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VOAf English 2nd Issue


An intellectual political approach to the genuine problems of Afghan people. We wish a peaceful creative struggle for the solving problems of the world. Our all struggle bases on philophical and scientific plan economy.

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Founded by Toap
                                             Voice of Afghan                                      Fortnightly
  29-09-2012                                                                                          Publication
                                        ‫افغان غږ- صدای افغان‬
 Political, Social, Philosophical, Economic and Scientific Fortnightly Publication, 2 nd Edition, First Year, 14 Oct 2012


       A specter is haunting America by K.W.K Basharmal

      Division of Sindh, Pakistan made on agreement among states! By Veengas

       Voice of Baloch, I cry silently----!! By Pirah Ameer

       Politics at Glance by Toap Gallery

       A Peaceful Revolution by Ex- Afghan President Hafiz-ul-Ameen translated by K.W.K Basharmal

       Destiny by Doina Mican
A Specter is haunting America                                                           Division of
                      By K.W.K Basharmal
The gigantic civilizations of the world     under their vicious economic, social             Pakistan made on
leg up by their stalwart economy,           and moral subjugation. If a primary          agreement among states!
social welfare, even development and        class student cries and calls Oh!
confident of their inhabitants who          Shame the master minds of wars, the                     By Veengas
enjoys equal rights and it’s fruits in      master minds of killing innocent
                                                                                        Pakistan movement was started
their everyday life. But comes down         humans and Oh! Shame the professors
                                                                                        under the umbrella of religion, mostly
with their huge walls and civic devalues    of America, British, German and
                                                                                        people don't agree at this point that
when the structure of society falls and     French as you are not daring to avoid
                                                                                        Pakistan's agitation based on
at least thrown to the dustbin of a few     your children that don’t bomber Iraq,
                                                                                        discrimination, how was possible,
richest. But we never forget to read        Syria, Libya, Afghanistan and artificial
                                                                                        when       you     sketch    line   of
the pages of history that this is the       Durand Line, I think that can happen
                                                                                        discrimination with link of religion
stage which teaches to the richest of       once but only once and silently!
                                                                                        and taken hope that you would be
the world. The Afghan land with
                                            But still they call themselves civilized    made peaceful land where all
Zoroaster values, the humanistic
                                            while killing the 20% population of         religions live together.
feelings touchable, Rabbab and the
revolutionary sounded waves of Tapa;        Iraq ad 0.3 million Afghan since 2001.
                                                                                        People are asked to me that what is
profoundly have great civilized values      The international media never tired
                                                                                        problem with Pakistan's problem. My
on Afghan land. It is another touch of      while        praising       international
                                                                                        answer is simple, crux stratum of
thinking when someone landing and           community in Afghanistan for
                                                                                        problem is, no implantation on an
demonstrates himself suicide bomber         bombing the innocent children in the
