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                          EVICTION NOTICE WORKSHEET
                            Prepared on: March 21, 2009

Landlord or
Manager Name:              _________________________
Address                    _________________________
                           _________________________, ___ __________

Tenant Name:               _________________________
Address:                   _________________________
                           _________________________, ___ __________
Phone:                     ______________

Rental Unit
Address:                   _________________________
                           _________________________, ___ __________

Reason(s) for Eviction:
Non-payment of rent
      Rental payment was due on __________________.
      Rent is delinquent for the month of _______________.
      Amount of monthly rental payment is $0.00.
      Total amount still due $0.00.

Tenant held over in rental unit after the lease ended
                     Tenant has been in the rental property for 0 days after the lease period ended.

            Violation of rental agreement

            Illegal activities

            The following have information which might be useful to support the eviction:

            Witness Name:                _________________________
            Address:                     _________________________
                                         _________________________, ___ __________
            Phone:                       ______________
            Witness knowledge:           _________________________

                     Amount of damage to the rental unit caused by the Tenant: $0.00

damage: _________________________

            There are printed rules governing the rental agreement. A copy of these rules is attached.

            The lease is governed by _________________________ law.

            The notice of eviction should be served to the tenant by: Sheriff

            Possible Tenant defenses to the eviction: _________________________

            Tenant's Employer:           _________________________
            Address:                     _________________________
                                         _________________________, ___ __________
            Phone:                       ______________

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