UNIT 7.focus by girlbanks


LANGUAGE FOCUS Aims: To help students how to pronounce/ei/ ,/ai/,/ i/ and practise them To review the present perfect tense and the use of ”because of”, ’inspite of “ Teaching aids: Textbooks, handouts,charts PROCEDURE WARM-UP: Groupwork game - T delivers the handouts,asks Ss to classify the words following their pronunciation: Handout Wildlife enjoy day climb Style fly toy noisy Demonstration place airline railway Afraid buy radio paper Time play destroy height - The winner is the first group having more right words NEW LESSON: 1.PRONUNCIATION Activity1 -Ss open the books -T asks Ss to read three words in three columns and writes on the board the vowels to practise /ei/ /ai/ / i/ -Ss listen and repeat ,word by word(book open) -Some Ss model -Ss listen and repeat ,sentence by sentence(book open) _Ss practise in pairs,T goes round and helps Activity2:groupwork -T asks Ss to close the books and say any sentences that have the vowel the T gives Ex:T-/ai/-------S:”Would you like the pine on the right?” 2.THE PRESENT PERFECT TENSE Activity1: Exercise1(p.80) -T explains the aim of the test -Ss do the test in pairs -T asks some pairs to say aloud the answers _Ss give feedback first then T corrects Keys :1.have been, 2.has lived, 3.have met, 4.have done, 5.has had, 6.have taken, 7.have watched Exercise 2(the same procedure) Keys:1.since, 2.ago, 3.for, 4.for , 5.since, 6.for, 7.ago, 8.ago, 9.since, 10.since Activity2: -T asks Ss why they use the P.P tense in those sentences in the exercise 1 -Ss answer -T summarizes the use of the tense again

-T turns to exeecise 2,asks Ss to explain the use of “since, for and ago “ 3.BECAUSE OF ,IN SPITE OF Activity1: -Ss work in pairs to find out the difference between”BECAUSE OF “and “IN SPITE OF” -T gives feedback Activity2: -T explains the exercise3,new words( cancel,demolish) and models first Ex:Because of the cold weather,we kept the fire burning all night In spite of the cold weather,we all wore shorts -Ss work in pairs ,complete the sentences,using the information in the box -T goes round and helps Keys:1.c,f -2.b,d -3.a,e -4.h,j -5.i,g HOMEWORK: -Redo the exercies -Prepare the next lesson

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