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COPING TIPS LEGS chapped.docx


									COPING TIPS LEGS cracked

USE BABY OIL. Malm any use baby oil before bed, do regularly.
Juice of lime. get water lemon, and rub on a broken leg, do it regularly.
PURE HONEY. First wash your feet with warm water, then dry. drinking honey and pour into a
bowl to taste, then rub honey with cotton buds to the damaged surface of the foot, to stand for 30
minutes, rinse with warm water. doing continued regularly during the week.
alum water. then grab a handful of crushed, put alum into a bucket of water in the bucket is
warm feet. soak with massage.
SAP PAPAYA. Apply papaya latex on a broken leg, before the first. Leave on the first leg of
cleared about 20 minutes, then rinse away with water until clean.

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