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Owner    Ref.                Title                                  Activity description                                      Current update                    Activity          Status     Priority    Expected      Customer      Sponsor       ITS
                                                                                                                                                                Analysis                                Completion                              Resource

GH      3RA     Managed Printing for Staff and   This project will provide a cost effective, unified print   Launch of uPay and uPrint in March 2012. Service Project      Live            High         Jul 2011                  Sara Marsh    Dougie
                Students Project                 solution for staff and students. uPay is the method of      owner of uPay and uPrint is Priscilla Preston,                                                                                     Simon
                                                 lodging money onto the 'purse', which enables further       implementation was managed by Polly Dawes.
                                                 services, such as uPrint. X-ref to closed item 4PP.         Further implementation of 'managed printing' will
                                                                                                             use same technology, driven forward by Graham
                                                                                                             Hill. Already in SCIM, EDT and soon SLED, Print
                                                                                                             Board covers wider issues. LSS Print Group scoping
                                                                                                             new contracts for LSS devices June 2012, also
                                                                                                             considering use of LDAP without PIN.

PB      48PB    eRecruitment                     Purchase and integration of an eRecruitment product   System purchased, fixed-term vacancy for technical Project          Pre-mandate     Investment   Mar 2013     HR           John          none
                75130/000000/MS010               (Stonefish). Funding approved from Investment Plan of staff advertised, closing 10/08/12. Back-fill staff                                 Plan                                   Hawksworth
                                                 £100k capital.                                        appointed in HR. Discussion required about
                                                                                                       management of the 9 month project, including
                                                                                                       training and embedding. Server being built off-site
                                                                                                       by Stonefish, will then copy across to Bradford
                                                                                                       server around September.

GH      29GH    Learning and Teaching            Rolling annual upgrade to GTA PCs commencing ASAP to Being run by David Beebe. Completed - Great Hall Bau                 Completed       Investment   May 2012
                infrastructure in GTA teaching   resolve perceived performance problems and lack of   is final PC install during June.                                                     Plan
                rooms 75130/000000/MS011         consistent response in teaching rooms

GH      30GH    Unified Communications           Staff implementation of unified email, calendar, mobile Preliminary workshops with Salford Software to      Project       Pre-mandate     Investment                             Ian Palmer    Geoff
                75130/000000/MS013               etc.                                                    gain knowledge of the Microsoft Office 365 product-                               Plan
                                                                                                         set, includes Outlook mail, calendar, web
                                                                                                         Office,Lync, Sharepoint. Infrastructure team have
                                                                                                         started developing some of the building blocks eg.
                                                                                                         Active Directory.

GH      23GH    Green IT Server room energy      Green IT : Three elements of Investment Plan funding;       1. Completed.                             2. One Bau          Live            Investment   Jul 2012     ISC Board    Graham Hill   Dave
                saving 75130/000000MS016         1. Installation of Nightwatchman software..                 chiller replaced. Estates (Mark Wrigley/Russell                               Plan
                                                 2. Replacement of air-conditioning in Richmond server       Smith) doing more energy monitoring and have
                                                 room.                         3. Energy-efficient           received consultancy to improve overall efficiency.
                                                 printing.                                                   Report awaited, expected to go to BEC with
                                                                                                             potential consequences for IT with regard to
                                                                                                             reducing energy consumption but retaining service.

GH      14GH    Digital Asset Management         Extension of efile service for computerised document        ISC4 11/12 decided that this was a medium term (2- Project    Suspended       Medium
                                                 and record management.                                      3 year) priority. No investment plan funding
                                                                                                             February 2012, classfied as Medium priority.
                                                                                                             Suspend work on further development.

GH   10GH   Extended hours IT support      Extended hours IT support for staff, students and key   Investment Plan funding approved (£32k for 11/12, Project   Pre-mandate      Investment   May 2012                 Sara Marsh
            75130/000000/MS018             business systems.                                       £66k, £69k, £71k for subsequent 3 years. NorMAN                              Plan
                                                                                                   agreement renewed for £22k. Jermyn consulting 3
                                                                                                   day workshop Business Continuity Sept '11.
                                                                                                   Further 3 month review to be conducted in May
                                                                                                   with Jermyn. Also talks with EMMAN and
                                                                                                   Loughbrough regarding server and application
                                                                                                   monitoring, x-ref 15GB.

GH   27GH   Web presence review            Review of University web presence seeking high quality, Investment plan funding approved £120k for paper Project    Watching Brief   Investment
                                           distinctive and up to date presentation for marketing of produced by Claire Gibbons. No impact on IT, this                           Plan
                                           University and courses                                   is solely branding. Remove from plan as
                                                                                                    'completed' because not ITS work.

