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Rajesh Kumar-Tamil Nadu - INDIA by girlbanks


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26, Thudiyalur main road, Idigarai (po), Coimbatore, Pin-641022.



School name


Panchayat Union Middle School, Kanuvai, Perianaicken palayam (block), Coimbatore. Pin-641108

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VI, VII, VIII All Subjects



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Tamil & English



5 years

My experience in my classroom….
From the time I was child, I had only one goal: to be a teacher and serve the society. Earning the diploma in teacher education and joining the service as teacher, I started to society by teaching but I could not make it complete since the lack of teaching aid to explain some hard concepts to my students and make them understand. After attending the” Shiksha” training I got the idea to use ICT as a teaching aid. As a teacher from a remote rural village I faced lot of problems such as discrimination of girl child education, parents of my rural society not allowing the girl child to go school; due to the financial problems of the family and to take care of their siblings. So I planed to conduct various programs for the general public of that village to make them aware of the worthiness of girl’s education. Because an educated girl is more likely to become, a knowledgeable family planner, a more component mother, a more productive and better paid worker and an informed citizen. So I met the parents of various girl students and convinced them to send their child to school. As a result of my struggle the girl students drop out is decreased in my school and parents are also happy since the students are doing well and they got a dream that their child will become a good citizen, bear their family burdens. We have only one computer in my school, using that computer I am conducting classes to my students and they are also showing interest in learning through ICT. To stimulate the learning interest of my students I am giving opportunity to make them their own presentations, draw pictures, create documents etc. For The purpose of regular attendance of the girl child in the school and for their financial support, I have started one social useful product works group, so that the students can earn money for their education by making their products and selling through the group.

Using computer for school administration Creating the reports Preparing mark lists Teachers’ salary slips Students’ data base House holds senses details. My future plans To create more lesson plans Motivate the other teachers to create lesson plans create ICT clubs involving the students in my block level. To provide the basic computer education to underprivileged children in my school after school hours. K.RAJESHKUMAR, PANCHAYAT UNION MIDDLE SCHOOL, KANUVAI, PERIANAICKEN PALAYAM UNION, COIMBATORE, TAMIL NADU, INDIA.


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