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Cat Arthritis


How to deal with cat arthritis with heated cat beds.

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									Cats With Arthritis

How To Deal With Cats With Arthritis

Just like humans, cats can experience arthritis also. The most common form of arthritis happens due to
join fatigue. The more the cat uses his joints, the more he destroys the cartilage that is in between two
bones. When the cartilage is gone, the bones rub on each other causing inflammation and pain. Friction
between bones is usually how the pain starts. However, there is hope. Don’t fall into depression yet.
There are many signs and symptoms that you can notice if your pet has arthritis. Unfortunately, most
symptoms are only noticeable once the arthritis has progressed very far. There are still various
treatments to make your pet feel more comfortable.

Signs And Symptoms Of Cat Arthritis

Symptoms are very easy to notice. Once your pet matures or gets old, it is time to see if he or she is
suffering from arthritis. This is a common disease that plagues both humans and pets. Once your pet
reaches a certain age, it might be a good idea to look at how healthy your pet is by going to a doctor.
The most common signs and symptoms are limping and joint stiffness. This is easy to see because a cat
will walk normally but if your pet walks irregularly, then you will know that something is bothering your

Treatment Of Cat Arthritis

Just like humans, there is no cure for arthritis. There are ways to deal with arthritis and lessen the pain
so that you pet can still live a normal and happy life. The pain can sometimes be intolerable which is one
of the reason your pet may not try to move. He may just lie down in one place and stay there for a long
time. One of the best ways to treat arthritis pain for cats is by giving him a heated cat bed. The heat
from the bed is very comfortable and it will allow your cats muscles and joints to relax.

There are also various medications that you can use for your pet to help stop the pain. Some
medications, such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and corticosteroids are used
sometimes if the pain is too strong. This will bring relief temporarily. Like I said, there is no cure for
arthritis but it doesn’t mean we cannot treat the pain. By treating the pain, your pet can still live a
normal and full life. Don’t let arthritis bring your pet down. Treat the pain and let it live a great life. It is
the same for humans; we try and minimize the pain as much as possible so that we can live better.

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