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					I began my work with the Servants of Mary in 1989 as an Associate. It was a profound experience to
minister with women who had devoted their lives to serving God’s people. Seven years later, I decided
to become a sister with the Servants of Mary. I continued to be amazed by the sisters who have given
so much in the name of compassion. However, as I look at those who have also become associates, I am
honored to call them community, and am privileged to minister alongside of them.

 For nearly 25 years, the Sisters of the Servants of Mary have widened their membership to include
Associates Members. This has been a grace for the Servants of Mary. We have been able to expand our
compassionate presence through dedicated men and women who have responded to a commitment to
deepening their spirituality, connecting to community and ministering with the same convictions to
compassion, justice and hope for the world.

 When Associate Membership began, we used the tagline, “We believe in who we are and what we do
together.” At first I thought, that’s a nice saying, but what does it truly mean? As I have come to know
many of our associates and their outlook on how they approach their life, careers, families and
volunteer services, I am touched by how many ways the Servants of Mary are able to extend
compassion. This year, we are proud to have associates involved in mission projects in New Orleans and
Guatemala. I have a greater appreciation for “we believe in who we are, and what we do together.”

 The ability of the Servants of Mary to be an active presence in offering support, compassion and prayer
is vital. Our numbers continue to expand, not in the traditional sense of women entering to become a
sister, but in a new and vibrant way – women and men entering into our spirituality, community and
ministry as Associate members.

Would you like to know more about Associate Membership? Please feel free to contact the Servants of
Mary Associate Membership Office at (402) 951-3066 or

Sr. Lisa Sheridan, OSM


Servants of Mary, Associate Membership

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