PB   14PB   Ongoing development to SPO's Provide expanded features for Data Centre, and provide Agreed at October 2011 meeting to just                 Bau     Suspended        Low          n/a        SPO           Sally Dyson      none
            Data Centre                  increased support from within IT Services.             maintain/refresh current data until Senior
                                                                                                Management provide steer on management
                                                                                                information requirements.
PB   17PB   Smartcard co-ordination        Datafeeds to allow Salto replacement of                 All locks are now Salto. No progress with work to   Bau     Suspended        Low          n/a        Estates Steve Clive Wilson     none
                                           Integra/Progeny locks                                   create automatic datafeeds.                                                                          Bradbury

PB   21PB   SAINT/Blackboard link          Review and redesign link between the two systems.       Consultancy with BB available. Meetings of group Bau        Suspended        High         Jun 2012   Blackboard    Carol Higgison   none
                                           Following Blackboard upgrade to v9 (see project ref     held, consultancy with School Administrators done,                                                   Team
                                           9PB), extra requirement to review this link.            opinion gathering from UCISA list done. Agreed not
                                                                                                   to pursue this and switch attention to transfer of
                                                                                                   exam marks (see Project 28GH). Project
                                                                                                   Suspended 01/05/12.

PB   29PB   eApplications to Halls of      eApplications to Halls of Residence via Occam software Upgrade to v2.1.11 completed. eApps development Project      Live             High         Sep 2012   Commercial    Chris Spargo     Sujit
            Residence                      (eStrategy Project 45)                                 delayed due to bugs in SAINT interface, now                                                           Services
                                                                                                  resolved. Expected completion now revised for Sep
GH   16GH   Research Information System    Research support systems in relation to REF and         Approved as part of Investment Plan February      Project   Pre-mandate      Investment   Apr 2013                 Nana Poku        Graham
            75130/000000RI009              individual researcher performance management. 1)        2012, £200k capital plus £70k recurring, Mandate                             Plan
                                           Graham Hill managing Procurement stage. 2)              required for ASPC. No funding for project staff,
                                           Implementation stage expected June-December 2012.       required 1xFTE Project Manager plus 3xFTE project
                                                                                                   team workers. 2 suppliers demonstrated their
                                                                                                   systems 24/01/12, a specification has been
                                                                                                   prepared and circulated for comment. Tender due
                                                                                                   to be issued April 2012, but delayed as HE
                                                                                                   framework not yet in place, expected June.
                                                                                                   Expected procurement of 2 months using the
                                                                                                   framework. First Project Board met, Ian Rowe
                                                                                                   replaced by Malcolm Purdie as Sponsor.
                                                                                                   Requirements reviewed with 2 Assoc.Deans
                                                                                                   03/05/12. Tamsin Holt returned to RKTS 21/05/12.
PB   31PB   Ongoing development for SAINT Ongoing programme of work tasks.                         Ongoing work. Planning meeting Feb 2012              Bau    Live             High         n/a        HUB           Hayley Preston Richard
            team eVISION                                                                           scheduled priority list for bundle of work packages.

PB   32PB   Upgrade Business Objects to   Major upgrade from v6 to XI of Business Objects,         Rollout completed, old versions of BO (v5/v6)       Bau        Live        High         Sep 2012   IT Services   Philip Briggs   Mark
            version XI                    including user re-training programme                     decomissioned April 2012. Upgrade to ServicePack                                                                                 Paula
                                                                                                   5 and distribution via ZEN now on test, expected to
                                                                                                   complete during July - delay until September.

GH   2RA    Attendance monitoring         Attendance monitoring & student engagement project       Vendor demonstrations of attendance monitoring Project         Live        Investment   Sep 2013   ISC Board     Ian Palmer      Connie
            75130/000000/SD001            to make recommendations on monitoring and recording      tools Jan 2012. Project Manager is Roger Tilbrook.                         Plan                                                  Steve
                                          system(s) for start of session 2010/11. Driver is        Project Board 03/04/12 agreed pilot in Life
                                          combination of student enagagement and Border            Sciences, since changed to SCIM. Pilot due in 2012,
                                          Agency requirements.                                     leading to full implementation in September 2013.
                                                                                                   Data storage and processing via Tribal module in
                                                                                                   SAINT, module SRS30 purhcase (by Admissions for
                                                                                                   UKBA work). User Group next meeting 14/08/12,
                                                                                                   next Project Board 29/08/12. Connie Jackson and
                                                                                                   Steve McCain to supply technical lead.

