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					                                Transfer: Making it Happen Contract 2010-2011
To provide college and transfer information to high school and community college students that will assist in their
academic and financial planning and preparation for educational opportunities after graduation or during their transition
from a community college to a four-year educational institution.

    To provide high school students and parents with the necessary tools and information to actively pursue post-
      secondary education
    To provide community college students with the necessary tools and information to transfer to four-year
      educational institution
    To provide mentoring and advisement through ongoing meetings with program advisor

Mandatory Activity Dates
   November 4, 2010 – South County Cal-SOAP College Fair at Gilroy High School (5pm-7pm in the Stud. Ctr.)*
   January 1 – January 31, 2011 – Complete FAFSA & Cal-Grant Applications*
   March 25, 2011 – TMIH Retreat at Gavilan Community College
   April 15, 2011 – Gavilan Traveling Days at GHS, SBHS, and Live Oak HS
   Take the Gavilan/Community College Assessment Test before the end of April at your high school (Visit the
      college & career center for the next test available)!
   May (Spring Date and Time TBA) – TMIH Graduation Ceremony at Gavilan Community College*
   June/July, 2011 -- Attend the 6-week Summer Bridge Program at Gavilan Community College

Recommended Activities
    Cal-SOAP college and financial aid workshops (see your Cal-SOAP counselor/advisor for specific dates, time,
      and topic of the workshops)
    College representative visits at your school (visit career center for dates of visitations)
    College Campus tours (see your Cal-SOAP counselor/advisor for more information about future tours)

Upon high school graduation,
    I am interested in enrolling in (pick one after referring to the website):
       TRIO     MESA       EOPS       DRC Puente           Transfer Institute
       at Gavilan Community College.

       I am interested in transferring to ______________________________________ (name of the 4 year college)
        After (circle one) 2 years       3 years       4 years      at Gavilan Community College.

I ______________________________ commit to participate in all TMIH activities (workshops, college tours, graduation,
Summer Bridge Program). I confirm that I am planning to attend Gavilan Community College and I plan to transfer to a
four-year college upon meeting the requirements.

Due to the importance of parental support in a student’s education, we are requesting that parents/guardians also commit
to participate in activities. By signing below, the parent/guardian is committing to participate in all TMIH activities that
require parental involvement (see items with *).

Where may we contact you 1 year from now? 2 years from now? 3 years from now?
Student’s phone number: (       ) ____________-______________
Student’s e-mail address: _________________________________
Student’s home address: _____________________________City: _________________ State: _____ Zip code: ___

Student ID: ________________                 High School: ______________________________________

__________________________________                                 ________________________________
Student Signature         Date                                     Parent/Guardian Signature Date

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