                                                                                        agreement of 23rd March, 1940, it
in the front of American tanks or well-     tribal areas. But they never call for
                                                                                        was an agreement among states and
equipped brutal vehicle on the land of      building infrastructure in the tribal
                                                                                        because of that agreement and
Afghan. Yeah! with a bundle of              areas, of course British and American
                                                                                        passed resolution in favor of Pakistan,
assertion, the world media calls it         forces provides financial and security
                                                                                        by Sindh Assembly after than
Afghan suicide bomber and virulent          assistance to the tribal elders, because
                                                                                        Pakistan's idea got mature picture
                                            they are the sources of Black
enemy of humanity but never                                                             and religious color gave emotion to
broadcast the European sold media the       Economy. These forces have good
                                                                                        common people. If we are not
brutal acts of Americans and the loyal      terms with insurgence, ISI and
                                                                                        forgotten history of 70s era, east
reasons behind the suicide bomber           Pakistani Army, as usually nominates
                                                                                        Bengal was crying that please respect
which compel that person for. Since         white elephant by the public of
                                                                                        the agreement of 23rd March, 1940
the bourgeoisie revolution 1789,            Pakistan. Daily KOS writes about their
                                                                                        and give us rights but establishment
nobody dare to bother the artificial        budding with Taliban: The Tierney
                                                                                        refused and denied to fill out there
reputation of Europe but only their civil   report,     by     the     congressional
                                                                                        needs. Then, east Bengal withdrew
wars. Thousand year’s imperialism of        Subcommittee on National Security
                                                                                        from agreement of 23rd March, and
Rome taught nothing to the                  and Foreign Affairs, chaired by Rep.
                                                                                        converted itself in Bangladesh.
                                            John Tierney, found that up to $360
intellectuals of Europe as they are
sitting in Oxford, Cambridge, Berlin and    million per year was being handed           We (Pakistan) people have learnt one
Harvard universities while doing            over by the Pentagon to insurgent           thing that we have not learnt from
research on the killing of their own        groups or their warlord front men for       past. Rabindranath Tagore wrote that
people as well as innocent Asian. They      the safe passage of truck convoys           “the past has been God's gift to you
never do self-introspection even after      carrying US military supplies, from one     about the present; you must make
killing more than 1.2 billion people in     trucking contract alone. No one knows       your own choice”. Establishment has
the WWI (World War One), WWII (World        this better than Secretary of State         not learnt from past, or able to make
War Two) and cold war since 1945. But yes   Hillary Clinton herself, who is quoted      choice, even just repeats its old-grave
of course, they taught to their fellows     in the Tierney report, (next p.6)           mistakes. Now slogan of new
                                                                                        provinces, (next p.7)
Heartrending Voice of
   Baloch Nation
 I cry silently,   Pirah Ameer