PB   36PB   Enhancements to IR&KTS        Enhancements to IR&KTS system to help dummy REF          With Susan Taylor RKTS for UAT. Customer has        Bau        Suspended   High         Oct 2011   RKTS          Susan Taylor    none
            systems                       exercise, possible links to Bradford Scholar             decided to suspend testing, will revisit at their

PB   9PB    SCUBA integration             Integrate SCUBA with student and staff databases and     No progress. This has not been looked at since it   Bau        Suspended   Low          n/a        Commercial    Chris Spargo    none
                                          with SU sports membership database.                      was put on the plan.                                                                               Services

PB   21GH   XCRI-CAP - "Course Data:      Part-funded by JISC, part by UoB. Output of course       Meetings with Schools held to assess the current     Project   Live        Investment   Mar 2013   Marcomms      Shirley         Russell
            Making the most of Course     information data in prescribed format. Will involve      provision, report produce for Project Board in July.                       Plan                                  Congdon         (PM)
            Information"                  revision of existing nternal processes to achieve this   External contractor Alan Paull to work the report
            75130/000000/SD002            standard. Bid to JISC for £80k approved. ASPC approved   into a draft specification of changes. Currently
                                          additional £46k on 13/6/12. Russell Allen is Project     running behind schedule, due to late start. Advert
                                          Manager, full-time from March, dropping to 0.6 from      for analyst/programmer with deadline 10/08/12.
                                          July. Project also includes 0.6 FTE for                  Overview Group formed to oversee this and other
                                          analyst/programmer.                                      "student/course data" projects.

PB   2PB    Timetabling Implementation    Timetabling Implementation Project                       Training on S+Enterprise and SPDA received.       Project      Live        Investment   Sep 2013   Academic      Alistair Wood   Rick Connie
            75130/000000/SD003                                                                     Revised timescales agreed at Board 12/06/12.                               Plan                    Admin                         Dougie
                                                                                                   S+Enterprise will be rolled out for Semester One
                                                                                                   2012/13 but centralised processing will not be
                                                                                                   available until September 2013. 3 Superusers from
                                                                                                   Schools selected to assist with training/rollout.
                                                                                                   Request to recruit long-term
                                                                                                   Timetabling/Attendance Monitoring Manager from
                                                                                                   Investment Funding agreed in principle, requires
                                                                                                   full approval from ASPC. Contract extentions
                                                                                                   requested for Co-ordinators by one year to
                                                                                                   December 2013.

GH   26GH   SITS (SAINT) Re-engineering     Review of Student Adminsitration Systems (SAINT) with Investment Plan approved funding, Mandate                 Project   Pre-mandate      Investment
            75130/000000/SD004              potential data structure changes or more radical      required for ASPC. Initial paper produced by John                                    Plan
                                            approaches                                            Ross (subject to Feasibility Study, earliest possible
                                                                                                  start Sep 2012).

PB   34PB   Mobile Apps                     Development of About UoB app with Campus M               Investment Plan funding for Enterprise edition     Bau           Live             Investment   n/a         LSS           Graham Hill     John
            75130/000000/SD005              (Ombiel)                                                 approved £32k capital plus £18k recurrent, signed-                                Plan
                                                                                                     off by ASPC 13/6/12. Business requirements to be
                                                                                                     lead by working group called by Jennie Coates, met
                                                                                                     02/04/12, list of requests for content in a single
                                                                                                     Applicant App discussed. Organising training
                                                                                                     course on Application Extension Kit.

PB   38PB   Counselling database            Replacement for current Access database used by          Investigations with several third-party package         Bau      Live             Low          Aug 2013    LSS           Mary Dailey     Sujit
                                            counselling service                                      suppliers, stakeholder visit to Sheffield University in
                                                                                                     early summer to look at Titanium software.
                                                                                                     Counselling have now decided to postpone until
                                                                                                     summer 2013.

PB   39PB   Exams Processing Review         Review the current processes and software used to        Wider review agreed but current focus is to provide Bau          Live             High         May 2012    LSS           Philip Briggs   Philip Rick
                                            support Examinations.                                    further cover in ITS for the parts of the process we
                                                                                                     cover. Further cover required as Rick Graves is
                                                                                                     single point of failure in ITS.

