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CaDelMatt - Tere Caude Barbera dAsti Superiore



Working with the Cantina Sociale in Nizza, Matt Thompson selected some of their
best Barbera to make the Ca’ del Matt wines. In each case, our main criteria was to
select ripe, healthy grapes. The former is particularly important for Barbera, where
the acidity at harvest can be very high if the grapes are not fully ripe. We believe
that the Nizza area is one of the very best regions for producing fine Barbera, as the
acidity is generally lower than in other parts of the Asti district. The name Ca’ del
Matt means ‘madhouse’ in the Piemontese dialect, a reflection of the difficulty of
making good Barbera.

Terre Caude means ‘warm earth’ in Piemontese, signifying the importance of the
warm, south-west facing vineyard from which this wine was made. The Tere Caude
was made from grapes grown in a 50-year old hillside vineyard which is among the
oldest plantings of Barbera in Nizza. Yields are naturally low here (6 tonnes per
hectare or about 39 hl/ha). Soils are well-drained, chalky yellow limestone loam
with clay. The grapes are usually picked in mid-October to achieve perfect ripeness.

The wine is fermented on its skins for 10 days, in small, squat tanks with frequent
pumping over to extract good colour and ripe tannins.
Temperatures peaked at about 30°C. Half the blend is then racked into new French
oak at the end of October where it undergoes malolactic fermentation.
The wine is matured in barrique for 12 months.

TASTING NOTES                                                                                                      Vintage: current
The wine has wonderful intensity, depth and length of plummy, chocolatey fruit and                                 Grape varieties: 100% Barbera
shows just how good Barbera can be in Asti.
                                                                                                                   Region: Asti, Piemonte
                                                                                                                   Winemaker: Matt Thompson
                                                                                                                   Alchool: 14% vol
The 2003 vintage was granted a Seal of Approval at the 2006 International Wine
Challenge, and won Bronze at the 2006 Decanter Wine Award.                                                         Bottle size: 75cl

                                                                                                                     case        price p/case       bottle
                                                                                                                     size          ex cellar        price
                                                                                                                    6x75cl.         € 35.70         € 5.95

ITALY OFFICE: Casa La Torre, Via Paiatici 28, 50014 Fiesole (Firenze) Italy - tel.: +39 055 6593664 - fax: +39 055 6593204 - P.I. 05615670485
JAPAN OFFICE: Gustavino - 1fl, 2-3-3 Kyobashi Chuo-Ku, 104-0031 Tokyo, Japan - ph.: +81 (0)3 35176188 - fax: +81 (0)3 35176118

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