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					                                   The Clearwater School
                                   Contract for Transportation
                                  September 1 2012-June 30, 2013

The following constitutes an agreement between The Clearwater School and the Guarantor
(Self/Parent/Guardian) as follows:

       The Clearwater School will provide daily (Monday through Friday) transportation between
       Seattle and The Clearwater School, 1510 196th St SE, Bothell, WA 98012, from September
       10, 2011, through June 14, 2012, using the route and schedule outlined in section 3.
       The Guarantor will pay--in one payment or in monthly installments--the fee for this
       transportation program as outlined below (See sections 1, 2, 3 and 4).

1.     Annual Fee*
            Code Description                    Fee
            FT     (4-5 days/week)              $700/year
            PT     (3 days/week)                $600/year
            PR     Per ride fee**               $3/ride or $5/round trip

       *Annual fees are calculated based on the total number of school days, and may be divided into
       10 equal monthly payments. Hence, the monthly rate is the same regardless of the number of
       school days in a month. No refunds will be given for brief, temporary lack of bus service—see
       Attachment B for examples.

       **Per ride fee also requires sufficient notice before using the bus. Drop-in riders are
       accommodated only if space is available. Riders without a part-time or full-time contract are
       not guaranteed space on the bus.

2.     Deposits and Payment Schedule

Contracts are binding from month to month and require one month’s notice to terminate.

       Option 1
       Payment made in monthly installments:
             A non-refundable deposit equivalent to one month’s fee is due by June 30, 2012,
             to reserve a seat on the bus for the 2012-2013 school year. All subsequent monthly
             payments are due the first day of the month of service, beginning September 1, 2012.
             The last payment will be due May 1, 2013. The deposit will be applied to the June
             payment.. At any time during the school year, the outstanding balance of the annual fee
             may be paid in full.

       Option 2
       Payment made in full:
             A non-refundable deposit equivalent to one month’s fee is due by June 30, 2012,
             The reminder of the entire annual fee may be paid by September 1, 2011. Payment in
             full eases the school’s bookkeeping burden and is encouraged. It also eliminates the
             possibility of being charged a late fee. Should a pre-paid bus rider terminate the
             contract mid-year, the school will give a pro-rated refund for unused bus service.

11-12 TCS Bus Contract
3.     Rider Enrollment
       A.    Route
             Morning Route (To School)
             Arrives at Clearwater at 9:25am
             #1            8:50am        8238 20th Ave NE, Seattle Carr/Klein Home
             #2            9:00am        35th Ave NE & NE 125th Street Seattle, Church Parking Lot
             #3            9:05am        7638 Bothell Way NE Kenmore Lanes Parking Lot

              Evening Route (From School)
              Leaves Clearwater at 4:30pm
              #3          5:00pm        7638 Bothell Way NE Kenmore Lanes Parking Lot
              #2          5:05pm        35th Ave NE & NE 125th Street, Seattle, Church Parking Lot
              #1          5:15pm        8238 20th Ave NE, Seattle 98115 Carr/Klein Home

              Note: Schedule is subject to change—due to traffic or adjustments made during
              the year.

       B.     Schedule
              Please fill out one schedule for each rider. Fill in the bus stop codes from above for
              each day the rider will need transportation.


                         Monday       Tuesday        Wednesday          Thursday        Friday


                         Monday       Tuesday        Wednesday          Thursday        Friday


                         Monday       Tuesday        Wednesday          Thursday        Friday

4.     Terms
       Please make checks payable to: The Clearwater School
       Payment must be delivered in person or by mail by the deadlines specified above.
       A late fee of $25 is charged for payments received on or after the 10th day of the month.
       The deposit and current fees must be paid in full before a student will be allowed to ride.

11-12 TCS Bus Contract
5.     Changes to Contract
       The Clearwater School reserves the right to change routes and fees as needed to ensure that
       the majority of riders are served and to maintain a viable operating budget. Because of volatile
       fuel prices, a fuel surcharge may be levied on all bus riders at any time during the term of this

6.     Bus Policies and Rules
        Each family will be provided with and expected to follow the Bus Rules and Polices. Signing
        this contract indicates your agreement to follow the bus rules and policies.

7.     Signatures
       As Rider/s, and as Guardian of the above enrolled rider/s and Guarantor for payment of
       required fees, we have read this contract and its attachments and agree to all terms, rules,
       policies, and procedures outlined in these documents. We also agree that the bus driver may
       carry a copy of riders’ emergency contact information (including medical) while operating bus.

              Signature of Students/Riders                                         Date

              Signature of Parent/Guardian/Guarantor                               Date

              Signature of Clearwater representative                               Date

11-12 TCS Bus Contract

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