Mp3 Player Loan Agreement by lizzy2008


									                                                              LOAN AGREEMENT

                                                                   entered into between

                                                   The University of the Western Cape
                                                    (the Department of Social Work)
                                                    (hereinafter referred to as “The Institution”)

                                                                          - and -
                          (Please Print)
                  Title                         Full Names                          Surname             Student Number

                  ID/passport Number            Country of Issue                    Expiry Date         Nationality
Student Details

                  Physical Address                                                  Postal Address

                                                         Telephone Numbers                              E-Mail
                  Home                          Work                                Cell

                  Institution                   Course/Program                      Yr                  Faculty

                                                        (hereinafter referred to as “The student”)

                  The Department of Social Work, acting on behalf of the University of the Western Cape, is prepared to
                  loan a mp3 player (being the property of the Institution) identified in Appendix “A” to the student,
                  whose details are set out above, for use in the Social Work IV course on the terms and conditions set
                  out hereunder:

                                                         Terms & Conditions of Loan

                          1.    The student (i.e. the borrower) acknowledges that the mp3 player is the property of the
                                Institution and is loaned to him/her subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement
                          2.    The student agrees to return the mp3 player and the accompanying USB extension cable, Mini
                                jack to mini jack and headphones by the end of the 2007 academic year.
                          3.    The student shall treat the mp3 player with care and maintain its safety.
4.    The student may not attempt to or purport to be able to transfer ownership without the
      knowledge and formal written approval of the Department of Social Work and relevant
      officials of the Institution.
5.    The student shall do his/her utmost to prevent damage to or loss of the mp3 player. The
      student may not leave it unattended in a vehicle, class room or public place. In the event of
      loss or damage to the mp3 player the student undertakes to file a police report that will include
      all the details of the theft or damage and report such incident to the Department of Social
      Work without delay.
6.    The student may not install a different operating system or delete any of the installed software
      on the mp3 player. The student may, however, install any legal software on the mp3 player
      with the understanding that:
             The student is aware of the impact that such installation will have on the operating
                system and installed software. The Institution’s ICS technical support department
                will not be held liable for any malfunctions due to software installed by the student.
             Support for the installed application will have to be requested via a written request
                from the student’s department to the relevant ICS department/section.
7.    The student will comply with the Institutions’ policies regarding ICT use.
8.    The student shall have use of the mp3 player only whilst remaining a registered UWC student
      enrolled for the Social Work IV course and will return the mp3 player the same day the
      student withdraws from the course, or is on suspension.
9.    The student shall use the mp3 player as an academic tool only and may not endeavour to sell
      or to lease such mp3 player and, furthermore, may not loan the mp3 player to any other
10.   The mp3 player must be returned in the same condition as it was issued to the student. Normal
      wear and tear is acceptable, provided that there is no damage to the display screen. The
      student shall not alter, disassemble or attempt to repair the mp3 player or any of its
11.   The student shall be responsible for the protection of his/her data. The Institution will not be
      held liable for loss of data due to malfunction and/or breakdown of the mp3 player. The
      student is advised to store data on alternative mediums (e.g. USB drives) and/or the student’s
      home drive.
12.   The student shall be responsible for the removing of and backing up of personal and academic
      files, email messages and addresses, bookmarks, etc. prior to returning the mp3 player to the
      Institution on the expiry of this agreement or in the case of repairs/maintenance.
13.   The student is responsible for the replacement of batteries during the period of use.
14.   The student shall ensure that no software copyrights are infringed. The student shall be solely
      responsible for any infringement of such rights caused by or related to the students’ use of the
      mp3 player.
15.   The student agrees to immediately provide the appropriate office of the Institution and/or the
      Department of Social Work due notice of any change in his/her personal details, e.g., change
      of address, contact numbers.
      I, the undersigned, have read, understand, and agree to the above:
 Student Name                                         Student Signature             Date of Signature

 Department of Social Work Personnel Name             Department of Social Work Personnel Signature

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