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y o u r o n l i n e e d u c at i o n

                                             Wherever you                                   The Learning House, Inc. helps colleges and universities achieve their online education goals by working with them
                                                                                            to create quality online courses and programs. For more than a decade, we have provided our comprehensive
                                                                                            solutions to schools of various online educational experiences. Our solutions include:

                                             want to go...
                                                                                              •	   Curriculum Development & Management                  •	   Student Retention
                                                                                              •	   Faculty Training & Professional Development          •	   24/7 Technical Support
                                                                                              •	   Marketing & Lead Generation                          •	   Learning Management Systems
                                                                                              •	   Admissions & Enrollment Management                   •	   Management & Consultation

                                                                                            Having worked with more than 100 colleges and universities to develop, manage and grow high-quality online
                                                                                            education programs, Learning House has the experience and knowledge to implement comprehensive strategies
                                                                                            to help you reach your online education destination.

                                                                                                        our services will help you get there.

                                                                                                                              First stop, curriculum development & management >>
                           curriculum Planning and course develoPment
                           Curriculum planning and course development are key to creating engaging and viable
                           online degree programs. Learning House provides a comprehensive solution to online
                           instruction and curriculum development by working with educators to develop a
                           curriculum strategy for each online degree program. We also develop a schedule of
                           courses that attract and appeal to online learners. We recognize that a variety of factors
                           influence course development, so we incorporate content from various resources,
                           including your existing course content, your chosen textbook and our content library
                           to create a custom course that meets your learning objectives. A dedicated team of
                           Curriculum Analysts, Course Designers, Editors, Instructional Media Specialists and Client
                           Services Specialists works to develop and support each course.

                           Quality review
                           Learning House provides comprehensive course enhancement through our Quality
                           Review Process to guarantee students are exposed to challenging and up-to-date course
                           materials. We ensure you continuously improve your online courses by using a modified
                           form of the ADDIE instructional model for course development.

                           course tecHnical insPection and review
                           We provide a technical review prior to the start of each course. This process, known as
                           our Term Preparation Review, ensures the course settings, content and activities function
                           properly. Our process guarantees a stress-free environment for faculty members and

Curriculum Development &
                           students, regardless of their prior experience in online education.

                           learning content management system
                           One of the many benefits to working with Learning House is access to our proprietary
                           learning content management system (LCMS). Through our experience, we have

                           grown this resource to include a breadth of articles and media representing a range of
                           disciplines, including allied health, business and management, education administration,
                           methods of teaching, early childhood and special education, humanities, natural
                           sciences, mathematics and social sciences. Faculty members can search our LCMS
                           for specific learning objects to add to their instructional material as well as upload and
                           organize their own course content for personal use.

                           Next stop, faculty training & professional development >>
Faculty Training &         training
                           Learning House makes navigating the online learning environment easy for faculty members by providing in-depth learning management
                           systems and pedagogy training for online course instruction.

Professional Development
                           on-demand moodle training tutorials
                           Our Help Center contains dozens of two-minute on-demand training tutorials that serve as quick resource tools.

                           live online and on-campus training sessions
                           We conduct live online training sessions, and we may visit your campus to conduct in-person training with your online faculty members for
                           one-on-one or group support. We schedule trainings at your convenience.

                           Professional develoPment
                           Our professional development program is designed to increase awareness and implementation of best practices for online higher education
                           instruction. We administer the training program through a series of online courses designed to impart Moodle technical knowledge, coach
                           instructors on best practices and boost instructors’ comfort level in teaching in an online environment.

                           Our professional development courses are segregated into two tracks: the Technology track and the Best Practices track. Each track
                           provides instructors with a strong foundation to ensure an effective online learning environment for students.

                           technology track                                                          Best Practices track
                           Participants of this track learn about the use and functionality of the   The Best Practices track focuses on essential skills for online
                           Moodle learning management system, including course navigation,           instruction and creating an engaging learning environment.
                           proper setup methods for assignments and quizzes, Moodle                  Participants learn leading theories in online communication, methods
                           management features and other topics.                                     for keeping students motivated and engaged in online courses, best
                                                                                                     practices for online exam delivery and other topics.
                           MT 101: Moodle Basics                                                     courses:
                           MT 102: Intermediate Moodle                                               BP 101: Foundations of Online Teaching
                           MT 103: Advanced Moodle                                                   BP 102: Enhancing Student Engagement
                                                                                                     BP 103: Mastering Online Delivery

                                                                                                           Next stop, marketing & lead generation >>
                  lead generation
                  Learning House generates leads by creating campaigns that promote your online programs through multiple
                  media outlets.

