Equipment Loan Agreement Form by lizzy2008


									9.1                        EQUIPMENT LOAN AGREEMENT

Sonoma State University, hereinafter referred to as “University,” agrees, for the benefit of the University,
to loan to:




Hereinafter referred to as “Lendee”

The equipment described below which is to be used exclusively for the University business of

For the period from                                            to                             ___________
                        Month       Day     Year                        Month     Day         Year

In accordance with State Administrative Manual Section 8643, I understand I will be charged for any loss
and/or damage to State property due to my negligence and/or unauthorized use.

I, the Lendee am responsible for returning the equipment to the University and I agree to assume the risk
of loss from any cause whatsoever. If the equipment is lost, I agree to pay the estimated replacement
value stated below. If the equipment is damaged, I agree to pay the cost of repair, said amount not to
exceed the estimated replacement value stated below. I will be responsible for the cost of returning the
equipment to the point of origin.

______________________________/__                                                             /        ____   _/
Lendee Name   (Print)                                   Lendee Signature                             Date

                   EQUIPMENT IDENTIFICATION (to be completed by Property Custodian)

        Property                                                    Location                 Estimated
        Number             Description         Serial                Room                Replacement Value
                            of Item           Numbers                Bldg.

                                                          Respective Property Custodian -
  Approved – Property Manager                             Acknowledgement of copy received

                                Date:                                                        Date:

                                                                                                      Revised 2/9/2006

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