  THE HEAD OF THE CIRI

                                                                  Prof. Marco Savoia

Operating system for the internet video interview (see art. 4):

Windows® XP or Windows 7; Windows Vista®
(32-bit or 64-bit edition with 32-bit browser)
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 ; Mozilla Firefox 3 or later; Google Chrome

Mac OS X v10.4, 10.5, or 10.6 (Intel); Mac OS X v10.4 (PowerPC)
Mozilla Firefox 3 or later; Apple Safari 4 or 5; Google Chrome

Ubuntu 10 (32 bit or 64 bit)
Mozilla Firefox 3 or later
Research project: Fluid mechanics for energy and environmental applications
The action plan is part of the project “Tecnopoli, CIRI Building and Construction, Fluid-dynamics Unit”, duration

The research themes of the Unit, which the project refers to, are the following.
       - Management of urban hydraulic networks. Measurement of water consumption and losses.
       - Defense and management of ground water resources.
       - Harbors and navigation.
       - Sustainable littoral defense and protection of the coastal zones from extreme events.
       - Measurement and monitoring of waves, currents and sediment transport in the coastal and fluvial
       - Hydrology and management of mountain reservoirs.
       - Alluvial channel management,
       - Energy saving in water systems.
       - Conversion and exploitation of wave and current energy.
       - Geothermal energy exploitation and groundwater thermal pollution.

Given the project topics of TESSA, preference will be given for these topics:
        - dynamics of the coastal zone, sustainable coastal defense and protection of the coastline from
            extreme events;
        - prediction, measurement and monitoring of waves, currents and sediment transport in coastal
            environment and estuaries;
        - Exploitation of renewable energies at sea.

For this call research projects are requested in the following topics.

Research area and activity: Fluid dynamics applied to analysis and management of coastal zones

The research grant holder with the supervision of the tutor is supposed to gain experience and capacity to carry
out industrial research on the following topics:

       Modelling of the coastal zone: Set up, calibration and validation of wave models and transport models in
        coastal areas in presence of ports.
       Coupling of the models with large scale forecasting circulation models.
       Analysis of results aimed to define the hazard in the marine environment: regarding the ecosystem
        quality, the flooding risk from storms and the navigation.
       Modelling of the oil spill in presence of sea waves and weathering processes.
                                          APPLICATION FORM
                         (the application must be submitted on headed paper)

                                                                 To the Director of CIRI Bulding and Construction
                                                                    Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna.

The undersigned (surname and first name)

born in ______________________________(________) on _____________________________

Resident in : ________________________________________________ (City, Country)

Address ___________________________________ Post code __________

Telephone (optional) _______/ _____________; E-mail address : _____________________________

                                                  IS APPLYING FOR

the competition for the awarding of no. 2 fellowships for research activity to be carried out at the CIRI Bulding
and Construction of the University of Bologna, with reference to the call. __________________


- citizenship (specify) ______________________________________________;
- not to have been convicted for criminal offences (if so, indicate which); ____________________
-to have been awarded a five-year-postgraduate degree in ______________________________
at University of _____________________________________ on (date)_________________;
- to request the assessment of the following qualifications by the Assessment Board, with reference to art. no. 4
of this call (see enclosed self-certification form)
- to have a disability and to be in need of these aids ______________________________
- not to have a degree of kinship or affinity up to the fourth grade with a lecturer belonging to the department or
institution issuing the proposal for activation of the contract, that is with the Rector, the General Director or any
member of the University’s Board of Directors.

The undersigned will receive all communications regarding the competition at the following address
______________________________________________, and will advise of any change of address.



___________________                                                        ______________________
(Place and Date)                                                           (Candidate’s Signature)
                   (pursuant to Italian law D.P.R. no. 445 passed on 28th December 2000)

                               (to be supplied with reference to art. 3 of this call)

The undersigned (surname and first name)

born in ______________________________(________) on _____________________________
               city                         Country

Address ___________________________________ Post code __________
                    City, Country

Telephone (optional) _______/ _____________;

aware that providing false information and/or false documents is subject to penalty and exclusion from the
awarding of the research grant, in accordance with art. no. 75 and 76 of Italian law D.P.R. no. 445 of 28th
December 2000


1) he/she has obtained the doctoral degree at the University of ________________ on (date) ________
has obtained the three-year-postgraduate degree at the University of ________________________on
has an admission certificate to the final examination for the qualifications required by this call.
2) he/she possessed the following further academic and professional qualifications (indicate any necessary
3) That the copies of the following titles are identical to the original documents (to be filled only in case
photocopies are enclosed)

___________________                                                       ______________________
(Place and Date)                                                          (Candidate’s Signature)

(N.B. A copy of a valid ID document must be enclosed in case the self-certification is not signed before the
Receiving Officer)

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