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					Essays Since essays comprise such a large portion of your course grade, it is vital that you follow the formal writing rules. Each violation of the rules results in a ten percent deduction for the first couple essays, and more for the rest. Thematic quality and proper essay construction is important, but adherence to the formal writing rules is paramount with the five researched essays for this course. All assignments in this course must follow MLA rules. Each of the essays must be researched, cited internally, and have a correct Works Cited page as the last page of the essay. For this course, helpful guidelines might include: Intro paragraphs should be 6-10 sentences. You do not have to tell me what you are going to do in your essay, because not only is that first person, but also states the obvious. I already know what you are going to do in your essay, because you tell me in your topic sentence and thesis statement. Body paragraphs should be 8-15 sentences, with strong topic and/or transition sentences. Each body paragraph should contain at least one strong citation. Concluding paragraphs should be 6-10 sentences, and must never say anything about a conclusion or summation. You do not have to tell me you are concluding, because I already know, based on the tone of the paragraph and the fact that it is the last paragraph of your essay. Essays should contain 2-3 sources per page written, so that a 5-8 page paper will have 1012 sources or so. The Works Cited only contains those sources that were actually cited, so your research might include looking at many more sources than you actually use. Blend sources in your citations, so that you do not lean too heavily on any one source. Remember that the above guidelines are really guidelines, not absolute requirements.

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