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					                     Bentley Estates Homeowners Association
                            Rules and Regulations
    Addendum to the existing governing Bylaws & Covenants, Conditions and
Community Rules:

    1. All properties are required to maintain their lawns. Lawns taller than twelve (12) inches are
       considered overgrown and not maintained. If lawns/lots are not maintained, the HOA will
       contract for lawn service to remedy the unmaintained lawn and bill the owner back the services
       with a markup.
    2. All trash and debris must be in trash bins. Do NOT dump/leave any trash (garbage, furniture,
       palettes, tires, etc.) next to a bin or anywhere on community grounds. The city will not pick up
       any trash that has fallen out or is left outside trash bins.
    3. Trash bins must be stored in your enclosed patio area or up against your building. Trash bins are
       only allowed on the street on trash pickup days.
    4. Holiday lighting and seasonal ornaments must be removed within fifteen (15) days after the
    5. Dilapidated vehicles not allowed in view.
    6. All pets must be in their respective enclosed patio area or leashed at all times if out walking. Pet
       owners are responsible for picking up after their pets at all times.
    7. No commercial businesses are allowed to operate in the community.
    8. Owners are responsible for their tenants’ actions and shall provide tenants with Covenants,
       Conditions, & Restrictions as well as Rules & Regulations for Bentley Estates Homeowners

                                            Fine Schedule
Bentley Estates HOA contracted property management company, Magnolia Property Management, to
conduct scheduled inspections to insure owners are abiding by the Rules. Noncompliance notices will
be sent to owners violating the Rules & Regulations, Bylaws, Covenants Conditions & Restrictions or any
other dedicatory instrument. The owner has a specified period to respond with his/her corrective
action. If the owner does not respond to or correct the violation within the specified time period, a fine
will then be assessed.

     Annual Assessment dues must be paid by January 31st. Assessment dues not paid within the
      allotted time period will incur a $50.00 late fine February 1st or 30 days from the date of the
     All assessments, penalties, liens, fines, and other charges shall bear interest; if not paid when
      due, the interest rate will be ten percent (10%) per annum until paid in full.
     Trash bins not stored in approved areas during non-trash pickup days will incur a $10.00 fine per
      bin per week. Justifiable circumstances should be communicated immediately to property
      management company to mitigate fines.
    Force mows/trash pick-up will incur a fine of hard cost plus $20 per overgrown lawn/dumped
     trash incident. A warning letter will be sent giving owner ten (10) days to address or remedy
     the violation.
    Incompletion of construction within 240 days will result in weekly fine of $100 until construction
     / remodel is complete to comply with Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions
    All other Rules Violation (including Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions) will be assessed a
     $10.00 weekly fine if not corrected within the specified time given for each violation.

Fines are assessed when the owner does not take action to correct a violation. Therefore, when you
receive a notice of noncompliance, contact the property management company immediately to notify
them that the notice was received and to give your plan for correcting the violation.

Architectural Control Committee (ACC) Rule

1. Anyone who starts construction including remodeling before receiving approval of plans and color
palette selection from ACC, will incur a $1,000 fine.

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