PB   40PB   Expand use of messaging         Using TxtTools products expand the current provision of Meeting with TxtTools held 20/2/12, contract            Bau       Live             Medium       June 2012   IT Services   Graham Hill     John
                                            messaging services, embedding into existing processes renewed, set up events at the Learning and
                                                                                                    Teaching Conference in June

PB   41PB   Replace Bids and Projects       Investigate replacement of current online tracker for    Requirements gathered from Barbara Asiimwe.         Bau          Suspended        Low          Sep 2012    SPO           Sally Dyson     Philip
            Tracker                         recording and distributing Bids and Publications         Agreed with Sally Dyson to recruit a student intern
                                                                                                     but student decided to take a different post. On

PB   44PB   Fee Processing the £9k          Rewriting the process for billing students when the      Minor changes made but no significant work             Bau       Completed        High         Sep 2012    Finance       Angela          none
                                            £9,000 fee starts for entrants in summer 2012            needed. Panic list requirement of 50% of fee up                                                                          Dobrucki
                                                                                                     front (if over £5k) does not apply to SLC students.

PB   45PB   Partner Institution adjustments Amending IT processes to allow for 2 SCE record per      Panic List                                             Bau       Watching Brief   Low          Dec 2012    HUB           Hayley Preston none
            : students                      student in a single academic year. This will allow
                                            Schools to process Partner Institution students on SAINT
                                            in the correct way.

PB   46PB   Partner Institution adjustments Putting staff from Partner Institutions onto IT systems at Panic List - await outcome of QAA report            Bau       Watching Brief   High         Dec 2012   DVC   Shirley          none
            : staff                         Bradford to allow processing of Partner Institution                                                                                                                     Congdon
                                            processes in the correct way.

PB   47PB   Key Information Statistics       KIS is a requirement for all Universities to provide      Panic List : Being run by John Ross, uncertain      Bau       Watching Brief   High         Sep 2012   HUB   Hayley Preston none
                                             standard sets of information to allow prospective         impact on ITS.
                                             students to make informed choices.

GH   28GH   E-Marking                        Comprising integration with Blackboard, Turnitin, other   Investment Plan funding approved for £39k in        Project   Pre-mandate      Investment
            75130/000000/TEL06               potential local solutions (SCORE) to automate e-marking   2012/13, requires Mandate for ASPC. Carol                                      Plan
                                             and student feedback processes. To include the            Higgison is leading a group looking into
                                             necessary network data storage requirements               requirements, which will report to ISC and L&T
                                                                                                       committee. Investigation work done with
                                                                                                       Blackboard, who have provided an estimate for
                                                                                                       work to develop a SAINT-Blackboard-File data
                                                                                                       transfer mechanism.

PB   43PB   Upgrade eFile to Kofax v9        Support for Kofax v8 ends early 2013. Upgrade is minor,                                                       Bau       Pre-mandate      High         Oct 2012   ITS   Philip Briggs    Sujit
                                             most of work will be done from pre-paid contract days                                                                                                                                   Richard
                                             with vendor Ether Solutions. Further aim is to convert                                                                                                                                  Mark
                                             to ZEN-delivery of application, which will require
                                             additional ITS effort.

PB   44PB   Upgrade eFile to UCM v11         Support for UCM v10 runs out 31/12/12. Architecture       To be planned in for Sep-Dec 2012                   Project   Pre-mandate      High         Dec 2012   ITS   Philip Briggs    Sujit
                                             change, extra server required, project estimated at 10-                                                                                                                                 Richard
                                             12 days of work from vendor Ether, which will require                                                                                                                                   Mark
PB   50PB   Upgrade Calopus                  Calopus middleware to be upgraded to v5 on new            Fixed price of £6k agreed with supplier, test        Bau      Live             High         Sep 2012   ITS   Philip Briggs    Susan
                                             version of Oracle 11g, converted to UNICODE compliant     installation completed. Testing phase in progress,                                                                            Paula
                                             format, migrated to new hardware. Current interfaces      further 2/3 days onsite (with downtime) to put live.
                                             cannot be changed until UNICODE compliance achieved.      Original target of June now extended to

PB   51PB   Blackboard hardware              New servers to support the Blackboard VLE.                Funding of £100k approved by ASPC 13/6/12. ITS Bau            Live             Investment   Sep 2012   CED   Carol Higgison   Jon
            75130/000000/TEL07                                                                         producing design for ideal architecture of systems,                            Plan
                                                                                                       quotes received back from hardware vendor. ITS
                                                                                                       to make proposals to CED for approval/selection.