 I cry silently every moment

 Very silently
                                     Baloch Children are showing their parent’s pictures which are
 As my cry is not allowed         kidnaped or killed by the Pakistani Intelligence forces in Baluchistan
 To go beyond the air

 They refrain me

 My pain compels me to cry

 Like a baby


 My freedom is imprisoned

 That is willing to play,

 To feel and to swim

 In the sea of love and liberty         Baloch Young Men Are Martyred By Brutal ISI

 I am not allowed to do my

 I cry every moment

 Though the tears

 Have dried away,

 Eyes are tired

                                  Baloch students are protesting against the cruel killing of
 Cheeks are like a sterile soil                   Baloch freedom fighters
 For years

 I cry silently happiness
  By Ex-Afghan President Hafiz-ul-Ameen translated by K.W.K Basharmal
Without shedding blood and                 Marks foretold such kind of              disturbs the possibility of
assaulting the people, power can be        revolution in America and British.       peaceful revolutions. But these
gained by revolutionary class in the       Later Lenin wrote about the              situations turned after WW2,
peaceful revolution. When we talk          predication of Marks; Marks didn’t       and socialism introduced itself
about peaceful revolution then truly       chain the hands of coming                as a big power in the world,
we mean to say that the power              revolutionists about the methods,        which fortify the international
should be handed over to the               conditions and ways of revolution.       proletariat class. These objective
proletariat class as we cogitate them      Because he distinguished that            situations     give    space    to
revolutionary       class      without     there is possibility of many             introduce            independent
annoyance or killing. So thus we           problems in the coming situations.       movements, which came into
floor the way, a leading road to the       Which will get ultimately change         power by the rapid prevailing
socialism. Such kind of dialectical        during revolution, while these           freedom giver thoughts. Thus
change can be gained by a little           situations again and again and           objective situations gave birth to
sacrificing of proletariat class which     awfully will get change!                 the possibility of peaceful
causes minimum devastation of                                                       revolutions. The         twentieth
                                           Although Russian Marxists and
production sources and a little                                                     congress of Russian Communists
                                           Leninists chin up for the armed
involving of proletariat in the                                                     Party forced that now there are
                                           revolutions but never neglected
production forces. This kind of                                                     situations came into being for
                                           the     possibility    of    peaceful
change brings a new kind of                                                         the peaceful revolutions in
                                           revolutionary approach. Lenin
production, contribution of common,                                                 different countries which can
                                           forced in his April revolution on the
and labor class gets new kinds of                                                   give reinforce to the socialism
                                           catchphrase of peaceful revolution.
production involvement by gaining                                                   but without war or violence.
power. The most interested thing is that
                                           But      when       the     transitory
                                                                                    This kind of assignment of the
proletariat class really tremendously      government ordered in the month
                                                                                    Communist Party settled and
and heartedly contributes in this          of July in Pitro Guard city to fire on
                                                                                    signed in the 1957 and 1960s
process. While gaining power by            the peaceful marches of proletariat
                                                                                    proletariat and communists
peaceful methods match with the            class, then they came to change
                                                                                    parties meetings.
international perspective of proletariat   their      determinations       about
class. There is no place for violence      peaceful revolution, Lenin quoted        The possibility of peaceful
in the humanistic ideology of labor        we should encountered the                revolution takes place due to
class until foisting by them. As           bourgeoisie violence by armed            the following reasons:
history shows that there is very less      revolution. So when Bolsheviks
accidents of violence happened             didn’t pursue the way of peaceful        1-The pillars of power between
when people stood for their rights         revolution is not the mistake of         socialism     and    imperialism
and supporting the proletariat class       proletariat      class    but      the   extremely       changed        on
in the history. Actually the very          bourgeoisie. While between the           international level. Now the
important question is not this either      WW1 and WW2 the non-sense                time proved the death of
Marxists or Leninists wish violence or     bourgeoisie world brought into           Imperialism. The international
not? But question is this that what are                                             proletariat class, international
                                           power       their     own      puppet
the objective conditions? Marks and                                                 socialism and democratic values
                                           governments in the most victim
Lenin explained well that there are                                                 stand against imperialism. So the
                                           countries, along this they led a
available possibilities for the peaceful                                            objective situations favor (Next p.8)
                                           fascist kind of rule, which truly
revolution. For instance,
                                             Toap Gallery
14-year-old child activist Malala
Yousufzai shot by the Pakistani Army
budding Taliban for speaking out
against the militants and promoting
education for girls. While Tehreek-e-
Taliban     Pakistan    (TTP)     claimed
responsibility for the attack in such
situations as Pakistan claims that there
is no terrorist, even Pakistan declared a
well save heaven for terrorists on
international level along 10 lacs stalwart
Army. Taliban stated more Yousufzai
was “pro-West”, had been promoting
Western culture and had been speaking
out against them. “Any female that, by
any means, plays a role in the war
against mujahideen should be killed,”
said Taliban spokesman Ehsanullah
Ehsan.“We are dead against co-
education and a secular education