                  marketing website development
                  Learning House works with you to create a new, engaging website that provides prospective students easy

Marketing &
                  access to information regarding your online programs, enrollment requirements and application process. We
                  optimize your site with dynamic content that we continuously manage, encouraging organic search results and
                  qualified leads.

                  learning House network of lead generation sites
                  Learning House owns and operates multiple lead generation websites, including our proprietary sites,

Lead Generation
         and Each site serves as a platform from which prospective
                  students can request information about online programs.

                  search engine optimization (seo)
                  Search engines generate most Internet traffic, so we develop custom SEO strategies to ensure that your online
                  programs are well-positioned and easy to find. Our SEO services include:
                     •	 Onsite organic optimization                           •	 Paid/reciprocal links
                     •	 Organic content management                            •	 Public relations listings
                     •	 Back linking strategies                               •	 Organic social media marketing

                  online and offline marketing campaigns
                  We identify your optimal marketing mix by researching your target market, advertising opportunities and
                  media outlets. Once we have identified this marketing mix, we work with vendors to develop campaigns that
                  we monitor on a daily basis. Campaigns may include:
                    •	 Pay-per-click campaigns                                •	 Display ads
                    •	 Pay-per-lead campaigns                                 •	 Billboard ads
                    •	 Direct mail campaigns                                  •	 Newspaper ads
                    •	 Email ad campaigns

                  design services
                  Learning House can help establish a solid brand identity for your online degree programs through our
                  professional design services. We work with you to develop collateral materials such as flyers, posters, brochures,
                  direct mail, billboards, email ads, online banner ads and displays.

                                                           Next stop, admissions & enrollment management >>
               Our team guides prospective students through every step of the admissions process until they have enrolled
               and started your online programs.

               lead Qualification
               Our Lead Contact Agents attempt to contact every inquiry to answer questions and send relevant information.
               Upon attaining qualified leads, we can:
                 •	 Hot-transfer leads to your admissions department.
                 •	 Schedule appointments between leads and admissions representatives at your institution.
                 •	 Flag leads in the Partner Portal, our proprietary constituent relationship management (CRM) tool,
                     for your follow-up.
                 •	 Notify your admissions department immediately by phone or email.
                 •	 Schedule appointments between leads and our Enrollment Counselors.

Admissions &
               comPlete aPPlication Process
               Our Enrollment Counselors take the work out of the application process for both students and your
               admissions representatives. Enrollment Counselors contact qualified leads to explain the details and
               advantages of your online programs, the online modality and the application process. Then they help
               prospective students complete their applications and collect transcripts, test scores and financial aid


               student orientations
               Enrollment Counselors form foundational relationships with online students by maintaining regular contact

               with accepted students and providing them with a custom online course demo and Moodle orientation prior to
               their start date. Enrollment Counselors essentially “walk students to class” by calling them on their first day to
               ensure they understand how to navigate through courses and are familiar with course requirements.

                                                                                                  Next stop, student retention >>
            Learning House is committed to assisting your institution with student
            retention by fostering a positive learning environment and keeping students
            engaged and motivated. Our retention services are designed to improve the
            overall learning experience at your institution and help students achieve their
            educational goals.

            We break down our retention services into two levels: institutional and
            student. At the institutional level, we evaluate and determine how to improve
            your school’s services from a student’s perspective. At the student level, our
            team provides one-on-one success coaching, acting as students’ academic
            advocate and resource.

            retention auditing and consulting
            Our Student Success team stays up to date on current retention initiatives
            and resources to provide your instructors with the latest strategies and best
            practices for online pedagogy. Through the consultation process, the team
            develops a project plan focused on best practices for addressing institution-

            wide student satisfaction issues and meeting student needs.

            success coacHing
            Success coaching is a future-oriented practice with the objective of helping
            students set and achieve their educational goals. Our action-oriented model

            promotes continuous student development and success. The coaching
            relationship enables students to make the best use of their own motivations,
            environment and external resources. Success coaching provides appropriate,
            intentional contact to support students in establishing and attaining goals.

                                                                                              Next stop, 24/7 technical support >>
 24/7 Technical Support
Students, faculty members and administrators can access around-the-clock support via
our online Help Center, which consists of instructor- and student-specific resources with
answers to common questions and interactive tutorials. In addition, our knowledgeable
support representatives provide 24/7 live assistance via phone, chat and email to address
technical questions and promote a successful online teaching and learning experience.

                                                                                            Next stop, learning management systems >>
             Learning House creates a user-friendly, interactive online learning environment through the use of Moodle v2, the latest version of the world’s most
             widely used open-source learning management system (LMS). Moodle supports fully online and Web-assisted courses, ensuring a consistent and
             high-quality learning experience for online students.

