Agency Trespass Agreement Mundelein 1 by lizzy2008


									                       Mundelein Agency Agreement
                                   Name of company/business
                                        Phone number


Village of Mundelein
Department of Police
200 North Seymour Avenue
Mundelein, IL 60060

Attention: ________________________

Dear ____________________________:

"Name of company/business/owner" is the managing agent for the owners of address of
business/property _______________ in Mundelein, Illinois. In its capacity as managing agent,
“name of manager or owner” has the authority to make decisions regarding the day-to-day
operations of the property.

Pursuant to conversations, this letter is written authorization for the Village of Mundelein's
Department of Police, to patrol "business name/address" listed above. Your department is further
authorized to remove or arrest anyone loitering, drinking in public areas, causing a disturbance or
violating any Village of Mundelein ordinances or any laws, federal, state, or county. It is
understood by "name of business and/or owner" that the police will first try to peacefully disburse
any individuals, not endangering life or property, prior to making arrests.

As always, "name of business/owner" is willing to cooperate in aiding the efforts of your
department to ensure the above properties is a safe community that the residents are proud to
call home.

Name of manager and/or owner
as managing agent

Signed name of manager and/or owner


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