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									Calgary Community Network
        Who Are We?

 The  Calgary Community Network
  Association is a Non-Profit, Charitable
 Provide access to the use and
  understanding of information
  technology to non-profit organizations
  and those in the general public without
  the resources to do so.
   CCNA      fee is $10.00 per year.
   Fee    can be waived.
   Currently over 1200 registered users.
   Option to upgrade to more hours per
         Dial Up Access Desired                          Fee
     4 hrs/day in 1 hr increments, TEXT ONLY         $20.00 per year
Unlimited hrs/day in 2 hour increments, TEXT ONLY    $55.00 per year
Unlimited hrs/day in 2 hour increments, GRAPHICAL   $105.00 per year
Full Membership Privileges
 Eligibility to create and manage your
  own Home Page.
 Discounts on services provided by the
 Voting privileges at meetings.
 Eligibility to sit for the Board of
         Barrier Project
 Our  newest program.
 We solicit used computers from
  organizations, refurbish them, and loan
  them to families with school aged children
  who need them for school.
 Full support in the home and computer lab
  is provided.
 We have the funding and are now putting
  the program into place.
 Public Access Terminals

 Currently  have seven sites with an
  average of four computers per site.
 Set up and maintain equipment.
 Train volunteers.
 Wheel Chair access at most sites.
 Working towards more multicultural
  instruction Centres.

 Currentlyoperating four minimal cost
 courses for:
  – New Users
  – Beginners (no computer skills)
  – Intermediate (computer skills, but no
    knowledge of the Internet)
 Operate three classes per month for
 seniors at no charge.

 Various non-profit organizations.
 Urban Cap Project.
 VolNet Project.

  – We lend our expertise to these groups and
    assist with training.
Sponsors and Supporters

 Calgary Public Library
 Calgary Community Lottery Board
 Calgary Foundation
 Hasmarc Networking
 IBM Canada
 Kanahoff Foundation
 Max Bell Foundation
    CCNA is volunteer led, not
         grant fed .....
 Fund Raising Committee
 Information Providers Committee
 Volunteer Coordinating Committee
 HTML Committee
 Help Desk Committee
 Technical Committee
 Education (Courses) Committee
 Newsletter Committee
 Public Access Terminal (PATs) Committee
 Presentation Information
 Created for: Calgary Community
               Network Association
 Created by: Greg Sherwood
  – Volunteer for CCNA

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