GH   25GH   Review of Technology Enhanced Review of the recommendations made by the report on Investment Plan approved funding for £50k capital                      Pre-mandate      Investment                    Shirley
            Learning 75130/000000/TEL08 Technology Enhanced Learning. May 2010.               and one-off £29k in 2011/12, Mandate required for                                       Plan                          Congdon
                                                                                              ASPC. Graham Hill approached Peter Hughes
                                                                                              regarding joint ownership of work/0.5 FTE post, no
                                                                                              reponse yet.
PB   52PB   Upgrade Pebblepad                Upgrade to Pebblepad 3                                    License for Pebblepad runs out 09/12, PO raised for Bau       Pre-mandate      Medium       Sep 2012   CED   Carol Higgison   none
                                                                                                       a further year. Upgrade being looked after by
                                                                                                       Carol Higgison.

PB      53PB    Submission to REF 2014         Unknown, but ITS will most likely play a support role of   Username/password received for test REF site      Project        Pre-mandate      High   Dec 2013        RKTS             Susan Taylor   none
                                               some description to enable the REF.              

PB      54PB    Salto upgrade                  Requirement to implement new import tool to                Dave/Steve Bradbury to determine whether an        Bau           Live             High   Aug 2012        Estates (Steve                  Dave Paula
                                               overcome performance issues during busy Enrolment          upgrade is required and plan accordingly. Paula to                                                       Bradbury)
                                               period. This may require a version upgrade.                create a Calopus job to produce file.

PB      55PB    Develop template/system for  A system that collates, stores, manages and publishes   To support Bradford Offer, initial webform given to Bau               Watching Brief   High   Aug 2012        Shirley                         none
                Programme Enhanced Planning. data and information about the quality, feedback,       web team but further system to be developed                                                                   Congdon
                                             admissions, students and support services attached to a elsewhere - Ben Clark is the latest to look at this.

Total      40                                                                                                                                                         39                                      34

   Link to UoB     ITS Role   Generated   Reports to   Resourcing     IP #     Funding Notes
     Strategy                    by

Student Experience Lead       External    External     Both

                                                                    MS010    Funded

                                                                    MS011    Funded

                                                                    MS013    ASPC approval
                                                                             required for funding
                                                                             of this project.

Ecoversity                    Internal                 Internal     MS016    Funded

                              Internal                 Internal

Learner Support             Internal              Internal   MS018   Funded. ASPC
Services                                                             approval required
                                                                     for additional


Academic          Lead      External   External   Internal

Academic          Support   External   External   Internal

Learning &        Support   External   External   Internal

Academic          Lead      External   External   Internal

Research                    Internal              Internal   RI009   ASPC approval
                                                                     required for funding
                                                                     of implementation

Academic          Support   External   Internal   Internal

Academic             Lead      External   Internal   Internal

Learning and         Support   Internal   External   Internal   SD001   ASPC approval
Teaching                                                                required for
                                                                        additional funding
                                                                        beyond original

Research             Lead      External   External   Internal

                     Lead      External   External   Internal

Student Experience             External   External   external   SD002   Funded

Learning &           Support   External   External   Internal   SD003   Funded. ASPC
Teaching                                                                approval required
                                                                        for additional

                                                     SD004   ASPC approval
                                                             required for funding
                                                             of this project.

Learning &   Lead   Internal   Internal   Internal   SD005   Funded

                                                            TEL006   ASPC approval
                                                                     required for funding
                                                                     of this project.

Academic         Lead      External   Internal   Internal

Academic         Lead      External   Internal   Internal

Academic         Support   Internal   Internal   External

                                                            TEL007   Funded

Learning and                                                TEL008   ASPC approval
Teaching                                                             required for funding
                                                                     of this project.

Owner    Ref.                 Title                                Activity description

PB      PB13    Support profile for disabled     Dyslexia screening plus enhanced Learning Support
                students via Evision             Profile.
PB      35PB    Mobile tech to assist student    JISC Project : Building Capacity for mobile technology
                engagement                       assisted student engagement

PB      33PB    Attendance monitoring (see       Collect requirements and produce a form of centrally
                GH3, same project)               supported attendance monitoring/student engagement
PB      12PB    Embedding ALPS                   Embed and review ALPS - no change
PB      15PB    Standardised admissions
                reporting for IPG
PB      16PB    Web-based validation on SAINT Web-services link between SAINT and SLC

PB      18PB    Link FACTS to e5                 Link between systems to avoid duplicate data entry

