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3rd grade study guide _2


									                              Study Guide for Music Test #2
                                       3rd grade

 Tempo: the speed of music (fast/slow)

 Dynamics: the volume of music
    o piano (p)- soft
    o forte (f)- loud

 Timbre: the special or unique sound of an instrument or voice
     o Strings: make the strings vibrate by bowing, plucking, picking, or strumming to make

 Native American: Native Americans have been making music and dancing for hundreds
  of years, even before the first settlers from Europe arrived in America.
      o Drums, rattles, and bells play the steady beat.
      o Flute and voice plays the melody.
      o Vocables- syllables without meaning sung to make their voice sound like an
         instrument. Such as yo, wi, yay, and hay.
      o Ceremonial- for serious purposes(naming babies, weddings, funerals, prayer, giving
         thanks)- Native Americans do not perform this kind of music in public
      o Recreational- for fun or enjoyment- Native Americans take part in this music to tell a

 Form: how the sections of a song fit together (organized)
     o Call and Response: the leader calls first, then the group responds; taking turns in a song,
       like a conversation.

      This test will be taken in music class the week after Thanksgiving. Because 3rd grade was
   new to testing in special area, I did not count the first music test toward their 1st report card
   grade. However, now it is not new and it will count for the 2nd report card grade. Students will
   receive bonus points on their test if this study guide is signed by a parent/guardian and
   returned the day of the test.

   Parent/Guardian signature:___________________________________ Date:____________

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