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Resignation Letter For Nurses


									(resignation letter for nurses)

Dear Hospital Administrator,

As per our signed agreement, I am writing to inform you of my resignation, effective June 9,
2011. My family and I are relocating over the summer and I have accepted a position with a
hospital close to my new home town.

I wish to thank you and all my colleagues at Mercy Hospital for all your help, professional
courtesy, and support. I have immensely enjoyed working here as the senior nurse for the
past four years, and my experience with this hospital has been greatly rewarding. I
appreciate the opportunity to work with one of Cleveland's finest hospitals, and the decision
was not an easy one to make; we arrived at it as a family after much careful consideration.
I've taken the relocation as an opportunity to move up the career ladder- I've accepted a
position as head nurse at the new hospital. I look forward to growing my skill set and
increasing my knowledge.

I wish you and the rest of the administrative team continued success, and I want to take this
opportunity to thank you all for permitting me to be part of the team. Thank you for all your
help during my time at Mercy, and I wish you the best for the future.

Yours truly,

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cc: name of union representative

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