PB      19PB    Online tracker for phase 1
                course approval
PB      20PB    Develop Programme              Awaiting initiation
                Specification software
PB      22PB    Contact management into SAINT Logging contacts in PEP
PB      24PB    enquiries Ambassadors with Link Student Ambassadors into SAINT
                Link student
PB      25PB    Produce set reports for        Standard reports from BO
                emerging data groups
PB      26PB    Credit accumulation report     ????
                (finance in the HUB)
PB      28PB    Re-development of ModCat       Replacement of ModCat Authoriser software
PB      37PB    Creation of Board of Examiners Further report to be added for Associate Students
PB      3PB     Central course database        All modules of all courses with all variations (XRCI)

PB      5PB     Campus wide events and           To enable internal processing of events and facilities
                facilities system                requests.
PB      6PB     System support for project       Support the project office function within SPO with
                office                           Project/Programme software
PB      7PB     Print-to-online                  This activity aims to reduce printing and costs
PB   9PB    Implement Blackboard version   Decision taken at ISC And ASPC to upgrade Blackboard
            9.1                            and extend license by three years to September 2014

PB   10PB   Car Parking payment system     Data extracted from Salto database. PB to finalise
                                           details with D.Ewen
PB   23PB   Move finance data warehouse    Move Powersolve data into new Data Warehouse tables
                                           for Powersolve decommission

PB   27PB   FBSS                           To have a reliable and up-to-date integrated financial
                                           system which will meet the needs of both the academic
                                           and administrative planning units

PB   8PB    Applicant Portal               Request to create an applicant portal which processes
                                           potential students at an earlier stage. Part of
                                           programme of eVISION work for Admissions.

GB   11GB   Back up systems                Replace tape libraries and back up servers
PB   27PB   FBSS                           To have a reliable and up-to-date integrated financial
                                           system which will meet the needs of both the academic
                                           and administrative planning units

RG   10RG   Heaton Mount Refurbishment     Refurb of 44 bedrooms to good hotel standard including
                                           plasma TVS and wireless technologies - floors 1 and 3,
                                           dining room and garden room

PB   11PB   HRX Project                    Support implementation of self-service functions
                                           (eStrategy project 24)

PB   4PB    Development of thankQ system Several elements : (a) Alumni management             (b)
                                         customer relationship management                      (c)
                                         events management
PB   8PB    Applicant Portal                Request to create an applicant portal which processes
                                            potential students at an earlier stage. Part of
                                            programme of eVISION work for Admissions.

RA   1RA    Unified Communication           Provide 'live@edu' services for students and staff.

GB   3GB    Campus network recabling        Upgrading Cat3 cable to Cat6 (eStrategy project 1,

GH   24GH   National Scholarship Scheme -   Cashless transactions
            expanded to cashless
            transactions for students

GH   22GH   Green IT PC power saving        Installing PC energy management software

RG   12RG   Upgrade to voicemail/unified    Make platform compatable with Outlook 2010

GB   22GB   Upgrade SAINT to v8.4.1         a) Prepare machine to allow Tribal to upgrade
                                            TRAINING database to 8.4.1.            b) Prepare
                                            machine to allow Tribal to upgrade LIVE database to
GB   21GB   Replacement server for          Upgrade of Resource Link software has highlighted
            payroll/HR - short term         necessity to upgrade server in time for April 2012 Tax-
                                            Year-End processing. Short-term plan in place to re-
                                            deploy an existing server, before longer-term plan to
                                            get replacement servers.

PB   1PB    Unicode                         Implement Unicode to enable special character
                                            recognition in systems e.g. SAINT

PB   42PB   Replace BOS with Survey         Replacement of current survey tool Bristol Online
            Monkey                          Survey with Survey Monkey - need to migrate existing
                                            users/surveys across
GB   8GB    De-commissioning JBP level      De-commissioning to enable room to be re-configured

PP   4PP    Pull printing                   Pharos phase 2 (e-payments, simplified sign on,
                                            integrate UNIX services into the new printing system)

RG   11RG   Decommission voice and data kit Removal of halls and replacement with sports grounds.
            in Bradford, University and
            Kirkstone Halls

SM   2SM    Simplified Sign-On              Aspirational. ISC confirmed this as a medium to long
                                            term project. No budget approved against Investment
                                            Plan, Feb 2012.
PB   43PB   Fees for The Green              Rewrite the process for generating and collecting Fees
                                            from The Green

PB   30PB   Enhance and expand Document Ongoing expansion Kofax scanning into eFile
                  Current update                      Activity       Status     Priority    Expected
                                                      Analysis                             Completion
JISC funding unsuccsessful.                           Project    Completed     High        High

