Eviction Process English by lizzy2008


The entire eviction process will take an estimated 30 to 45 days to
1.    3-Day Notice:      This notice gives the tenant 3 days to either:
                         a.     Pay the rent.
                         b.     Make arrangements with the landlord to
                                the pay rent.
                         c.     Move out.
Once the three days have expired, on the fourth day the actual eviction
can be filed with the courts.
2.    Eviction Case Filed:      The Clerk is paid the filing fee of $195.00.
      5 Day Summons:            This notice is served by a certified process
                                server within 24 hours after received.

Once the 5-day summons is served, the tenant has 5 working days to:
                          a.  Pay the rent.
                          b.  Move out.
                          c.  Respond to court with answer and
                              supposed to put rent that’s due into the
                              court registry. Enforced in Broward not
                              Dade County.
3.   Default Package:         This package can be filed on the 6th day
                              after the 5-day summons is served, if:
     Affidavit of Non-Payment a. The tenant has not answered summons.
     Non-Military Affidavit   b. The tenant answered the complaint but
     Affidavit of Cost           failed to put the rent that’s due into the
     Affidavit of Proof          courts registry.
      Motion for Default
      Verified Return of Service
      Final Judgment for Removal of Tenant
Once these document are submitted with the courts, you must wait until
the Clerk enter the Default, and the Judge assigned to the case must
sign the Final Judgment for Removal of Tenant. A copy is mailed to you.
4.     Final Judgment For Removal of Tenant:
Once you receive this document by US Mail, if the tenant has not moved
out, the next step is to have the sheriff serve the Writ of Possession.
5.     Writ of Possession:      (24 Hour Notice) This document can only
       be served by the police department. The Sheriff or Police
       Department charge a fee of: Dade County:           $115.00
                                   Broward County:        $90.00
                                Palm Beach County:        $90.00
       for this service. The Sheriff has complete control, they will
       instruct you what they want you to do. Remember, you are
       dealing with the police department, so follow their
       instructions to the letter, until completion.

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