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           Carpet Cleaning Tip
  Heat helps! Above 118 degrees fahrenheit,
any eighteen degrees aloft changes containing
  alkali reactivity by 100%. Hot H2O descent
cleaning is finished in in between 150 as good
  as 200 degrees. Is which as good technical?
  The indicate is not usually which prohibited
H2O extraction, or "steam cleaning" is distant
 higher to "dry cleaning," yet which if we do it
             yourself, operate heat!
               House Cleaning Tip
           Time: Decide how much time to spend.
 House cleaning can be overwhelming. Some people like
  to have a big project and clean the whole house in one
     day. Others are paralyzed by the thought of all that
   cleaning. The secret is to decide to clean for a specific
 period of time – fifteen minutes, 30 minutes, an hour or
 whatever. A timer should be set, energetic music turned
 on, and the house cleaned diligently for that amount of
time. When the time is up, the cleaning can STOP. Usually
   small, consistent periods of house cleaning are more
  efficient and enjoyable than huge "all or nothing" days.
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