This Is A Loan Agreement Between Paul Julius Eulberg

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					This is a loan agreement between Paul Julius Eulberg (now referred as Paul) and Bret
Eulberg (now referred as Bret). Paul is lending Bret a total sum of $160,000.00. This
sum comes as a consolidation of all past loans, memorandums and his share of his mother
estate, that Paul has given Bret. Bret agrees to pay Paul 12 monthly payments of $1,500.
In year two, the monthly payments shall be $2,000 and year three until the loan is paid
for, the monthly payments will be $2,500. See payment schedule (for you see the excel
spread sheet). Bret will personally guarantee the loan. Bret shall secure the loan with the
business called What's Poppin' Inc, which includes the registered trade mark What's
Poppin', the domain names and,
equipment and all recipes. Bret will also collateralize the loan with $75,000 worth of
gold jewelry inventory that is held in Love Jewelry LLC's current jewelry inventory,
which is currently located Robert Haack Diamond Importers, in Milwaukee, WI. In the
event Bret sells Robert Haack, he must pay off the balance in full with Paul. Monthly
payments will be made by Love Jewelry LLC.

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