 Capitalism is being supported by its puppet state Pakistan, a helpless Afghan woman
  standing along her children and mother in Pakistan after a bomb blast, but there is
                                nobody to help her!!!
A Specter is haunting                  4.4 million People are jobless; they      leadership,      which     couldn’t
                                       have nothing to spend on stamp            ingratiate them during eleven
America----------                      food. “The jobless numbers are            years uneven development. The
                                       disappointing,”    said     Bernard       current rebellions in the form of
entitled Warlord. Inc. Clinton
                                       Baumohl, Chief Global Economist for       financial supports of regional and
testified before Congress in 2009
                                       the Economic Outlook Group to the         International powers did nothing
                                       Financial Post. “Those companies          because Afghan masses know
                                       which bet more than 800 million           the reality that these are not
This is not surprise when we find
                                       dollars on the elections of Barack        permanent, but the willing
pre planned drawbacks in
                                       Obama are now reluctant to add to         people stood for the sake of
capitalistic type of economy or
                                       their payrolls when it appears that       solving their financial problems.
government. It will be in the favor
                                       the economy is losing steam” this
of humanity when we state the                                                    America is also going to open
                                       kind of conduct of cooperates
truth that capitalism is barbaric,                                               further barbaric policies in the
                                       further arouse the sentiments of
havoc and devastation state of                                                   Middle East, which predicts that
                                       poor’s and employers.
leading life. The American are                                                   the coming chaos can destabilize
totally unhappy with the current       But nobody is there to ask the            the American economy and
military and economic policies of      Obama or Bush Administration that         these acts will courage the other
their politicians, the Nobel Prize     why, where and when they spent            powers to contribute in the war
winner Obama is really unable to       more than 1.3 trillion dollars on         and promote the war industries.
conceal his wrong policies about       Afghan and Iraqian wars. Americans        These kinds of policies will
Iraq, Afghanistan and Middle East.     educated class is also worry about        encourage the Pakistanis suicide
Their policies are seducing the        the puppet administration of Obama        bomber productions camps in
sentiments of proletariat class, not   in Afghanistan, nothing but a mega        Mansehera on the distance of 10
only in American states but also in    network of black forces and Mafia’s       kilometers then Osama Bin
Latin’s America, Europe and in the     on Afghan level. Afghan people are        Laden murdered disclosed place
Asian subjugated states. The           unhappy from their deeds which            including Fateh Jang Black and
series of bringing changes in the      they done for their own profit, they      White Mountains (Kala Cheta
Middle East within capitalist          did nothing for the national economy      Pahar) (where the Pakistani
structure     for    their   vested    development, no industry is there,        atomic bomb key laying there),
interested, taught a lot to the        and no well standard education is         Waziristan,     Quetta,     South
inhabitants of Arab, which needs a     there, poverty and frustration kissing    Punjab.
good underground nurturing for         the sky. Mostly youth going to
the next real change against their                                               When the billions dollars of
                                       destruction, they are not seeing
interest. Obama came with                                                        projects of Turkish, China, Russia
                                       bright future, all warlords landed
change and goes back with no                                                     and Japan gets disturbance in the
                                       around President Hamid Karzai. The
change, his slogan was to bring                                                  Middle East and Gulfs states then
                                       international      community         is
change in the middle class of                                                    chaos further penetrates in the
                                       separated 320 million dollars for
Americans, and he was in the                                                     ears of America. But the blind
                                       rural development for Afghan 80%
favor to decrease the loan of                                                    and deaf master America is still
                                       population through UNAMA but on
America, but with sympathetic                                                    thinking that socialism has been
                                       the other side America and regional
feelings he couldn’t do anything                                                 beaten by America, but no doubt
                                       players is spending double then this
with that except increasing it 40%                                               people remembers the flash back
                                       budgeting on Mafia’s teams like
ratio, unemployment is reached to                                                not weeps but wishing for having
                                       Hazb-e-Islam, Haqqanis Network,
the historical rate of American                                                  the system work and have, where
                                       Taliban Groups and Tribal Elders.
                                                                                 was no tension of unemployment,
history. According to a Labor          There is no place in the heart of
                                                                                 no cuts (Next Page)
Department report more than            Afghan masses for the current
on their jobs, no sudden kicking on        they have not asked that we are                “i had interviewed to Mr. Hussain