JISC Project : Building Capacity, due for completion Project     Completed     High        High
April 2011, extension granted by JISC, now due
11th May
Transferred to RA2                                   Project     Pre-mandate   High        High

No further ALPS work expected, Aug 2011           Bau            Completed                 n/a
All Admissions reporting now handled by Ben Clark Bau            Completed     Low         n/a

No progress                                           Bau        Suspended     Low         n/a

Analysis undertaken but any work will follow    Bau              Suspended     High        2012
closure of FBSS project, expected December 2011

Closed due to Chris Toft's departure                  Bau        Pre-mandate   Low         n/a

No progress                                           Bau        Pre-mandate   Low         n/a

Closed due to Chris Toft's departure                  Bau        Pre-mandate   Low         n/a
No progress                                           Bau        Pre-mandate   Low         n/a

BO reporting being handled by Ben Clark               Bau        Completed     Low         n/a

No progress                                           Bau        Pre-mandate   Low         n/a

Suspended - No Project Manager, Project Board         Project    Suspended     High        n/a
last met Nov 2009
Target of April 2011                                  Bau        Completed     High        March 2011

ISC4 confirmed this project as priority 4. JISC bid   Project    Pre-mandate   Medium      n/a
successful, project being initiated. Self-
assessment tool to be completed by key staff by
1st July. Transferred to 21GH
subsumed into 4PB                                     Bau        Completed     High        n/a

No progress                                           Bau        Pre-mandate   Low         n/a

Transferred to RA3                                    Bau        Suspended     N/A
ISC4 confirmed that this was priority 1 project.  Project   Completed     High   August 2011
Funding approved from Development Reserve at
ASPC in March/April. Managed via Task And Finish
Group. BBv9 went live on 2nd August. Training
sessions for key staff held 10-12 August, further
sessions booked for academic users. Extra
functionality being gradually built up.

BEC decision is that system is no longer required.   Bau    Pre-mandate          n/a

Development completed, loaded into BOXI. Need Bau           Completed     High   August 2012
to migrate users across before Christmas 2011.

Board signed off on project completion Dec 2011. Project    Completed     High   December
Outstanding tasks to be undertaken outside the                                   2011
formal project structure. 1. Travel expenses claims
2. Purchase card 3. Lessons learnt report (due
March 2012)

Went live Jan 2012 after user requested delay to     Bau    Completed            Dec 2011
ensure fitness for purposed.

Equipment installed, job completed.                 Bau     Completed            Jan 2012
Board signed off on project completion Dec 2011. Project    Completed     High   Dec 2012
Outstanding tasks to be undertaken outside the
formal project structure. 1. Travel expenses claims
2. Purchase card 3. Lessons learnt report (due
March 2012). Will now transfer from Project to
BAU as there is ongoing commitment.

Sodexo funding with first phase to commence July Bau        Completed
2011. Estates will have supervisory role to ensure
compliance with UoB procedures. Sodexo to
appoint framework contractor Stonehouse.
Further project to install wireless, not on this

Main elements of project complete, no further     Project   Completed     High   2011
Project Board meetings planned. Any further
modules are subject to approval of business cases
developed by HR. Likely first case will be for e-
(a) Link between SAINT and Alumni system signed Bau         Completed     High   n/a
off by customer Dec 2011
Went live Jan 2012 after user requested delay to   Bau       Completed   High   Dec 2011
ensure fitness for purposed.

Project for Students formally closed by Board in   Project   Completed   High   Sep 2011
February 2012, Russell Allen doing Project Closure                              Students Sep
documents. Proposal submitted against                                           2012 Staff
Investment Plan for Staff, agreed in principle.

Completed. Richmond L-floor had last 5 sockets. Project      Completed   High   Dec 2011
Scope changed to exclude Richmond Workshop
Block due to major asbestos issues. Estates to
assess how to deal with this as a separate project.

Project initially approved, £58K plus £8.3K     Project      Completed   Low    TBD
recurrent. Estimates obtained from EMOS and
updated investment plan document circulated
November 2011. Project subsequently prioritised
down at Investment Plan meeting February 2012.
Remove from list as Completed, no prospect of
this happening.

