The Offer to Target Customers

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					“Lite” Business Plan Template

The offer to target customers

What does your product and/or service do? What benefits make your offer
unique, or just different? What will motivate customers to switch to your
product and/or service? How would you describe a typical customer for your
product and/or service? How would you describe a group(s) of target

The market potential

What is the market potential for your product and/or service? Is the market
growing, staying the same, or declining? How many competitors are there?
How will you compete (e.g. faster service, more convenient etc.)? What sales
can you realistically achieve in the first 6 months? First year?

Reaching target customers

Which route(s) to access your target customers will you use e.g. website, shop
etc. What promotional methods will you use (e.g. email, social media,
advertising etc.)?

Provision of product and/or service

What resources do you need to get started - premises, equipment, machinery
etc.? What is the key function in your business (e.g. scheduling drivers to
collect and deliver parcels)? How much could you provide in total (hours
available and/or maximum production)? Who will be your suppliers and/or

The team

What relevant skills and experience do you have? Who will be responsible for
what in your business? What skills and experience do other team members
bring? Who will act as your Mentor/Adviser?

Simple financials

Will it break-even? What is your own financial contribution to the business? Is
there any additional funding needed? Where will this come from (e.g. owners,
friends, family, bank, business angels, venture capital) What will these funds
be used for?


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