their buttocks for calling no jobs         separated and now give us separate             Haroon in 2006, on question of
by multi-national companies. I             land. Why only in case of migration in         formation of MQM, he responded,
hope they will not forget the              1947? Sindh has been hearing demand            Mushadid Hussain and I had
                                           for Muhajir Province and its division and      meeting at Karachi Press Club, I
history and will not repeat the
                                           this slogan always rises from MQM;             asked him, Mushahid tell me, who
statement “let’s bygone be
                                           (Muhajir Quami Movement) later                 made MQM? He replied that of
bygone”                                    became Mutahida Quami Movement                 course General Zialul Haq made and
We the future of the world believe         and now new baby born Mahjir Soba              Ghous Ali Shah had played role for
                                           Pakistan.                                      making MQM”.
that we will never allow anyone to
spoil the future of the world. The         We are unable to understand that               Since MQM has created, Sindh and
economic crisis’s 1929, 1970 and           everyone is saying that migrated people        Muhjir problem has not solved.
2008 imparted a lot to the working         had made Pakistan and Urdu language is         Whenever PPP comes in Power,
class    of   the     world,   the         scared language, must be applied on            MQM demands for Muhajir Sooba.
circumstances have been teaching           provinces of Pakistan, those have              Though they had full power during
well after the hijacking of                already their own Mother language, can         general Musharaf era, why did not
                                           put off hand on their language.                demand at that time, when PPP
Bolshevik Revolution in 1924.
                                                                                          comes in power, MQM demands for
                                           Above have written that religion was           Muhajir Soba? It seems, they are
Division of Sindh---------                 involved in movement of Pakistan, it           playing Muhajir Card and hidden
                                           was grave mistake of Mr. Jinnah that he
has been picked up, we don't have                                                         hands agenda wins to keep divided
                                           couldn’t remove it, probably he wanted
reservation on Siraiki province                                                           Sindhis and Muhajirs.
                                           but unable to take out it. What is history
because Siraiki province has had its
                                           of Urdu-Language and its birth? Those          Why has demand for Muhajir Soba?
historical boundaries and demand is
                                           have     historical     and     civilization
coming from indigenous people of                                                          In Karachi, Sindhis are not allowed
                                           consciousness must be known it. I don't
Siraiki province. It is not needed;                                                       to get admission in Karachi
                                           mean, Urdu is not good language, I have
same for mullah can be applied at                                                         University?
                                           respect for it but it is not fair that new
each situation. We have to analysis
                                           born baby would be pasted on                   In Big Cities, Sindhis can't speak
things in the light of historical and on
                                           indigenous languages for instance,             Sindhi and Children are not gotten
reality background.
                                           Punjabi, Pashto, Balochi, Siraiki and          education of Sindhi language? MQM
General Tika Khan said “we had             Sindhi they have land, culture and own         governor      has     authority    of
problem in Bengal that unable to           history. How is possible that without          Universities and colleges in Sindh,
defeat them but we have just march         going to another land they all step back       whole power in MQM's hand. They
to Sindh and Baluchistan to conquer        from their civilization because once had       can move in Sindh easily, now can
them and we can defeat both                fight on Urdu language against Hindi,          ask any question. But in Karachi,
provinces by out sider to settle them”     doesn’t it make sense? Sindh, has faced        Sindhi is being asked for domicile
History tells that when migration was      problem on language, in Zulfikar Ali           and throw out because they have
started that time Late Liaquat Ali         Bhuto, Sindh got two language                  rural domicile. If young Sindhis ask
Khan had fear from Mr. Jinnah, and         provinces. Few migrated people didn't          for admission and jobs, to be called
he knew that if he didn't make ground      accept Sindhi language as Provincial,          nationalist, biased and illiterate,
in his own favor after than he would       and majority of Sindhis' demand sent to        said one Sindhi student. On which
not be able to win in election.            dustbin. It was starting point to create       problem MQM or other group is
Deliberately, migrated people were         worst situation in Sindh. When Z.A             asking for Muhajir Province? If we
settled in Sindh. Why didn't settle in     Bhutto was hanged, then agitation was          read rights of refugee, then Muhajir
Punjab, Pukhtoonkhawa and other            boost up in Sindh, and Lyari was/is a          Sooba has no existence. In fact this
places? Sindh has not denied that          place of Karachi city that resisted            is crime against state. Sindh has had
outsider never came to Sindh. Of           against Dictator Ziaul Haq, now question       many outsiders, but they have
course, outsider came and merged           was raising for dictator Zia that how          merged themselves and (Next page)
themselves in        soil of Sindh;        could he encounter PPP and other
and during migration, only Urdu              formation, for information again, would    into seen in the so called
speaking didn’t migrated, other              remind that it was demanded on             democratic capitalistic countries,
groups migrated too, so now Sindh            agreement by states.                       which gives place to unite the