Funding approved £25K + £5k recurrant.             Bau       Completed   High   Dec 2011
Nightwatchman installed on LSS supported
computers and baseline data collected
demonstrating potential £30k saving annual (one
year payback). Completed March 2012, final
report to follow.
Order placed (£10,592 inc VAT). Upgrade            Bau       Completed          Mar 2012
completed 24/03/12.

a) Training upgrade booked for 7/8 March,          Bau       Completed   High   Mar 2012
preparation work scheduled.        b) Live upgrade
being arranged by John Ross. c) Upgrade
completed 26/03/12
New software (R08) and new server (M4000) now Bau            Completed   High   Mar 2012
live in time for payroll year-end. Longer term new
hardware needed, advice sought from Northgate,
including potential change of platform - run as
new project (24GB)

Admissions will not accept applications via        Bau       Completed   High   Dec 2011
Unicode. Change to SAINT database made
following upgrade to 8.4.1, completed 26/03/12.

Issues with privacy and security of Survey Monkey Bau        Completed          Jun 2012
on our proposed licence plan. Agreed with Becka
to retain Bristol Online Survey as our supported
Room required for Library decant space. Key fibre Bau      Completed   Low      Apr-12
link between computer rooms moved. Job
completed Easter 2012.
Completed, work merged into 3RA.                  Bau      Completed

Voice and data decommissioned. Demolition of     Bau       Completed   High     May-12
Halls being contracted by Estates.

Closed - merged into GB19.                       Project   Completed   Medium

Agreed to produce invoices and record fee                  Completed
information in Room Service, no impact or
interface to E5, no work for ITS. Completed.
Consultancy with supplier regarding workflow     Bau       Completed   High     n/a
development Feb 2012. Pilot development
demonstration the software is not suitable for
workflow. Work with eFile/Kofax now restricted
to general ongoing support.
  Customer        Sponsor         ITS        Link to UoB    ITS Role   Generated   Reports To
                               Resource        Strategy                   By
LSS           Chris Dearnley              Learning &       Support     External    External
ADU           Becka Currant               Learning &                   Lead        External

                                          Ian Palmer                   Lead        External

                                                           Lead        Internal    Internal
Admissions    Jennie Coates               Academic         Support     External    External
SAS           Simon Croll                 Academic         Support     External    External
Estates and   Steve Bradbury              Academic         Lead        External    External
Facilities                                Administration

ASSU          Chris Toft                  Academic         Lead        External    External
ASSU          Apurba Kundu                Learning &       Support     External    External
ASSU          Chris Toft                                   Support     External    External
SLED          Rosalia                     Academic         Support     External    External
              Prentice                    Administration
SAINT Team    Tim Squire-                 Academic         Support     External    External
              Watt                        Administration
Finance       ????                        Academic         Support     External    External
ASSU          ASSU Manager                Academic         Support     External    External
SAINT Team    SAINT Manager               Academic         Support     External    External
Claire Gibbons Helen Morris               Academic         Support     External    External

              Helen Morris                Academic         Support     External    External
Strategic     Jo Hills                                     Lead        Internal    Internal
                                          Academic         Lead        External    External
Academic    Sarah Dixon                       Learning and     Lead      External   External
Development                                   Teaching

Estates and
Finance       Angela Fletcher                 Academic         Support   External   External

Finance       Sue Kershaw                     e-strategy       Support   External   External

Alison        Academic                                         Lead      External   External
Darnbrough    Admin

Finance       Sue Kershaw       Connie Sian


HR            Sue Kershaw       Paula         Academic         Support   External   External

Marketing     Patrick           Paula         Academic         Support   External   External
              Litherland                      Administration
Academic      Jennie Coates   Richard       Academic             Lead      External   External
Admin                                       Administration

              Ian Palmer                    Learning and         Lead      External   External

IT Services                   Drew          Rolling              Lead      Internal   External

              Sue Kershaw                   Student Experience             External

              Graham Hill                   Ecoversity                     Internal

IT                            Roger                              Lead      Internal   Internal

Academic                      Susan                              Support   External   External

HR/Finance                    SueG                               Lead      External   External
                              Susan Paula

IT Services   Philip Briggs   Paula                              Lead      Internal   Internal

CED           Becka Colley    Sujit
IT Services                      Drew      Estates and      Lead   Internal   Internal

                                                            Lead   Internal   Internal

Estates (Peter                   Roger     Estates and
McCluskey)                       Drew      Facilities


Admissions       Philip Briggs   Richard   Academic         Lead   Internal   Internal
                                 Sujit     Administration
Resourcing   Moved to



Internal      9/23/2011

Internal      9/23/2011





Internal    3/2/2012



Internal    3/2/2012

Internal    3/2/2012
Internal    3/2/2012

Internal    3/2/2012









Internal   5/4/2012

Internal   5/4/2012




Internal   6/1/2012

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