             Hosting                                                                     student information systems integration

             Learning House hosts Moodle in a high-performance, secure and               We provide the LMS Connector, a tool that enables easy and tight
             reliable operating environment. We offer 24/7 monitoring, complete          integration between our Moodle LMS and popular student information
             backup solutions and unrestricted bandwidth. We manage the                  systems. This spares administrators the effort of manually entering
             hardware, software, connectivity, backup recovery and security so           or importing large volumes of data when setting up your LMS for the
             your school can focus solely on delivering high-quality instruction         first time. It also ensures that your LMS always reflects the correct
             to students. In addition, our off-campus secure data center enables         students and instructors in each online course.

             you to deliver online instruction in the event of a natural disaster or
             public health crisis.                                                       Plug-ins and add-ons
                                                                                         We test and verify third party plug-ins to ensure they are safe and
             live virtual classroom                                                      useful before employing them in your Moodle LMS. All plug-ins extend
             We provide a live virtual classroom to create a dynamic learning            Moodle’s basic functionality in various dimensions, including learning,

             experience for students. This enables instructors to deliver                communication and anti-plagiarism.
             synchronous course components and create recorded class sessions.
                                                                                         Inspired by our decade of experience in online education, we also
             student identity verification                                               extend basic Moodle functionality with product enhancements and
             We help reduce academic dishonesty and protect the integrity of             add-ons. These enhancements include a redesigned, modern user
             your online courses through our partnerships with third party student       interface, improved grade book, course-end surveys, enhanced chat
             identity verification vendors.                                              and extensive reporting options.

                                                                                                  Last stop, management & consultation >>
Management &
Learning House helps you manage the many moving parts of your online education program to guarantee a positive experience for both
faculty members and students.

dedicated learning House team                 Partner Portal                                  faculty search
We dedicate a team of experts to manage       Our Partner Portal helps you manage             We partner with AdjunctWorld, an online
and consult on all aspects of your online     your online program by providing timely         community for adjunct instructors, to provide
education program. Our experts work           information regarding the progression           you with preferred access to a pool of
cohesively with your institution to create    of your online courses and programs. It         adjunct instructors. You receive discounts
an optimal student learning experience.       allows you to organize and monitor course       on advertising job postings as well as
                                              launches, retention, recruiting and training.   assistance in writing and posting them.

With more than a decade of experience, we help develop, manage and grow successful online programs by sharing our expertise and
connecting you to successful institutions in our organization.

substantive change and regulatory advising                            Program selection: needs assessment and market research
We maintain close relationships with national and regional            We evaluate your potential online programs based on the level of
accrediting bodies. Our experts share knowledge regarding             competition and demand in your local market. We provide you with
new accreditation regulations and help institutions through each      a comprehensive research report, including our recommendations
step of the substantive change and accreditation processes.           on what online programs to offer.

                                                                                                                                              Reach your destination! >>
services to help you
reacH your destination
                           LMS Basics provides Moodle hosting to bring you a fundamental
    lms Basics             platform for your Web-assisted courses.

                           LMS Pro provides all the technology, support and basic training
    lms Pro                components you need to offer Web-assisted courses to your on-
                           campus students.

                           eLearning Essentials, our core service, includes all the features
    elearning essentials   of LMS Pro as well as additional tools you need to develop and
                           manage fully online courses and programs.

                           eLearning Complete is ideal for colleges with experience in
    elearning complete     distance education that want to grow fully-online programs. This
                           service aims to increase online student recruitment and retention.







                                                                                                                                                                          Includes basic service






                                                                                                                                                                          Includes complete service


What our partners say...
“Learning House has been an invaluable asset in the growth and success of our online courses and programs. We
are a small private college with a growing online program, and Learning House provides the professional expertise
that we need but cannot provide for ourselves at this time. I look forward to our continuing relationship with
Learning House as we grow and expand our online programs.”
Dr. Rob Davis, DNP, RN
Dean of Online Education Services, Notre Dame College

“I would recommend Learning House to other institutions. Learning House has been very responsive to our needs
and has been great to work with. It has gone better than my wildest dreams.”
Dr. David Reist
President, Highland Community College

“Learning House is one of the best partners I have worked with in my 30-year career in higher education.”
Everette J. Freeman
President, Albany State University

“At all times, the Learning House staff has been professional, knowledgeable, creative and dedicated to meeting
the needs of our university and the needs of our students.”
Dr. Somnath Basu
Director, California Institute of Finance, California Lutheran University
(502) 589-9878

427 South Fourth Street, Suite 300
Louisville, KY 40202
                                     Rev. 4/12

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