gives each one piece of Land. Was it                                                    proletariat class, where certainly
written in agreement of 23rd March?          Many people say, for purpose
                                             administration we must make more           the       majority     democratic
One Urdu speaking lady asked me that
                                             provinces, if the administration is main   population effectual over the
our families are living in Punjab and
                                             cause so divide Karachi in five division   capitalistic groups. These are the
many Urdu speakers living in Punjab,
but there they can speak Punjabi and         as it was in Past, after than              reasons that stagnation came
no demand of separate province and           administration system will be settled,     into fall and democratic view and
no one asks that Urdu must be applied        and remove order of Dictator Musharaf      powers nurtured well, the blind
                                             who made one unite of Karachi,             and capitalist groups have
in Punjab.
                                             because MQM could be gotten power
                                                                                        nothing but only bowing against
Why in case of Sindh that Muhajir            and reduce influence of PPP in Karachi.
                                                                                        the socialist’s power. They need
don’t speak Sindhi and demand for            Now once again voice comes in
                                                                                        to change their stance and they
separate province? Instead of giving         Baluchistan, it is clear meaning that
answer I questioned her; I am asking         establishment on it mood of divide and     should be suspended from
you that has Sindh asked you leave its       rule. Therefore, don’t play and touch      power. But sincerely the
big Cities? Has Sindhis hatred you?          historical and civilization of state by    revolution related with the
Then, why don’t they merge                   creating fake boundaries, otherwise can    comparative power of both
themselves in Sindh? She laughed and         see unforgettable result in our history.   wings.
said, Sorry what can I say?
                                             We should build peace and love instead     While        identifying        the
Now muhajir Sooba is map cone out, if        of fake boundaries; those are caused of    revolutionary period doesn’t
we look at picture of map, there is          hatred and nothing else. Are we again      mean that Marxists and Leninist’s
26% Muhajirs and 27% Sindhis, what           repeat mistake of 70s era, when did
                                                                                        stand for reforms, we should
funny!! It means, since 1947, only           violation of agreement of 23rd March?
                                                                                        openly state that the reformists
population has been increased of
                                             Possibility of a Peaceful                  are the forces which do
Muhahirs and Sindhis who already live
in Sindh, their population has been                                                     propaganda        because      they
                                             Revolution------------                     betrayed of class struggle and
increased only 1%. Who is supporting
them? Who gives funds them? And                                                         anti-revolutionary       elements,
                                             the change and those people they
how have they gotten strength that                                                      nothing else. In both positions
                                             struggling for revolution, have the
they can easily post banners, written                                                   either revolution is peaceful or
                                             power to snub those people who act
slogans on walls and press conference,                                                  confrontational, but that is really
                                             against their interest and moving to
all they can do everything and none is                                                  the result of class struggle. While
asking who are you and where come
                                             blunder, actually these elements get
                                                                                        the     reformists’     only    see
from? If any group goes against MQM,         notes from imperialism.
                                                                                        revolution in the peaceful way.
will MQM allow them freely in
                                             2-Secondly, we see that the                As Marxists and Leninist’s are
Karachi? Sindhi proverb is, “where is
                                             international socialism is being           strictly learn that sometimes
face of Marium, where Tandoalhayar
is.” In case of Siraiki province, while it   riches and there is consistently           class struggle got the most
has historical background and right of       increasing in its supporters. As the       serious face and needs to get
its land of people.                          socialism gets success in its cultural     assault until that ride of
                                             and economic fields, then it will          bourgeois class and their puppet
Demand new provinces, means some
                                             automatically go nearer to the             governments. Proletariat class
minds are thinking for civil war in
                                             capitalist countries and subjugators       never neglects the possibility of
country      because     when       fake
                                             but it will increase the pressure for      confrontational struggle and
boundaries will be created by
distorting historical boundaries then,       the success of socialism.                  never forgets it.
indigenous people will react. If anyone
                                             3- Thirdly, there is widely awareness
is thinking about Pakistan
      By Doina Mican
In the silence of my heart,

Heard only by me,

The pain sobs.

Eyes fill with tears,

And they seem willing,

To cry in agony!

Often they ask themselves:

What is a destiny!


A life lesson?

Which if we not learn,

We’re compelled to repeat,

When we least expect it!

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